Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Pedal Ready Pam :)

I first met Pam, in late 2009, so she has seen my cycling skills from early on. And she is such a sound person, who I love very much. She will always go out of her way to meet me, and I just feel that she's all about the positives in cycling. She works for Pedal Ready, mostly. But supports many of the CTCs projects. Like she leads a Well being group, the same as Hillsborough, but at Endcliffe Park.

I'm hanging back booking for Truro in Cornwall, because I believe there maybe a straight through one available maybe in March?

My porch is looking good!! (i cant explain it)but honestly!! and the loft???? I believe it is :) (but I can't climb the ladder) So he may just go up there and bang a few pipes!!

Monday, 30 January 2012

Cycle Chic

I met /miar today at Millhouses, and I have to say she wore an attractive very Chic outfit. I just wish I had the nerve s'times.

I cycled back in the perfect cycling weather, and experienced no dramas :)

I'm trying to plan a journey to the Newquay Disability Cycling Conference, shall I spend about 7 hrs on 2 trains? or fly there? Either way I must fund it myself. :( But BIRT, will be there, and you can't get bigger in the Brain Injury field.

I must go to bed now, and read Mr Stink, it's very late.

Nite x

Saturday, 28 January 2012


Since aged 15 I have wanted my nose pierced, but I have never dared, because of my dear old Mum, and the disappointment, she would have felt. And it is so accepted now. I mean I remember when I had my ears pierced about 40 years ago, that wasn't accepted. Anyway on Monday, my 13 year old daughter, asked if I would ever let her have her nose done? Mmmmmm, only if your Dad says yes, (that's always a cop out) but to be honest, I really am ok with it. Shall I have my eyebrow done? I suggested? Now this was greeted with enthusiastic whoop's!!!

The dainty tiny nose studs, are what sold it for me. And the idea of having a metal BAR pushed into my forehead, and out in my eye lid area, filled me with fear. So here it is :) Sorry Mum :)xxxx

I enjoyed snuggling down my duvet, this morning, and made Daisy take the dog out on the park (if she wanted her nose piercing :) ) But I felt lazy as I struggled to pedal to the bus stop, I wish I could make myself eat less and do more exercise!!!

Brrrrrr!! it's really turned cold though, I nipped Holly out, when I returned. (i cant wait till I've got a special Ziggy garage!!) - random!!

I'm meeting Dave Bocking at Hillsborough on Thursday. He's running a Story on my Cycling Journey! I'm excited because I love Dave.

Friday, 27 January 2012


Holly, and Ziggy?
They don't care if I've gained a pound this week,
If I've washed my hair,
Or if I'm funny (Ha Ha)
If I'm dressed in Clothes from Next or Primark,
Or if I talk about ME and my interests all the time!!
They aren't bored
Dogs are very Fiscal, i know, but for whatever reasons, I believe Holly is gloriously happy :).

A media company's been in touch with the BIRRP to ask if I'd be interviewed about the Olympic torch? Sustains have also asked for an interview. And Wendy Creeds been in touch to say Southern Brain Injury Services are very keen to meet me, on the 26th of April.

I'm a bit scared. :)xxxx

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Speak to Me :)

Awwww, you have missed me? well of course you haven't because I've kept turning up like a bad Penny!! But I have missed you, and hopefully I'll be able to read and reply to comments now.

I had to attend a very High Profile meeting today, with the 'Movers and Shakers' of the council. And I think the penny finally dropped (I'm not at all money obsessed, no really I'm not!! But I keep mentioning the smelly bronze things) Why doesn't someone invent a 99pence coin?

Surely the more investment (time effort, not necessarily money), opportunities, and choices, the better s'ones well-being and health. Rather than being austere and folk becoming Depressed, like the Economy. Is that just too obvious, have I just stated the really obvious?

They like me at the Council apparently, because I 'Push the Barriers' I think that's a compliment? But really I had to give Kev Hickman, the credit, for pushing the Dial A Ride thing. :)

Arrived home, to find the lovely builders, I still can't see what's been done in the loft. I have to trust the pics that are shown, on Dave's moby. He probably took them at The Ideal Home Exhibition,? And fell asleep, on the Floor with Holly, only to be woken by 2 builders, 2 children, an ex husband, and a Strange man, who turned out to be the Fantastic Rob, and not at all strange. But a Computer Geek, come to fix my Blog. And he only lives up the Road.

