Saturday, 3 March 2012

March the 29th

B4 I forget? Thanks for your recent support Fiona (catch Fiona at Ad libbed (her blog) YYou must try and make it to Hillsborough Park, for the launch of Cycling For All. It's fab, honest you'd love it!! I think there will be some folk from BIRC there.

Next?????? Pete darling I was so touched by your mail :) I know it was all true but it makes me sound like Mother Theresa!! ...

Thanks Dave for the phone call, I could mention my tunnel, but I won't :)

I'm not worthy of peoples kind thoughts s'times.

I must get lights for Ziggy, I got in a terrible tangle and nearly killed because I wasn't visable when I pulled out of the shops at the Rise., eeek!! I know it was my fault so I'm lucky to be alive.

I've spent all evening doing The Recod of Involvement. So I'm tired and going to bed.


  1. Well I'll need to check co-ordinates but given the position of the railway lines I've probably been diving under your house far too frequently of late.

  2. No the tunnel starts or finishes? about a quarter of a mile away, to my West I believe?

    Clocks go forward tonight!!

    I must go to SS tomorrow to finish my RoI,

  3. That was kind of the idea..
    But be assured I am under no such delusion { 9-)

    Anyway, got this reply, you can hear them going "Huff puuf wuff nuff no no were not meanies" when you read it.


    Good Morning

    We have been in discussion with Caroline directly regarding her trike; we understand that she partly relies on the trike for mobility so we have advised we are looking into the possibility of her being able to complete her leg of the relay using it.

    From a safety and operational perspective we are not able to attach the torch to the trike with cable ties, we have also discussed this with Caroline and advised that we have an attachment that Torchbearer Operations will fit to the trike on the day if she will be using it.

    Caroline’s concerns are important to us, we want her to feel comfortable on the Relay and above all enjoy her day, we will continue our discussions regarding her Relay slot directly with her as Torchbearer.

    Kind Regards

    Torchbearer Operations

  4. Thank you, you are very welcome.
    I will try and mention it to my rehab team, when is the launch?