Friday, 21 December 2012


I'm still here, pickled Liver and all!!! Tonight I will Celebrate? a quiet drink wi my mate in the house and a few nibbles, making the 4th one in 5 days! But nusn't grumble.....but I am because, I spend lots of lonely times, the rest of the year.

As for Ziggy? She's a much easier ride, since she went back to West Country Recumbent to have her brake tinkered with amd whilst there he tampered with her rear end :)  I think maybe s'one hadn't put the washers and bolts back on in order?? Anyway although I've bot cycled too far, I've found her much easier, to shift uphill.

Went out this morning for meetings, and to choose some glad rags :)

Last night, I went out with 31 SW, and we had a great time, I boogied the night away, but left reasonably early, at 11 because I felt sorry for Holly. And today, I didn't get up till 12.00!!!. Ey :) the luxury every now and then of not having the kids. I sped up, relatively so!!! meeting my friend and the boys after school.


  1. See - I wasn't just being 'kind' making excuses for you as to why she was being hard work - the bearings on the back wheel had been overtightened.
    Good luck - anything else being hardwork is due to your Christmas celebrations!

  2. I'm doing about 6 miles tomorrow, which is nice. I'm just going to Millhouses, to swap pressies, with a friend. And buy a new light from the Bike Tree. I'm really fed up I ordered these ones from 'KONG?? and they were perfect, to fasten on and they wont work with their new batteries, well not continuosly.

  3. I couldn't work out how to turn off the ones on Ziggy last time I worked on her...