Really sorry guys, I've not cycled all week!!! That's so alarming. I missed Hillsborough today :(

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I'll be back Tomorrow....:)

Awww no Hillsborough :( I'm going to 'Spread The Word' I sound like a Gospel Preacher :) I accepted the invitation a while ago, when I expected Hillsborough to be closed, and now if I don't attend. I have to pay £30!!!

I attended BIRRP today, and interviewed a woman, who used to be a English teacher,and a cyclist.She is very interested in Headlines,the creative writing group.

hopefully i will be fully functional by tomorrow.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Thanks Dave

For the tip, I will give it the computer guy on Thursday.http://code.google.com/p/gitso/

Meanwhile at the ranch, lots of trips to the Park with Holly. But her recall is crap, so I daren't let her off the lead. But when I have she is capable of some right speeds. (I only have when there's a friendly builder comes with me, to fetch her.

I caught my Party bus this morning with the lovely Pat, who's back off sick.

I know, I'm canny and creative at claiming the benefits, of things. Whether that be money or services. But I am trying desperately to have my fuse box, relocated to where I can reach the trip switch. It will cost about £1000 I think!! Anyway this Social Workers coming tomorrow to help me apply to a charity to help me pay. I don't know why the council won't to be honest!! I mean if I was able bodied it really wouldn't be a problems, but it's so difficult for me to lie on the floor of the kitchen, in order to reach the fuses.I spoke to Nigel West today, I am fond of Nigel, he made me feel all warm and snug. (not hot flushes again!!!)

Wow my loft looks amazing!!! I know it's only the basics but I can build on it now, it's not finished but tomorrow the brickies coming to build my porch/trike shed.

Oh and thanks to Sue, for agreeing to lend me her bicycle to practice on. I hope you knew :Dxxxx

I'm off to the Brain Injury Rehab Centre tomorrow, to interview a fellow Survivor. After I've had an inquisition by the Social Worker about my fuse box (ooooh did that sound suggestive?)

Monday, 23 January 2012

I'm here, but none communicable!!!

I can write, you can read, and you can probably write back? But I can't see it to read!! So you could write anything, like 'Carolin es a rite fat gobby cow' and I'd be none the wiser. This Guy was recommended to me by Access to Social Care, but he can't come till Thursday. I know, I could look else where but I'll just try and be patient with these Guys, because they're just setting up in business, and I am having a fair input into it, by being the helpful soul that I am. I actually paid cash!! (i think I should get freebies!!) to them for going through my online Torch form because I had completed it before(how many times maybe 12?)But never got a response.So Dan, watched me send it again, and sent a covering letter, the latter got there today. So they phoned and weren't sure (they never are!!!)but to go ahead with Remap, and get a holder made, for Ziggy.

The chain piping? keeps disconnecting and getting tangled and broken on the Sprocket. So I've been walking a bit, or limping a bit!!!

Luckily, Dave the builder was here this afternoon, to take me to the Dr's. Look away men, if you embarrass easily. You know those hot flushes? early menopause, apparently, well I told him actually. HRT??? I've got patches, and it won't make any difference to my brittle bones? I might get them regardless, that's a cheery thought!! But it is up to me whether I use them????? One school of thought is that it prevents Heart Problems and Cancer, and Brittle bones, More recently it's been thought, that it actually causes them. And by the by, did you know, that you can no longer have a pregnancy test, on the NHS!!!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

I can do it, it wasn't a dream :)

D.A.R turned up at the early time of 9!! So off I set, prepared to spend 30mins in the rain, but I was ok, I didn't mind doing a sort of figure 8 around Hillsborough Park. I'd wait patiently for my shot on a 2 wheeler :) I was excited, or was it nerves? I had a feeling, the boss man Mr Marsden, might show? to see this miracle, with his own eyes.

Folk were slow to arrive. Ann arrived who I had suggested that she join us all, because she missed the old CFH at Hillsborough. And Christine, who was the lady who had also cycled for the first time, last week. I waited in the court for Dave, with trepidation, and excitement, and Steve M, showed complete with Video Camera http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFLEG0qB_fs
I just straddling the bike (hey it's good writing Bike, instead of trike!!) and I just went for it, no preparation, it was just shit or bust time!!

