Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Launch - cont

Thursday the 29th, began early and with an insy hang over, not so much a hango'r more fatigue, from the late busy night. Luckily my children had stayed at their Dads, and had been picked up, after I'd gone out to Jumbos.

Steve Marsden, was prompt, and looking anxious. I asked him about it, and he claimed to be totally relaxed. So I called him a Fibber, he laughed and admitted to being very anxious, and I think like me, he'd been awake for a while wondering what the day would bring. We pulled into thde car park at Hillsborough, at the same time as a tired and a little sad looking Nick. It was indeed the end of a really happy team, but hey atleast he's got a job, in another park.

Steve, is always cheery, and I know he just wants things to be right, but I think he needs to trust that I can make Orange Cordial, correctly :D and not have to check it! wE LOADED sTEVES VAN WITH CHAIRS AND A FOLD UP TABLE AND CONTACT FORMS, AND LEAFLETS, and The CTC champions banner (probably before it's assigned to the cupboard, forever. As the CTC champions finish officially in June. But We are all so fortunate that Cycling for All, was the one that the lottery, decided to fund for another year :) I am so relieved, not just for me, but for everybody who benefits from it.

Pedal Ready, which is on the business side of Cycle Training, is running the Cycle 4 Health at Endcliffe and Hillsborough, as a business. But it will mean, I'll know most of the Cycle Trainers, and Fred may even pop into Hillsborough again. But as for now, it appears fresh blood and enthusiasm is what's required. At the Launch a guy, introduced's gone. But he is the fresh Health Champ at Hillsborough. Does that mean they want me to go????? I doubt it, he doesn't limp!! And if it wouldn't cause him to blush, I'd show you the Testimonial Steve wrote for me, it is very good, I felt like crying with pride, it's gorgeous, and so personal, it's clearly written about me :)

All together there were 81, folk came to the Launch, and then there was Dave's Secret club,....:) which is no secret, it's just a few of the usual. Who come to the park on a Thursday morning, and borrow the bike and enjoy the company. There was actually 18 of them bringing a total of 99 folk. Which is a massive success, and unlike last year, they all came in a steady stream, that was constant from 9am starting with Mark Parker from the Brain Injury Rehab place. He was persuaded, (by me) to try the side by side (settee with pedals), I think he felt a little overdressed, in his grey suit. To the young teenage girls, i recruited at 4, to help me take the cycles back to the lock up. And vowed to come back after Easter, to the Cycle For Health.

A few of my mates turned up to offer support, like Lorraine and Paul who's a Cyclist and a Social Worker, who tried in vain to fit Ziggy in the car, so I could use them as a back up. Because I think Paul decided, that he was going to volunteer at Hillsborough. Pam came in her capacity of my friend and a Cycle Trainer, at Endcliffe. Liz Salmon came as my ex colleague on the SDS team, and Paul's ex boss all these folk witnessed me being not well, I think because I hadn't stopped, since I woke this morning and only managing half a cuppa, because I'd wanted to make sure Holly had a decent walk. Just in case Julie Andrews, didn't make it round (I needn't have worried) Radio Sheffield turned up (prompted by myself) and interviewed Steve M whist cycling round, which was a novel thing.

Steve dropped me home at 5, and I totally crashed out on the settee, shaking with goose bumps. Yep I'd got sun stroke.....IN MARCH!!!! I ordered an unhealthy as in full of salt Pizza!! with a 2 litre bottle of Coke, and stuffed my face. Content in the knowledge that we had pulled off another successful Launch.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Launch

I'll be brief, i think I've got sunstroke, if that's possible in march!!

Long day at Hillsborough, Steve fetched me at 8 and dropped me home again at 5.

