Saturday, 10 March 2012

Friday 9th

Hey can s'one tell me in Janet and John language, how to make the font bigger on my blog? I seem to have pressed buttons, clicked Icons, but alas?

I do love Spring!! I love the mornings watching Holly dog race around the Park,and then slow to a trot like dance, hoping to entice any other dog to chase her. Just so she can win the race effortlessly. The Daffodils and Crocuses, were peeking out of their green jackets, eager to please as I'm sure they will. We skipped (I dream of skipping!!!) and Holly dived in the back garden, eager for breakfast.

I waited eagerly for Matt, to pick me up for Creative Writing. I do enjoy working my creative muscle and juices. But everybody else in the group seems so skilled in the art of Pros. And I'm just there to boost every ones mood. It's like that with the Cycling and Project Managing at ASC as well? In fact I will ne' be an expert on anything apart from MYSELF!!!I do think I'm Self Aware though, s'times I wish I wasn't.

I left before the end of the session, because I was working at Brockwood, and my lunch was calling :) I get a light lunch, taxis, plus a wage, and I enjoy it.

I was working with Christine Barton, who I have a lot of respect for. She is passionate about making things better for folk with disabilities, who aren't as vocal as her. She is a Quadriplegic, and is totally dependant on others for her physical care. But NOT Mental.

A big Hello to anyone I met today, you were an absolute pleasure to meet, and I wish you all loads of luck in your chosen Careers. And please get in touch if I can help in anyway. Or if you just want to say Hi :)


  1. You change the text size by holding control and rolling the mouse wheel.


  2. My Firefox browser has gone loopy with your blog - keeps sending me to so this is on Internet Exhorter. Need to find out why it does that

  3. Hi Dave, wondered where you'd gone? Glad your nearly back. x