The Fall:

I did another lap, showing off in front of Ann, who I'd started CFH with 2 years ago. I braked and said 'Hi look at me!!' and fell. :D

Holly dog, was so good, the builders took her on the Park at lunchtime, without the lead! and she clung to their leg(ooooh that sounds so rude, but not like that:) Apart from circling them at break neck speeds, every so often. So that's cool.

Ooooh I might have to buy a BICYCLE!!!!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Top Man, :)

Chris Dalton, arrived early this morning to find me being ever so girly with the 2 builders, and Pete. I'd kind of rehearsed what I was Gonna say, with the Guys, before he arrived, unexpectedly early. And I was all fired up with my rights, and how unfare things were etc...And he introduced himself, and said 'Right I've come to see what we will need to do to get you to Hillsborough :) I showed him Ziggy, and he said 'Well my boss, is a mad keen Cyclist, and he wants to make this happen.' So everything was looking good. He asked why I hadn't used them before? I said I was told by 'You' I couldn't because there was no volunteer driver, in my area, with an Estate Car. He said Perfect!!! we now operate, 'People carriers' with ramps and sliding doors, that would be ideal!! But it will cost about £8 return And I can use this new Dial a Ride +, as many times a week, as I need. . As long aS i BOOK 7 DAYS IN ADVANCE.M oops.

I Cycled to the Deli to meet my kids after school, both had a friend in tow. I moved onto see Jacks Mum, lives next door to my mate Rony Robinson, from Radio Sheffield. Who has the nick name MILF by teenagers, if anyone knows what that means, ssshhhh it's very rude!!

I'm happy

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


I awoke at 3am sharp, silence, the house was sleeping. Holly was sleeping. But I was very aware of the fact that having disappeared to bed at 8.30 with a poorly Son, to read 'Mr Stink' by David Walliams, which just suits my reading ability. So I left Daisy to put Holly dog to bed, in her crate. So when I woke, I got up, because I didn't like to think of the dog bursting, but being confined to her crate (I know that's the purpose!!!) So I ended up standing in my 'grassy green garden' :) waiting for the dog to have a Wee-wee. But she thought it far too cold and scuttled back to her Crate.

So when, I got up proper at 6.30, I was no stranger to the cold crisp white grass.

As Dave couldn't dig the ground to lay the foundations, because it was 'as hard as Iron' (isn't that a Hymn?' So......he had a peep in my loft, and did a builders tut cupping his chin as he shook his head.

Oh bugger, how could I forget, this is a real one for Dave? are you there? Remember the jobsworth last week in the dial a ride bus? Well, Health and F* safety phoned today, asking if they could come and see my trike. And the way I see it, if I can't take Ziggy, well then they have to find a way that I can. In this 'Inclusive Society'. As Dave will tell you it is a Class A invalid Carriage, because I power it. Not a motor, or a battery.

I spoke to Steve about it, who reckons I've got the law? on my side, type of thing and they should accommodate me.

I keep getting emails from the Olympic Games, reminding me to do it. It's incredibly worrying because I believe I've done it all. But I've tried phoning the number provided. and they have no record of any ones! It makes me want to cry :(

Wish me luck for tomorrow!!xxxx

Monday, 16 January 2012

First night nerves!

My Son and I were cosy in bed by 9 leaving Daisy to do the necessaries, that was to become our routine for the next 10 years +.

At 3.00 AM there was almighty crash from the dining room, it must have been extraordinarily loud, to wake me. I was soo tempted to roll over and cope in the morning. But I had visions, of our new dog frazzled on the end of a plug wire, or s'thing. So I crept downstairs and noticed that my very 'Helpful, I'll get up no problems if Holly needs me' Children, snored. I opened the lounge door, and this poor timid Holly, came crab walking towards me because she was too excited, and scared about my reaction would be at the destruction, she had left in her wake. In actual fact I was sooo relieved that she was ok, I bent down and cuddled her. Partly, because I knew she'd be spending the rest of the night, in a Crate. The noise had been a box of books falling off the DINING table!!! and the mess was the kitchen bin, with the week ends Take Away boxes strewn all over the downstairs.

I set about putting the Crate up, at 3am and blury eyed, I did surprisingly well!!! (for me!)

I seized the opportunity, of Wee time in the Garden, HER not Me.And Bob's your Auntie, I mean Uncle.