Between, Steve, Nick, Dave, Graham, - new guy seems nice, Chris, new Health Champ and yours truelly. We saw 88folk!!! I am very tired,

I'll say more tomorrow.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Gotta be brief, i'm all togged up, and waiting on a taxi, to take me to Nicks leaving do, and the end to the most successful team at Cycling 4 All. I say most succesfull, but I know that we are going to get better :) With Steve M in charge, he's a bit of a Task Master, and perhaps not as laid back as Nick was.

Calendar are making an appearance :) and Radio Sheffield. I don't think Steve, liked the fact that Radio Sheffield wanted to speak to him!!!!! :D

Taxis here, hey ive cycled miles today.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Awwww I do love Steve Marsden :)

Steve cycled to mine today, in the glorious sunshine. And we sat in the garden and reviewed my Record of Involvement, and talked about Hillsboroughs future. He met Holly, and we wondered how her and big Robbie would get on. At the end of April when I go to the All ability Cycling Conference in Newquay.But I reckon they can both run fast enough to escape!! If there's any trouble. He did like the RoI but I'm not sure really because he'd have found it difficult to say otherwise.

My sons come home wi golf balls as tonsils, so I doubt if he's going to school in the morning.

I heard from Mark Witti, today, who promises he will do his best, to get the media there on Thursday! Steve was a bit confused by this saying, it's not about You Caroline.

I replied:

Of course it's not it's about showing other disabled folk there is an alternative to the mobility scooter.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

A Crap 7 days

I'm feeling weak, (i know weak is not what springs to mind, if you know me!!!) But instead of striding out, putting my assertive best foot forward type of thing? I step tentatively through my life at the moment.

Moneys not easy anymore, I've used up all my reserves. :(

Mikeys never called :(

I'm not capable of doing the things associated with cycling, nothings easy for me, even pumping tyres!! Getting Ziggy out of her house, even the new hand brake I struggle with sorry Pete, I think it has s'thing to do with m,y eyesight, so maybe I'll just get used to the touch and feel.

Holly dog got biten yesterday bless her, and was bleeding from her eye (sympathy for me) Atleast, I've seen that I do have some valuable mates, around me.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Fat Cycle Rider.

No, it's not me......well it is butin this instant it's a guy called Toby, whose lost about 8 stone since joining the Ride To Work Scheme. See his blog, I tried to copy and paste the link, no suprises that it didn't work!! So you'll have to google him.

Urrrrgh teenagers!!! Enough said!!

I had such a boringly domestic day today, because I'd had 2 days 'off' from my chores this week, the washing was crawling out the back door!!!

Friday, 23 March 2012

thanks Pete

Pete's added the link to the radio Sheffield Interview I gave, in the comments , from yesterday.

:( This morning......

Thank you Debbie, from across the road for being first on the scene., Pete my neighbour, who probably owes me one :) a favour that is.....what else? Dave H, for phoning, Matt for helping me off the floor. Julie Andrews, for checking in on me. My bruv for phoning, Hanna for the loveliest texts in the world. Dave Santa and Lorraine, for the same.

I was in such a happy mood this morning, it began with Steve M, phoning me, to make arrangements to call at mine Monday morning. Which is really nice. It is so he can get a good look at the Record of Involvement. Because I do expect that a lot of my work in the next year will be under (in my dreams-but not really) Hillsborough.

I am on this weeks Cycle Clips, btw.

If you hadn't gathered I had a mighty tumble today. I feel so incapacitated, I am crap, at looking after myself. So I didn't get chance to go to Creative Writing.

I did limp :) (more than usual!!) to the Park with Holly. I do love her so. My left knee is like a football, and throbbing!! Random I know!!!

Hey, I've been asked by Totley Residents Associations Farmers Market' ' Where they boast about what Totleys got. :)Hey and I'm considered an asset apparently!! Oh well, it gives me chance to shout about Inclusive Cycling.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Perfect day :)

Dial a ride phoned to tell me to get me to get my ass in gear, and they'd take me to Hillsborough. Don't quote me thou!!!They may have used slightly different words.

