Monday, 19 March 2012

It's official!!!


But hey, I'm just very happy and very proud, and the Radio DJ, I'm not sure who he was because he wasn't the usual guy? made me feel a bit crap today Booming!!! in a very loud 'FUN' voice he said 'So you're a bit disappointed because you've been told your patch is Rotherham!!!(Thanks for that then, most of the listeners are from Rotherham, I reckon!!!) I was a bit 'Coy' I think, I was feeling a little mischevias!! I was on at 845, if anyone wants to listen?

I got in about, March the 29th at Hillsborough. I mentioned Steve M, the CTC, and Nigel, so I think I got the movers and shakers.

Awwww, I don't think I'll get to see Mick again, which is a shame, but he's just too busy, from what I gather. So I've left it upto him.

Julie Andrews called today. Awwwww, and Holly dog, the barkless dog (she NEVER barks) tossed a big fat round very prickly Hedgehog, accross the lawn!!! Poor wee mite, I ran out with a towel, scooped Mrs Tigglewinks up, and placed her in the shed, with the door ajar, and a bowl of dog food (i didnt pocess cat food!!) I looked when I came home, the food and Mrs TW had gone.

Oh, I called at Redvers House to do some printing and to get some Testamonials' for my RoI. Hannah Boneham, who've worked with for about 3 years? Gave me a stunning one, it was sooo individualistic. I wanted to cry, ahhh.

Sustrans rang and emailed today, so I sent them a blip... and returned their call. And she's gonna help publisise March the 29th also. I'm getting excited about it already!!

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