Drrrrrring at 6.30 Finn ventured out whilst I made every ones breakfast, Muuuuuum it's not the same without you, so for the second time today I found myself walking in the crisp frost leaving a trail, in my path.

At the moment, we are not letting her off the lead. in case she spots a cat, her recall, isn't good.

Got a nice (Hot Flush!!!) response eventually from Mr Marsden, I think he's busy, because I got a back log of replies, bless him. I'm hoping we're going to all have a meeting at Hillsborough to form a 'drop in Club' maybe we will start charging a hire fee?

Apart from 630 I have been an utter failure, at cultivating that Wellbeing feeling. I know what to do it's just doing it.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Ahhhh Holly

Oooh Holly arrived at 9, with her Foster Parents :). And made a b-line for the arm chair, because that was what she had been used too, Uh oh, I said I was willing to try it, if she just went up to sit on s'ones knee? Later on though she got a bit possessive about it, when an exuberant Finn came thundering in from Football, charged upto sleeping Holly, who growled. EEEk not good, so we all decided to demote her to the dog mat on the floor. She has been perfect since, in every other way, except when suddenly awoken, (she's a bit like me really) she growls!!

I've taken her on the Park, on her lead rein lead, which was perfect. And I took my Aniseed balls, as directed by Russel (one of my Friends from Hillsborough.)

Andy from Erin Hounds brought a Crate round for tonight, in case she didn't settle.

It's true what is said about Sight Hounds they do impose an air of Peace around a house. She is so non chaotic, and hasn't barked once. She has got to go to the vets this week, but she's registered to one at the other side, of the city. So Erin Hounds are sorting that. Awwww the poor flower, when they found her, in someones garden (who by chance had adopted an Erin Hound, that day) She was heavily pregnant with 9 dead pups. I don't like to think of her been RAPED and abandoned in her hour of need.

Oh well, I'm early to bed, but I may be up a few times tonight.

Saturday, 14 January 2012


Having spoken to the folk today from Erin Hounds, Holly dog (coincidentally what my late Mums dog was called)is a bit poorly, she has got some sort of Kidney infection, because she's got blood in her wee wee. They've promised to foot any vets bills concerning this problem. But she's having problems at night. I was asked if I wanted to wait a couple of weeks, but yeah as if my kids would do that. And she was already in Manchester, collecting her when we spoke. Sooo tomorrow She's joining our family. Apparently Whippets, ate Never Aggressive to man or beast, (except small furry animals that run quickly!!) and Holly was not an ex racer. So hopefully will not have too much of that instinct. Mind you the 4 cats next door will get a 'Wake Up Call' when they pooh in my garden again!!!

I cycled to the Pet shop, which was closed :(

Hey check my FaceBook page out, my friend Wendy Creed, (hot flush) Does anyone else have hot flushes? I suppose not, as a lot of you are men. I'm really suffering with them at the moment, at least I presume that's what they are? I must go to the GPs but I'm not sure I really want anything he prescribes. I have a vague memory, of my Mum having treatment for Brittle bones, which is hereditary I think? All these questions!! Anyway my mate Wendy is very proud of my 2 wheeled antics, and is really making me very welcome at this years All Ability, Cycle Conference in New quay, on April the 26th.

Urm, what else?

I think I successfully completed the online Torch Carrier Form, but I honestly don't know.


Friday, 13 January 2012

Hi Folk, unfortunately my PC 'freezes' when I try and access, the comments left last night. Which maybe not a bad thing. And my Lady Lawn was fine thank you.

Had Dave the builder round, fixing the porch. It's now been desighned so that Ziggy will fit underneath!! How neats that?

I can't Speak to Steve M :( I still love him but I feel a bit neglected, I wanted him to jump for joy, at my latest achievement :(

Pete's just been round for a tipple, he's now gone home. My children are both staying at friends. And this is when I feel (hot flush)I'm back!! Most alone, that despite all the bigging up, when everyone goes home to their partners, I go home alone :( Gosh I sound like a right miserable B*. I know several MEN who wish they were alone.

I'm getting Holly on Sunday OOOOOh I Can't wait, Erin Hounds phoned today to say, they would not leave her unless my garden was whippet proof! Eeeek I think it is?

I nominated Hannah Bonnham from Adult Social Care, Matt Colbeck from Sheffield Uni, and Miriam Densham. For Northern Lights award today, It's basically the '~Movers and Shakers' prediction for this year.