I'm so tired, but happy tired, it was such a nice day today. You know to say, Hillsborough isn't open???? 24 folk turned up between 10 and 2. It was the last day, the great team will work together though. Which is sooo sad :( Because it's been my motivation for so much, and I can thank Hillsborough for giving me so many opportunities.

Anyway Steve Marsden, is taking over, and he assures me that everyone is very keen for me to keep doing the bit that I do. So if travel becomes an issue, they will sort it?????? I think!! But hey I'm ojk as long as DAR turn up.

We made arrangements to all go to Jumbo's again on Weds, I can't drink too much because I've goy the Launch of Cycling 4 All, the day after. I've phoned my friend Mark Witty, about the Torch and the Launch so maybe we'll get a mention on tv.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I need my hapiness

Dial a Ride phoned to cancel tomorrows transport to Hillsborough, and because I resembled a lopsided Bull frog, I cried again :(

S'one phoned today from 'Evolve'magazine, they wanted to do a piece on The Olympic Torch thingy, to which I said of course but will you plug March the 29th at Hillsborough for me :) So I sent some pics etc.

I was soo scared getting Ziggy out today,I needed to test my new hand brakes :) (passed wioth flying colours) I'm not normal!!! I cycled to the pharmacy, wioth the EYEdea :D sorry!!of getting some saline, or s'thing to irrigate my eye ball, which still feels pretty sore. Anyway Taz the Chemist ordered me to the Drs!! So I called hoping to penetrate (ot in a vaginal way!!!!!) the Bouncers on the Reception desk. Anyway I cant have an appointment till Monday!!!How ridiculous really!!I could tell the Twin Set and Pearls clad woman (who reeked of Wood burn fags!!) was staring at my eye, I think you should telephone in the morning, to arrange to have some anti biotics prescribed, and delivered by the chemist. I totally agree, but is it right that a post menopausal woman should be deciding, when she's possibly about as qualified as I am.

I think I'm getting a taxi in the morning and claiming off Zest, because Miriam gained £140 for my travel to Hillsborough, of which I ain't claimed owt, because I've been covering the cost of DAR. And I need Dave's comforting irish tones.

I called in Master Chef, thing is though, I felt like everyone was staring at my Eye!!!! So I began lots of individual conversations, just so I could say...

The gorgeous guy from the photo phoned today :) and went on to tell me how busy he was!!!!!

Nite xxxx

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Ouch !!!!

It hurt soooo much!! My flagpole caterpulted me in the eye, when I got Ziggy out of her little home.

And I must thank Pete, but did you mean to not use the Pedal clips in any way and to just use the straping and buckle. Because thats what I've done and it appears to work fine.

Apparently Tescos are taking the Shopper Bus off, at the end of April. It's been my life line, once upon a time.

Monday, 19 March 2012

It's official!!!


But hey, I'm just very happy and very proud, and the Radio DJ, I'm not sure who he was because he wasn't the usual guy? made me feel a bit crap today Booming!!! in a very loud 'FUN' voice he said 'So you're a bit disappointed because you've been told your patch is Rotherham!!!(Thanks for that then, most of the listeners are from Rotherham, I reckon!!!) I was a bit 'Coy' I think, I was feeling a little mischevias!! I was on at 845, if anyone wants to listen?

I got in about, March the 29th at Hillsborough. I mentioned Steve M, the CTC, and Nigel, so I think I got the movers and shakers.

Awwww, I don't think I'll get to see Mick again, which is a shame, but he's just too busy, from what I gather. So I've left it upto him.

Julie Andrews called today. Awwwww, and Holly dog, the barkless dog (she NEVER barks) tossed a big fat round very prickly Hedgehog, accross the lawn!!! Poor wee mite, I ran out with a towel, scooped Mrs Tigglewinks up, and placed her in the shed, with the door ajar, and a bowl of dog food (i didnt pocess cat food!!) I looked when I came home, the food and Mrs TW had gone.

