Monday, 24 December 2012

Lucky Me

I slept like sweaty Betty, feeling like all the strength had been sapped from my very existance! and that in the night I'd snacked on a packet of Razor Blades!!
 I called my GP, to get some Anti Biotics???? It was a long shot. But the dr, who'm I had never seen or spoken too. Remarked on how healthy I was! and she asked what I thought I needed etc.....:)  I arranged for the tablets to be delivered, and Jobs a good un, so to speak!! I wanted to celebrate a tad tonight, so I don't think I'm starting the course till Boxing Day.

I have 3 single mates, (well actually a lot more) All were at a loss, so a couple of em came round, a curry was ordered, and we were full fat and f.....!!! not at all, what were you thinkinjg!!

I usually get really down, but I feel goooood!!!

Merry Xmas everyone!! xxxx

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