It's only taken me 30months! :D

But I did it, not been too long has it? I actually Cycled along the length of the Ball court at Hillsborough Park, unaided, and on 2 wheels - Unicycle next. And my Lady Garden?- ok. But how do these Women, go all day? Or Men actually?

It happened totally by chance, (I keep getting Hot Flushes!!) I know it's nowt to do with it, but they are unbareable!! and I've just had to stop, and take off 2 layers of clothes in a nanoo second.

The journey Home!!!!

- was an amusing ride too, with Dial a Ride. It was a different man from the morning, so he had not met myself, or Ziggy. And before he lifted the trike, HE SPENT ALONG TIME TAKING pics, FROM EVERY ANGLE. aND LYING ON THE FLOOR TO TAKE a more articulate shot, of ZiggysSprocket and Pedals. Are you a Cyclist? I asked all enthused because he was taking such an interest. 'I am not!' was his short sharp reply.Once aboard, he started asking Questions, about My disability! Hey and you know me I ain't Shy. But I began to see where this was leading. And said, I can only walk a few yards, but I can cycle miles on my Trike. The fact that I power it with my legs instead of my arms if it were a Wheelchair? Is irrelevant, it is still my Class A Invalid Carriage.

I hadn't noticed that we had taken a detour, until we stopped in this Car Park. 'Where are we' I asked?
I've brought this thing to show my Bosses, because I am quite sure they are not aware, that you are using transport for this purpose.'

I sat back and waited with trepidation, as these 2 Women came out of the building, and were Marching towards the bus. The driver, who by now was waiting behind the bus. Flung open the double rear doors. 'Just look!!!' he said.

'WOW!!! How fantastic is that', said one woman, to the other.
'It's Incredible, and so cool.' Said the other.
'We don't see the problem Tony? is there one, are we missing s'thing.'
And with that he quietly returned to his drivers seat. It was ACE.

We continued home, in Silence, :)

Thursday, 12 January 2012

I'll catch you tomorrow wi tales of 2 wheeled bonaza!! and Jobsworths!!!

And very happy me, (apart from sore Lady Garden)

C xx

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I'm happy...but you knew that because it's Hillsborough

I've checked and double checked, my 'Bus' eeeeek, is coming to take me away, as I lick the windows (sorry) and try and escape!! I won't mention that again, it's just how it makes me feel. But it also made me very happy because it is affordable. And I will continue using it.....probably for years.

Oh yeah remember Remap? the Engineers who make things for folk with disabilities? They are coming to see Ziggy and I on Weds. I'm hoping the Torch folk will have given me the affirmative about adapting Ziggy. If not I've had some really helpful suggestions, one was from Chris Rust saying that I could borrow his 'Pino'which is a Tandam, but the front cycle is a Recumbent:) Or Nick has suggested that I use the side by side with Steve M. I suggested this to Steve, and was disappointed in his response :) I suppose I cant expect him to go Wow, Super, Fantastic. All the time. But I'll just have to let you know, (as if I wouldn't mention it again?)Mmmmm what else?

I received information today about an Award for a Manager/Project/idea from s'one up North, who was gonna be influential in 2012. It's not really for volunteers I don't think? So I nominated Steve, but I could nominate so many folk, And I asked them if there was a limit to how many I put forward.

I have no porch!!! random!

Thanks Dave, I'll bare it in mind. Would it work on a short term loan? You know, if I needed one if Ziggy was being repaired?

I cycled to school this afternoon, for an afternoon listening to some Fab African Drums wi my little boys class been taught by the Guy who runs ab African Restaurant in Sheffield, called UK Mamas. If your from Sheffield you'll know it. And after Totley Primary failing it's OFSTED visit, 3 years ago ~It's now officially the Top in Sheffield.

Anyway, the New model Mrs Waugh was sitting near, and I thought what would happen if there was a phoine call for Mrs Waugh? :D I know I think of some bizarre things!!

All the other Mums sat all composed, whilst I sweated like a pig!! It's a steep hill and a very steep school drive.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Thanks Dave

Thank you Dave for info on the hire scheme. It works in a similar way to Motability. It's a shame it can't be offered as an alternative. I did suggest it to them :) They said 'Fine, Super, Smashing and lots of other affirmatives. But then said urrrrrm 'No Thanks'

Monday, 9 January 2012

So exciting!!!!