Oh, I called at Redvers House to do some printing and to get some Testamonials' for my RoI. Hannah Boneham, who've worked with for about 3 years? Gave me a stunning one, it was sooo individualistic. I wanted to cry, ahhh.

Sustrans rang and emailed today, so I sent them a blip... and returned their call. And she's gonna help publisise March the 29th also. I'm getting excited about it already!!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

My children are Ace!!!

I've spent much of the day, lazing around. I enjoyed taking Holly.... I do love Holly :) Just occasionally, I get a glimpse of her past, when she absolutely snarles and bares teeth, at Richards vacuum cleaner!! Or when she retreats to where she feels safest (under my desk) Most of the time she is my shadow, lying on the landing staring at me in the shower!!1 Yes I know it's weird. I hope she's ok at Steve Ms with big Robbie!!

I went for a lie down, next thing I knew my kids were shouting 'Mum' we've done your tea, and I sprang up all kind of loving the attention, but with trepidation. But I needn't have worried, Finn had bought flowers Daisy had lit candles and ordered a chinese meal from the red lion. And it had been delivered and everything!! (and they'd saved up the money and done extra jobs for their Dad!!)

Mike, the guy I met yesterday, has put our photo as his profile pic on FaceBook!!
:) :)

What a Super Day :)

I'm full of it after yesterdays success of the Presentation, of the Record of Involvement, at the Health Champions, Lunch. I say success? It hasn't really been trialed and we aint received the feed back yet. But everyone thought it was a great product.

Not keen on the piccy, of me holding the Record as you can tell (i think)that I aint physically 'normal' :/ The top ones of a guy called Michael and I, (not the guy I did the RoI with, a differernt guy. He's a Student Social Worker or Nurse with Disabilities. A bit young, but gorgeous. , we laughed all the time, but I got the feeling (i hope I was wrong) I was a Client, or a Case study maybe??

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Yet more Secret Squirells!!

But listen to BBC Radio Sheffield, on Monday at 8.30 am!!

Couldn't go to Hillsborough, :( I had to look after my wee boy who wasn't well. I couldn't resist going to the Chemist for him, because apart from taking Holly out this morning, I knew I needed a bit of exercise. But it is difficult still for me to get in and out of my trike. Has anyone got any used flexible inner tubes they could let me have please, to use as brakes?

Karen tried to steal Holly!! I think, she'd have gone as well!!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Ahhhh my nose!!

In the middle of the night, I lost my nose stud :( So at 4 in the morning, my son and I were on our knees looking for the stud. We didn't find it and consequently lost 4 tiny nose studs, as we tried desperately tio keep my nose pierced. But yet I knew it was healing up!!

So at 11am I rushed to Blue Banana, and pleaded, for them to re pierce 'We'll pierce the other nostril, if you want?' Apparently they can't re pierce it for a 2 weeks. In the end I decided to wait, as my scar would be visible if I had the other done instead, if you follow? I do miss it though!!

I went ASC to run through my Presentation, which I have on Friday. Apparently it went ok????

I also spoke to a few folk who know me well, and I've decided not to help in the research in York. It just meant compromising myself a bit!!

And I have got some major exciting news!!!! from the Torch team, but I've been asked to wait until Monday!!!..... all I'm saying? :)

I can't keep secrets can I? :0

Remember Karen, my Mums nurse? and long time friend? She's calling at 830 in the morning for an hour, cos we don't see each other any more. Then I'm off to Hillsborough, to see my beloved Dave, as he's back from Hols. Our days as the best team are numbered, in fact 3 including tomorrow!! :(

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Secret Squirells

I can't Possibly say yet :Dx

I seem to be spinning plates at the moment, but I 'mustn't grumble' because thisd is exactly how I like it.

