Thursday, 22 March 2012

Perfect day :)

Dial a ride phoned to tell me to get me to get my ass in gear, and they'd take me to Hillsborough. Don't quote me thou!!!They may have used slightly different words.

I'm so tired, but happy tired, it was such a nice day today. You know to say, Hillsborough isn't open???? 24 folk turned up between 10 and 2. It was the last day, the great team will work together though. Which is sooo sad :( Because it's been my motivation for so much, and I can thank Hillsborough for giving me so many opportunities.

Anyway Steve Marsden, is taking over, and he assures me that everyone is very keen for me to keep doing the bit that I do. So if travel becomes an issue, they will sort it?????? I think!! But hey I'm ojk as long as DAR turn up.

We made arrangements to all go to Jumbo's again on Weds, I can't drink too much because I've goy the Launch of Cycling 4 All, the day after. I've phoned my friend Mark Witty, about the Torch and the Launch so maybe we'll get a mention on tv.


  1. Caroline on the Radio

    (Forward to 1:48:00)
    As published in the CTC newsletter!

  2. I got that but couldn't cut and paste it? you're clever, thank you. x

  3. Errm.. copy hyperlink...