Sunday, 23 December 2012

Poorly me!!

my children feel blessed!!! I lost my voice on Thursday/Friday, and to be honest it was quite novel!! But last night and today, I'm going feverish, and all kind of debilitated. And I know from past experience, although a long time ago - 5years. When I get a temperature, I have a Siezure!! So I've been in bed all day, apart from nippinhg Holly out. At.......get this :) 16.30!!! and it was still light.

Although I did infact download, the Game Makers Xmas Single, to support my Mate Wendy Creed. I think the right 'Guys' won the top spot?

I'm glad I'm organised, and that I aint rushing round in a panic, I am incredibly organised, for Xmas and for the first year, for 24 years, I have wrapped all my presents. I do find it really difficult - honest!! But in a fashion, they are done!!!

I'm going to bed with a hot chocolate, just now, night, night. xx

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