Monday, 12 March 2012

Nice day

Mmmmm:)I got a visit, from a longtime infrequent Gardener in the middle of the night!! He was like the Milk Tray man!!! If I could be choosy I would. But I ain't in a position to dictate. And the guy makes me laugh so much!!Enough!!

I was grateful for not having to rush round and go out too early this Morning. A car picked me up at 12 and off I went to Brockwood. Oh wow!! Remember Horace? the black guy with the Gold teeth? who was my welfare worker for a while? I saw him today, I am very happy to say :D Ahhhh I hugged him I did. And invited him to Hillsborough on the 29th of March. I hope he comes. Andy has just phoned me, he is a brain injury Survivor, who has been to Cycling b4, and is actually driving and working now. But he still wants to come on the 29th.Urrrrm, I phoned Steve today and made an appointment to go and see him, about the Record of Involvement, and I will see Andy Jackson at the same time if I can. And get Heeley Development Trust to endorse it too.

I'm off to BIRRP tomorrow, to meet some guys (women actually!!) who want to Co Produce some stuff with Steph and I? So I think I might take my RoI.

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