Went to my BIRRP meet, where Steph and I met Kate Gridley from Yorks Social Policy Research Unit (SPRU). I hope vto work with them in the future? But Kate got me thinking? Would I be content with just been involved in the consultation process???? And not seeing my ideas come into fruition? I'm not sure about that one????

I've had to cancel my meet with Steve tomorrow, because I'm just not ready. I'm going to see Hannah and Paula, to practise my Presentation,it does seem a bit crap my presentation, (without the use of the folder? that I'm doing on Friday). I will pick up some Records of Involvement, to give out to folk who've agreed to be on the Pilot run, which includes Steph and all his different areas, of voluntary work. And some of the Organisations, who will be attending.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Nice day

Mmmmm:)I got a visit, from a longtime infrequent Gardener in the middle of the night!! He was like the Milk Tray man!!! If I could be choosy I would. But I ain't in a position to dictate. And the guy makes me laugh so much!!Enough!!

I was grateful for not having to rush round and go out too early this Morning. A car picked me up at 12 and off I went to Brockwood. Oh wow!! Remember Horace? the black guy with the Gold teeth? who was my welfare worker for a while? I saw him today, I am very happy to say :D Ahhhh I hugged him I did. And invited him to Hillsborough on the 29th of March. I hope he comes. Andy has just phoned me, he is a brain injury Survivor, who has been to Cycling b4, and is actually driving and working now. But he still wants to come on the 29th.Urrrrm, I phoned Steve today and made an appointment to go and see him, about the Record of Involvement, and I will see Andy Jackson at the same time if I can. And get Heeley Development Trust to endorse it too.

I'm off to BIRRP tomorrow, to meet some guys (women actually!!) who want to Co Produce some stuff with Steph and I? So I think I might take my RoI.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Motherfucking Bike [HD]

If this doesn't work try finding it on You Tube, (i only appreciate the bit, where the guys bike takes preference over a woman from the office (possibly 'Totty')

What a fantastic day it was today, I took my wee pet, the dog down to the river, where she looked at me, as if to say 'I'm not going in that!!' And leapt over it!! much to the amazement of folk who were passing, with there very young but Sloth in comparison, terrier.

Feeling refreshed IU cycled to the lil tesco, and then wondered why because I didn't actually need anything. Only the feeling of warm air rushing through my hair. Actually as I sped down the dual carriageway, I passed a bus stop which had a group of Youths in it, who shrieked 'Yo, go Caroline'

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Friday 9th

Hey can s'one tell me in Janet and John language, how to make the font bigger on my blog? I seem to have pressed buttons, clicked Icons, but alas?

I do love Spring!! I love the mornings watching Holly dog race around the Park,and then slow to a trot like dance, hoping to entice any other dog to chase her. Just so she can win the race effortlessly. The Daffodils and Crocuses, were peeking out of their green jackets, eager to please as I'm sure they will. We skipped (I dream of skipping!!!) and Holly dived in the back garden, eager for breakfast.

I waited eagerly for Matt, to pick me up for Creative Writing. I do enjoy working my creative muscle and juices. But everybody else in the group seems so skilled in the art of Pros. And I'm just there to boost every ones mood. It's like that with the Cycling and Project Managing at ASC as well? In fact I will ne' be an expert on anything apart from MYSELF!!!I do think I'm Self Aware though, s'times I wish I wasn't.

I left before the end of the session, because I was working at Brockwood, and my lunch was calling :) I get a light lunch, taxis, plus a wage, and I enjoy it.

I was working with Christine Barton, who I have a lot of respect for. She is passionate about making things better for folk with disabilities, who aren't as vocal as her. She is a Quadriplegic, and is totally dependant on others for her physical care. But NOT Mental.

A big Hello to anyone I met today, you were an absolute pleasure to meet, and I wish you all loads of luck in your chosen Careers. And please get in touch if I can help in anyway. Or if you just want to say Hi :)

Friday, 9 March 2012

Busy, busy, busy....bed

I woke, showered, t, Im too tired II'll tell ya to,orrow!!

