Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I need my hapiness

Dial a Ride phoned to cancel tomorrows transport to Hillsborough, and because I resembled a lopsided Bull frog, I cried again :(

S'one phoned today from 'Evolve'magazine, they wanted to do a piece on The Olympic Torch thingy, to which I said of course but will you plug March the 29th at Hillsborough for me :) So I sent some pics etc.

I was soo scared getting Ziggy out today,I needed to test my new hand brakes :) (passed wioth flying colours) I'm not normal!!! I cycled to the pharmacy, wioth the EYEdea :D sorry!!of getting some saline, or s'thing to irrigate my eye ball, which still feels pretty sore. Anyway Taz the Chemist ordered me to the Drs!! So I called hoping to penetrate (ot in a vaginal way!!!!!) the Bouncers on the Reception desk. Anyway I cant have an appointment till Monday!!!How ridiculous really!!I could tell the Twin Set and Pearls clad woman (who reeked of Wood burn fags!!) was staring at my eye, I think you should telephone in the morning, to arrange to have some anti biotics prescribed, and delivered by the chemist. I totally agree, but is it right that a post menopausal woman should be deciding, when she's possibly about as qualified as I am.

I think I'm getting a taxi in the morning and claiming off Zest, because Miriam gained £140 for my travel to Hillsborough, of which I ain't claimed owt, because I've been covering the cost of DAR. And I need Dave's comforting irish tones.

I called in Master Chef, thing is though, I felt like everyone was staring at my Eye!!!! So I began lots of individual conversations, just so I could say...

The gorgeous guy from the photo phoned today :) and went on to tell me how busy he was!!!!!

Nite xxxx

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