Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Ouch !!!!

It hurt soooo much!! My flagpole caterpulted me in the eye, when I got Ziggy out of her little home.

And I must thank Pete, but did you mean to not use the Pedal clips in any way and to just use the straping and buckle. Because thats what I've done and it appears to work fine.

Apparently Tescos are taking the Shopper Bus off, at the end of April. It's been my life line, once upon a time.


  1. OUCH!
    Off to the Doctor's with you.

    And yes, sounds like you have done it right with the straps I didn't mean to make you buy the clips too!

    Best WaitForPete

  2. I think maybe I should've gone to the gp's this afternoon. But I didn't I phoned later and asked if I could see the nurse, and the Receptionist/bouncer/wanna be Consultant Dr. Told me I couldn't possibly see anyone, but if I continued to worry. To go to A and E!! I know health should come first, but it would cost me about £20 each way.