Monday, 26 March 2012

Awwww I do love Steve Marsden :)

Steve cycled to mine today, in the glorious sunshine. And we sat in the garden and reviewed my Record of Involvement, and talked about Hillsboroughs future. He met Holly, and we wondered how her and big Robbie would get on. At the end of April when I go to the All ability Cycling Conference in Newquay.But I reckon they can both run fast enough to escape!! If there's any trouble. He did like the RoI but I'm not sure really because he'd have found it difficult to say otherwise.

My sons come home wi golf balls as tonsils, so I doubt if he's going to school in the morning.

I heard from Mark Witti, today, who promises he will do his best, to get the media there on Thursday! Steve was a bit confused by this saying, it's not about You Caroline.

I replied:

Of course it's not it's about showing other disabled folk there is an alternative to the mobility scooter.

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