Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Secret Squirells

I can't Possibly say yet :Dx

I seem to be spinning plates at the moment, but I 'mustn't grumble' because thisd is exactly how I like it.

Went to my BIRRP meet, where Steph and I met Kate Gridley from Yorks Social Policy Research Unit (SPRU). I hope vto work with them in the future? But Kate got me thinking? Would I be content with just been involved in the consultation process???? And not seeing my ideas come into fruition? I'm not sure about that one????

I've had to cancel my meet with Steve tomorrow, because I'm just not ready. I'm going to see Hannah and Paula, to practise my Presentation,it does seem a bit crap my presentation, (without the use of the folder? that I'm doing on Friday). I will pick up some Records of Involvement, to give out to folk who've agreed to be on the Pilot run, which includes Steph and all his different areas, of voluntary work. And some of the Organisations, who will be attending.

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