Wednesday, 7 March 2012


I got told today to kind of to stop putting 2 and 2 together and making 5!!! It's just I get excited about possibilities, and get carried away :) and that I wasn't Centre of the World :D Of course I do know all of this, and I would never be so vain as to think other wise, so my behaviour doesn't do me justice.

I finished the Record of Involvement, in a Power Point document (ooooo) hark at me!!! 2 minutes after my meeting with the Directors and Managers of Adult Social Care, I then had to present it, to the group, I wasn't expecting to do this soooo eeeek!! Now these were folk who would have felt ok, to pull me up and offer 'Suggestions' but didn't. So phew!! I did think I mentioned the word 'Individual' too much!!! but it's too late now!!

I had met Liz and Mary (Social Workers I helped deliver training with) who'd been to Hillsborough last summer. And invited them on the 29th of March. So fingers crossed, the word will start spreading, but I could do with a Flyer to send.

I'm going to Hillsborough tomorrow, I'm not sure who will be there. Dave's still in Morroco, awwww I miss him:(

I can't wait to pedal round, I don't think I'll try a 2 wheeler :(

Hey, you know last night? my wee boy crept into my bed, I moved up....and rolled out, banging my head on the bedside..Ouch, honestly I am so covered in bruises from falling off a 2 wheeler to start with, I aint got anywhere that isn't bruised!! well maybe a bit!!!

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