Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Ahhhh my nose!!

In the middle of the night, I lost my nose stud :( So at 4 in the morning, my son and I were on our knees looking for the stud. We didn't find it and consequently lost 4 tiny nose studs, as we tried desperately tio keep my nose pierced. But yet I knew it was healing up!!

So at 11am I rushed to Blue Banana, and pleaded, for them to re pierce 'We'll pierce the other nostril, if you want?' Apparently they can't re pierce it for a 2 weeks. In the end I decided to wait, as my scar would be visible if I had the other done instead, if you follow? I do miss it though!!

I went ASC to run through my Presentation, which I have on Friday. Apparently it went ok????

I also spoke to a few folk who know me well, and I've decided not to help in the research in York. It just meant compromising myself a bit!!

And I have got some major exciting news!!!! from the Torch team, but I've been asked to wait until Monday!!!..... all I'm saying? :)

I can't keep secrets can I? :0

Remember Karen, my Mums nurse? and long time friend? She's calling at 830 in the morning for an hour, cos we don't see each other any more. Then I'm off to Hillsborough, to see my beloved Dave, as he's back from Hols. Our days as the best team are numbered, in fact 3 including tomorrow!! :(

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