Monday, 5 March 2012

Ahhhh thank you

Steve M ctc wrote a letter of support to the Olympic torch folk today also!! It said how I wasn't complete, unless I had my trike, and Hillsboroughs success was down to me. Which is nice, if not entirely true!! I haven't heard owt from them today which is good?? So thanks to every ones support, I dint think they will object again do you?

I think it will just be a case of getting me to the shuttle bus, and my ace bruvs hiring a van for the day to help wi that :)x And then maybe having a lesson in folding again and unfolding? I'm sure there's a video of it, somewhere.

I nipped into town to meet Miriam, in Debhanams, we were served very strong tuna, so good old Miriam, took it back I don't actually know if I'd have been that brave, but thank you :)

Next, I nearly got run o'r !!! I'm such a sheep me!! I followed all these folk crossing, when I could see it was Big Fat Red Man!!! but no, I thought I'd be like the crowd, except, they could run to the safety of the curb, when a car came round the corner, and me??? I just had to hope that the driver had time to swerve!!!

I learnt power point,eeeerm I think!! but didn't have much time, so I'm proposing that I go in the hour before the meeting that it needs to be finished by!!

I was a woman on a mission in town. I needed a light that ran on a battery, a sort of touch thingy one. So I visited £1 land. And bargains, or what!! I got a pair of cycling mits, a bike lock, a pump, a bike tool, and this battery touch light, for £1each surprisingly!! :D


  1. Yay for Poundland! I'm told there is competition in Derby with a 99p shop opening next door!!!

    The fold video is here:

    Just make sure you get that bolt in right and nice and tight before riding off again… Getting the bolt to slide in is usually the hardest bit - see the outtakes at the end of the video!

  2. (Is isn't as hard as the video - honest!)