I love you all, if I met you today HI xx

I put Ziggy to bed!!

night x

Ziggys new Bedroom

Thursday, 8 March 2012

A letter from Nick CleggThank you for your email. May I take this opportunity to congratulateyou on your efforts in training other disabled people to cycle in theWheels for All project, and wish you good luck in carrying the Olympictorch this summer. I will keep projects like Wheels for All in mind when discussing theseissues further with my colleagues on the Council and in Parliament.Thank you again for writing to me about this important issue. Please donot hesitate to contact me again on this or any other matter. Yours sincerely Nick Clegg MP Nick Clegg MPSheffield Hallam Web

Dear Nicholas Clegg, Please, keep funding Inclusive Cycling. As a new single disabled mum, of2 children under 6. The CTC and Pedal Ready, gave me my life andindependance back. And that is why all my effort and enthusiasm, goes into helping train, other disabled people. To ditch their mobilityscooters, (as I did!!)and cycle, at Hillsborough Park, on a Thursday. I have gained many accolaids for my efforts, and am in fact carrying theOlympic Torch in the relay, this summer. Yours sincerely, caroline waugh by If you have had anyproblems receiving this message, please email andwe'll get back to you. See for more details aboutthe service. We have sent this email; if this address is out of date pleaseemail us so that we can update our records. ]

I've replied inviting him on the 29th, to Hillsborough Park!! for the Cycling For All launch

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


I got told today to kind of to stop putting 2 and 2 together and making 5!!! It's just I get excited about possibilities, and get carried away :) and that I wasn't Centre of the World :D Of course I do know all of this, and I would never be so vain as to think other wise, so my behaviour doesn't do me justice.

I finished the Record of Involvement, in a Power Point document (ooooo) hark at me!!! 2 minutes after my meeting with the Directors and Managers of Adult Social Care, I then had to present it, to the group, I wasn't expecting to do this soooo eeeek!! Now these were folk who would have felt ok, to pull me up and offer 'Suggestions' but didn't. So phew!! I did think I mentioned the word 'Individual' too much!!! but it's too late now!!

I had met Liz and Mary (Social Workers I helped deliver training with) who'd been to Hillsborough last summer. And invited them on the 29th of March. So fingers crossed, the word will start spreading, but I could do with a Flyer to send.

I'm going to Hillsborough tomorrow, I'm not sure who will be there. Dave's still in Morroco, awwww I miss him:(

I can't wait to pedal round, I don't think I'll try a 2 wheeler :(

Hey, you know last night? my wee boy crept into my bed, I moved up....and rolled out, banging my head on the bedside..Ouch, honestly I am so covered in bruises from falling off a 2 wheeler to start with, I aint got anywhere that isn't bruised!! well maybe a bit!!!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tesco Tuesday

I have got way too much food in my house!!

My porch is very nearly finished and it's fab!!!

Zest, were the first folk to send me their Logo, to add to the RoI, which is nice that mine, and Miriams word is all that's required for folk to back it. Or is it the heavy weights (name only!!) like Nigel, and Jeanette that sway it?

Someone implied that I was anything but 'Bashful' :D I did smile, and looked up the exact definition, which is someone who doesn't like to attract attention. I think they've a fair point!!! But I do it for the right reason though!!

I have a meeting with ASC tomorrow, who will want a progress report of the RoI, so I'm going in the hour before to finish it hopefully with the lovely Hannah. I am tired today, I better get brownie points for this one:)

I've sent the lovely Steve M, a list of questions about Hillsborough. Which reminds me I need to write s'thing for Kevin and the Inclusive Cycling Forum.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Ahhhh thank you

Steve M ctc wrote a letter of support to the Olympic torch folk today also!! It said how I wasn't complete, unless I had my trike, and Hillsboroughs success was down to me. Which is nice, if not entirely true!! I haven't heard owt from them today which is good?? So thanks to every ones support, I dint think they will object again do you?