Ooooooh I don't know what to talk about first!!! But I'm not stuck for words :D!!

Firstly, Erin Hounds have a whippet for us. She's been in Foster Care since the end of November. They just wanted to check her out, before telling us. She's thought to be 3 or 4, and likes playing ball, and curling up on your knee. She's a bit older than I'd have liked, but apparently whippets are giddy kippers anyway :)which is nice. We are so excited. And she's got a grey muzzle which makes her look older/her age. But We don't care as long as long as she doesn't bite anything, We'll work with anything else.

Exciting thing no2: I posted my photos, and Birth Certificates off to the Olympic Torch Folk today :) Recorded delivery, because there is no way I'm gonna miss it now!!

Urm, Dave the builder called to Suss out the porch. It'll take about a month. And that's before he does out to the Metal Box - bike storage, or the loft. It'll gi me chance to save funds :)

I needed to call at the bank today, which is beyond the Park, but not as far as big Tesco. I met the lovely Miriam, for lunch. Whilst sorting a Bank Credit, hey they are good, and so easy. My friend txt to say, he'd be at mine in 30mins. And could only stop 30m, I said Oh no prob, and sweat ed my b* off (if I had them) getting back!! But I did it, in the nick of time.

I am very happy.x

Sunday, 8 January 2012


I was hit by 'Brain Pickings' which publicizes unpublished Authors. I smiled at this.

A List of Don's for Women on Bicycles Circa 1895
"Don’t ask, 'What do you think of my bloomers?'"

We've already seen how the bicycle emancipated women, but it wasn't exactly a smooth ride. The following list of 41 don'ts for female cyclists was published in 1895 in the newspaper New York World by an author of unknown gender. Equal parts amusing and appalling, the list is the best (or worst, depending on you look at it) thing since the Victorian map of woman's heart.

Don’t be a fright.
Don’t faint on the road.
Don’t wear a man’s cap.
Don’t wear tight garters.
Don’t forget your tool bag
Don’t attempt a “century.”
Don’t coast. It is dangerous.
Don’t boast of your long rides.
Don’t criticize people’s “legs.”
Don’t wear loud hued leggings.
Don’t cultivate a “bicycle face.”
Don’t refuse assistance up a hill.
Don’t wear clothes that don’t fit.
Don’t neglect a “light’s out” cry.
Don’t wear jewelry while on a tour.
Don’t race. Leave that to the scorchers.
Don’t wear laced boots. They are tiresome.
Don’t imagine everybody is looking at you.
Don’t go to church in your bicycle costume.
Don’t wear a garden party hat with bloomers.
Don’t contest the right of way with cable cars.
Don’t chew gum. Exercise your jaws in private.
Don’t wear white kid gloves. Silk is the thing.
Don’t ask, “What do you think of my bloomers?”
Don’t use bicycle slang. Leave that to the boys.
Don’t go out after dark without a male escort.
Don’t without a needle, thread and thimble.
Don’t try to have every article of your attire “match.”
Don’t let your golden hair be hanging down your back.
Don’t allow dear little Fido to accompany you
Don’t scratch a match on the seat of your bloomers.
Don’t discuss bloomers with every man you know.
Don’t appear in public until you have learned to ride well.
Don’t overdo things. Let cycling be a recreation, not a labor.
Don’t ignore the laws of the road because you are a woman.
Don’t try to ride in your brother’s clothes “to see how it feels.”
Don’t scream if you meet a cow. If she sees you first, she will run.
Don’t cultivate everything that is up to date because yon ride a wheel.
Don’t emulate your brother’s attitude if he rides parallel with the ground.
Don’t undertake a long ride if you are not confident of performing it easily.
Don’t appear to be up on “records” and “record smashing.” That is sporty.

For more on the history of women and bikes, see the excellent Wheels of Change, among both the best photography books and the best history books of 2011.

An early entry (oooh errr Mrs) I'm not Frankie Howard, so NO!!! I asked Richard - the Cleaner, who I couldn't live without, to just gi my tyres a bit of air. Because I do find it a bit tricky, I'm just not quick enough at shutting the valve, s'times and all the air that I've pumped seeps out!! I am just crap really :) Anyway Saggy A* totally cured! and it just makes sense that I sit higher with newly inflated tyres. I sped down the carriageway this Morning with renewed enthusiasm, and vigour. And it was so easy coming back (Comparatively So)Im still excited about The Torch Business, I'm sending it Recorded Delivery tomorrow, I'm also going to Millhouses Park, to meet Miriam.

