Friday, 28 December 2012

Alan Greaves RIP

Life and death is so cruel, the poor Guy who died yesterday in a Sheffield, didn't deserve to die. He was s'one who was passionate about helping his Community and others, and yes he will have received Respect and Love, from the Community in return.....until Xmas Eve. Was it a gang? a single blow, from a single person?Who knows? I hope they catch em, whoever it was. My thoughts are with his Wife and 4 kids.

I'm trying to share myself between 2 places on New Years Eve, but to play it safe, I promised my lil boy we'd go on a Cycle ride on New Years Day. So I can't go mad! My plan is to cycle with Holly to Anj' in the afternoon. And then in the evening go to the Spit, but thing is my eyesight' deteriorating and at night I really have problems. Putting my trike away and such stuff. A friend is coming to the pub, with me, but I don't know? I ended up in a garden last time!!!

I don't sound very attractive do I :)xxxx

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