Thursday, 27 December 2012

Hey I'm good, and i'm happy.

I slept in till 8, and it really wasn't very light!!! So I took Holly round the wet streets of Totley (that'll amuse my friend who claims it always rains in Totley!! Even though he comes from Leeds!!!!!)

My old friend from 1980!!!! - came to visit, with his girlfriend and 2 year old. Ahhhhhh, it was lovely seeing them before they embark on the next chapter of life which is, New Zeal and!! He did say to Daisy, that I had been her age when he first knew me!!! But I looked a lot older!!! I do suspect, that's in his head though!!

I'm not wanting to be incredibly;ly negative, but blumin ek!! it's amazing how many of us are dead!!!

I tried to sell him a greenspeed as he was heading that way. As his 2 year old sat playing in Ziggy, I'm not sure I convinced hum. But I got the impression, money wasn't an issue!!

I shackled Holly to the back of the trike, with her new collar wit h red flashing lights, despite having this, I wanted a lazy slow crawl to my mates. So I took the pavement!!

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