Can anyone tell me why 'Artifice' Folding Trice, with 20' wheels is only £1495 isn't that cheap? I've checked, and it seems ok. It also looks like there quite common, so I can afford not to panic buy.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Olympic Torch gets nearer!!

I'm excited now!!!! I think in my giddyness, I deleted the email, with the contact phone number on it. Because this morning, I received another reminding me of the closing date for accepting, is the 26th of Jan. And if I had questions there was the crucial number, (an answer to all my questions?) Having been inundated with Postmen, and Birth Certificates as well, this am. (ok only 2!) but it proved I hadn't totally lost it, and I did order them. I started to get giddy, for the first time.

I rang with many questions, of course the first one..Can I Cycle?...Can I fix the Torch in between the front wheels, on my Tadpole recumbent? She is going to find out for me? But asked is there anyone, I would like to Carry The Torch, for me, if I couldn't? Of course I said Steve, but I haven't a clue whether he'd want to?

Pete called telling me about this Soldier, who'd lost his legs and had also been picked. We were both sayinmg Wow!!this is immense but, I am feeling humble. I have heard of 3 folk, who wern't chosen, and the only 'edge' I have on them, maybe? Is that I like talking. So thank you blogger 'Wait For Pete' for suggesting it. Even though I had to ask Nigel to nominate me!!! I did it for the right reasons!!

I haven't made any New Years Resolutions - well not repeatable ones!!!

So here are a few, I've just made.

Get a dog from Erin hounds, that's been tried and tested.

Carry the Olympic Torch.

Make Hillsborough better, and more accessable.(2 days for a start)

Not lose friends, just make my Network of different folk grow.

Cycle a 2 Wheeler.

Stay financially sound.

Get a spare Cycle.

Go on Holiday with kids?

Do Porch/bike shed/loft

Maybe? I'm not sure about this one, so I'm scared to put it......find work?

Stay Happy!!! because I'm feeling happy nopw, because if I'm honest it was getting me down not knowing who to speak to about the Torch.

Happy Birthday Miriam, xxxxx

Friday, 6 January 2012

Fab day! :)

I attended a Adult Social Care meeting this AM. It went really well, I was very vocal.....not all * either I was being quite enginuitive, in my comments.I vo0lunteered the New Hillsborough, as being very good in Co production, and offered Steve and Nick and folk to verify, their side of the production? I also thought, a good name for us aT hIllsbro, would be 'Wheely, Wheely Well.'group.

I'm too drunk I'm going to bed!!! Nite, Nite. xxxxxx love Ya. x

Thursday, 5 January 2012

I did it!!!

It wasn't as easy for me, as it might have been for other people, who might use Sheffield Community Transport, or Dial a Ride as it is known. I am a bit conscious, of being categorised and put in a box, where I don't feel I belong. But I shouldn't be, Dial A Ride is for the use of younger physically disabled folk too. So Thank you Kev Hickman, for sussing that one out.

Today was extremely windy, and rainy, and Haily (is that a word?) And I only cycled once round the Park, and to the shops. But I feel ace!!! It was great, getting my hands dirty again when my chain came off!! Dave fitting me a bell, all of it, I do love the folk there, and for just £6 a week, long may it continue!! But the driver did say, 'Oh we're lucky this week, I normally pick Betty, the blind lady up, and take her to town. And I need to collect her, and she's ne' ready, I have to put her coat on, and sometimes she can't find her teeth. And she can't go without her teeth!! Soo I can imagine, things don't always run smoothly. But if I can cope with being judged, as a person with Learning Difficulties, who needs to be escorted places. Then I'm sure I'll cope!

Mean while Altogether Better, have said they can't fund a trip to Cornwall, on the 26th of April. There is an all Ability, Cycling Conference.

It was nice being back, we all HAD SO MUCH TO SAY :) Dave suggested that we have an all ability Cycling Group, at Hillsbro. I think pretty much as a Thursday is now, but kind of making it more official. and getting some publicity around an open day in March, at the Kick off of the new Cycling 4 All. So we would combine with the mental health groups and experienced and not so riders, and well anyone. It's all exciting and Dave and Nick talked about doing 2 days a week!! (maybe a Monday/Tuesday as well.)

