Wednesday, 12 December 2012

an increase of 200!!!

I don't really understand the significance, but 'You know those lung capacity measuring things, where you blow down a tube, and get a reading for how much air your lungs can hold and expel and the velocity, at which it does that?? Well 6 years ago I could barely reach a child's measurement of 200ml, but today out of the blue I tested it with my son, who was shocked to see I reached a maximum  capacity reading of over 400ML!!!

Ahhh today I did the school run on Ziggy, ey it brought back memories, as I went to see the school nativity, then Anjies, then the library.

And catch this link below, it is the brill Well being Consortium who have funded my exploits for over 3 years.

I'm sorry Dave about Monday night.


  1. Not a problem for me - good tpo see you and have brief chat - the dog clearly has a fear issue to resolve, but I've had that before - far worse - from a dog that actually bit and snapped at the humans it thought were 'hostiles' from past experience. It took a long time to get right side of that one. Your dog is relatively mild but rather noisy.

    PS House to Station - under 25 minutes, so we'll ride to town with you on a future visit.