Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tesco Tuesday

I have got way too much food in my house!!

My porch is very nearly finished and it's fab!!!

Zest, were the first folk to send me their Logo, to add to the RoI, which is nice that mine, and Miriams word is all that's required for folk to back it. Or is it the heavy weights (name only!!) like Nigel, and Jeanette that sway it?

Someone implied that I was anything but 'Bashful' :D I did smile, and looked up the exact definition, which is someone who doesn't like to attract attention. I think they've a fair point!!! But I do it for the right reason though!!

I have a meeting with ASC tomorrow, who will want a progress report of the RoI, so I'm going in the hour before to finish it hopefully with the lovely Hannah. I am tired today, I better get brownie points for this one:)

I've sent the lovely Steve M, a list of questions about Hillsborough. Which reminds me I need to write s'thing for Kevin and the Inclusive Cycling Forum.

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