Tex ted Steve, who wants to meet with everyone. But it's just easier, if he visits on a Thursday. :) xzxxxx

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

'In Control' ?

I mustn't grumble....ok, just a little!! SCT Sheffield Community Transport phoned to say, they could take me and Ziggy to Hillsborough tomorrow, if I shared with an old lady, who wanted to go to town 30minutes later? So I'm going to Hillsborough at 10.15am. (Ahhhh I'm really happy about going though) even if it's not very nice Cycling weather.Apparently I cant have my own estate car, because they havent a driver in Totley area, and they are all volunteers, so I can't grumble.

I was pro active in the Olympic Torch application, yesterxday. I knew there had been a 'cock up' probably my fault? with the copy Birth Certificate. So I reordered one yesterday, cost me £33!!!!! I also had some really scary passport pics done. And Yuk, it scares me to think the camera doesn't lie!!

Dave Santa, is opening up tomorrow, apart from him, I don't know who will show? Because Cycle 4 Health has finished for the winter. And so has Cycling 4 All. But folk have got the Community Cycling Bug, and we just miss it when we aren't there.

I do really hope my transport works.

Hey, I had a Builder round today, oooooh!!!Big plans about a metal container to put Ziggy and friends in!!! How converted is that!!!! which reminds me, I've spotted a KMX - new one for sale, 7 gears, disc brakes etc. For sale in Lincolnshire, £600. My kids would love it, but I think it's just a bit too low for me, I'd absolutely Poop, going down the Dual Carriageway, on s'thing so low.

Catch you tomorrow!!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

BIG TESCO!!!!! (and it wasn't even 2012)

Recently, my son had been reminiscing about the 'Fun times' we used to have on our little adventure cycle rides. Like, Me ending up in hospital, with 16 stitches in my leg!!! And him helping me and Ziggy over one of those silly bridges, that aren't even designed for wheelchairs, let alone Tadpole recumbent. Or the time we went for a cycle ride in the pouring torrential rain, I don't know how we managed the cycle track, behind the Spit? But we were very muddy when we arrived at the Spit, for kinda Brunch.Because of the need for him to see me trying to achieve, little goals, and and with his very generous help,he is proud of himself too,and rightly so. We had decided, to attempt the return trip to Tesco. To fetch some bucks fizz, (for them to have a little tipple) and some champagne, for me. Oh and his Xmas money was burning a whole in his pocket.

I arranged various meeting points along THE WAY, BECAUSE HE HAD CHOSEN TO RIDE HIS new super speedy scooter, on the pavement.

I am a bit like Mr Bean though with cars crashing behind me, as they swerve to avoid a calamity. Usually I pick up speed (and love the thrill) of going down the dual carriage way, on Baslow Rd, if any ones familiar with it? But I had followed my son, and where I came onto the carriageway, I hadn't realised THERE WAS A RAILING SEPARATING THE FLOW OF TRAFFIC. (Ive only lived here 22 years) So yes, you guessed it, for a few metres I was speeding down the wrong side of the carriageway. As a passing car driver gesticulated wildly from a passing car!!

Our meeting place was the Bike Tree, where I called in to ask if they could just Service Me :) I mean my Cycle! They tightened my Corset Ziggy's I mean. And just clipped my rear brake back as it hung limply catching on the wheel sometimes. But because of the hydraulics, I will need to book her in. Which I am tempted to do, because The Bike Tree is so easy for me to get to, as apposed to Recycle. But they are so lovely at all cycle shops, and they only charged me £2, and that was because I had a couple of coins handy.

I love the fact that my Son is sooo proud of me, or Ziggy, I'm not too sure which? We cut through Henliegh Hall, pausing for a moment, to look up at my Mums window. On through Millhouses Park, calling off at the Skate Park, and no I refrained from trying the jumps. (2 years ago today, I was at A and E, having stitches, because of my failed Cycle rricks)

We reached the end of the park, and using my sons local short cut knowledge, Tesco was about 25yards. Sorted.

The Return: After lunch, with heavy bags we began our return trip. It was so difficult with the heavy bags. Near HH I met up with our neighbour, who conveniently had got the car. So I was really cheeky and got her to bring my shopping home for me. Phew, I was now as light as a feather :DDD not really!!! But it was considerably easy.

Once out of my Cycle, I fell over because my legs were still cycling!!!!