I think it will just be a case of getting me to the shuttle bus, and my ace bruvs hiring a van for the day to help wi that :)x And then maybe having a lesson in folding again and unfolding? I'm sure there's a video of it, somewhere.

I nipped into town to meet Miriam, in Debhanams, we were served very strong tuna, so good old Miriam, took it back I don't actually know if I'd have been that brave, but thank you :)

Next, I nearly got run o'r !!! I'm such a sheep me!! I followed all these folk crossing, when I could see it was Big Fat Red Man!!! but no, I thought I'd be like the crowd, except, they could run to the safety of the curb, when a car came round the corner, and me??? I just had to hope that the driver had time to swerve!!!

I learnt power point,eeeerm I think!! but didn't have much time, so I'm proposing that I go in the hour before the meeting that it needs to be finished by!!

I was a woman on a mission in town. I needed a light that ran on a battery, a sort of touch thingy one. So I visited £1 land. And bargains, or what!! I got a pair of cycling mits, a bike lock, a pump, a bike tool, and this battery touch light, for £1each surprisingly!! :D

Saturday, 3 March 2012

March the 29th

B4 I forget? Thanks for your recent support Fiona (catch Fiona at Ad libbed (her blog) YYou must try and make it to Hillsborough Park, for the launch of Cycling For All. It's fab, honest you'd love it!! I think there will be some folk from BIRC there.

Next?????? Pete darling I was so touched by your mail :) I know it was all true but it makes me sound like Mother Theresa!! ...

Thanks Dave for the phone call, I could mention my tunnel, but I won't :)

I'm not worthy of peoples kind thoughts s'times.

I must get lights for Ziggy, I got in a terrible tangle and nearly killed because I wasn't visable when I pulled out of the shops at the Rise., eeek!! I know it was my fault so I'm lucky to be alive.

I've spent all evening doing The Recod of Involvement. So I'm tired and going to bed.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Goodbye Nick :(

Our team is slowly but surely, been broken up. Nick is the first to be moved to another Park, that has no Cycles, so he'll be cutting grass and the like. A waste of good team building skills, if you ask me. The mental Health Group was there today, with Sue who's been going to Hillsborough as long as I have, and now is a fully trained Cycle Leader, and Support Worker on the ward that participates in Cycling every week.

I tried a 2 wheeler and fell off twice grazing my elbows :( And I must say it was such a good job, I'd got my helmet on, the second time my head bounced on the concrete.

I get the impression that Steve Marsden, is gonna step in at Hillsborough, which is lovely but he's not as easy going as Nick, and he might be a hard task master!!! And who knows who's job is safe?

I slept and sweat ed, fever? hot flush? showered, and my wee boy opened the curtains and said it's a lovely day, you must go to Hillsborough. And do you know he was right I thought.

I'm not going to mention this too much, but The Olympic Torch Relay Organisation, have asked me if I use a Wheelchair daily? I said no, I can walk a few yards, but cycle miles!!! To which they replied, well we don't care how many times you have to stop and rest . But you must walk carrying the Torch, or use a Wheelchair. Your Trike is for Leisure purposes and there for you cannot use it!!!!

I don't have to tell you how upset this makes me feel !! The very reason, why I want to do the Torch, is to show there is an alternative to an electric scooter.

I can't write about it yet it makes me cry.

Holly is so beautiful and so good, she's like my shadow though.

This was the last didtch plea........

Good Afternoon, PLEASE, PLEASE reconsider, I don't drive and can't walk very far at all. But as with a lot of people who suffer physical disabilities I need to use my Trike in order to control my life and health. It's my car, or even my legs. And yes, before I got it I had to rely on a mobility scooter. I am passionate about making other folk with disabilities see the alternative to a Scooter/chair. Also I would love more than anything to use my delegated person, who would be Steve Marsden (CTC) to carry the olympic torch for me.