Thursday, 29 September 2011


I was a bit tired, but to be honest I usually feel so invigorated. So I arrived there, and was really pleased to see Dave back and Simone, no one had dropped out of the small (5) CFH group which was nice. I'm really pleased that folk from all the groups that attend, aren't shy about asking me for owt, you know, it's just nice to belong to everyone. I caught up with CFH, who were cycling randomly around bollards, and laughing and chatting. Meanwhile Sean had arrived with his carer, and he seems to stop longer each week, (he brought his lunch) Natalie arrived with Darren, they both use KMXs and look after themselves. The mental Health group started arriving gradually, I just had to make sure that I hadn't upset anyone last week, at the nominations. Ahhh Ellie appeared, I haven't seen her for a while, so 'Hi Ellie, it was nice to chat' she lives not too far away, and says she could make it to Millhouses Park, so I gave her my moby no.

Nick took, Happy Home? around on the velor Plus, there are 2 wheelchair cyclists who come each week., and need to take it in turns.
Oh forgot to mention, my fave group Autism Plus arrived, they are mostly big men, who don't walk very easily and never run. And they get so much out of just being able to race around the courts on their chosen cycle.
Miriam arrived, but not for me, she was taking s'one bowling. It was such a scorching day!!
I do love the community at Hillsborough Park.
Dave Santa, had to buy me lunch because like a 'Dolls Ed' I'd forgotten my purse.

I arrived home, having left Morris for 5hours, which is quite long, (although he did go for a walk at 7) and bless him, he was so excited, when I walked in the kitchen, he weed on my foot!! He couldn't cry, wag his tail and kiss he got in a state and wazed on my foot!!

Nic Marks :)

The Well being event yesterday, hosted by the SHSC was brilliant, it was full of such interesting folk. The day began with Nigel West collecting me, and poor Nige, I do take his friendship for granted at times, because he is an important person. And he does see me and my family, including the new addition, warts and all. In fact Morris was the reason, he called!

We had a quick revision, of what was expected, before we arrived, and we arranged for me to keep it, fairly simple (don't laugh!!) and he would follow on, with an appeal for funding for Hillsborough maybe? and a reminder, that on the 17th of October, they could hear me again. At the book launch. I wish I was techy...and could advertise the Cap book which costs £3 plus P&P.....Bargain!!

Oh bugger, I started to network and mingle once there, and bumped into the very lovely, Jeanette Thompson, Director of Sheffield's SDS, oooh I hadn't included them in my story. And I do try and mention folk. But I consciously didn't want it to become a long list of Folk. Because it would dilute the importance of me Cycling.

I was shown to my seat which was next to the funniest awe inspiring guy I've met in a while, his name was Nic Marks. Apparently folk in the room were pleased, about this?? not too sure why?

It was basically billed as been Nics 'Gig' and he had a huge stage prescience, the room was transfixed by his interesting theories on 'Happiness' and how we judge happiness. Google him, he's worth a read.

I congratulated him and told him to clap for me when it was my turn.

Dr Aki Tsuchiya was next, I would find her psychology lectures really interesting. I could procrastinate about them for hours, and possibly get into a lot of (the child in me, wants to say...Mass debates) but I'm grown up!!!

I read my bit, and sat listening to the silence again, I glanced up at Nic....still silence. But on cue, and thankfully everyone laughed at the punch line!! phew....I hope I made folk realise just how immense the whole experience of being a Health Champion, has been for me. I returned to my seat, Nigel gave me the thumbs up and Nic said all the right things. And that I was a fantastic example of the 5 ways to Happiness, and would I be a case study in his book? Of course I'd love that, but no one has taught me ......I'm just me!! But it is the ethos, that the Health Champions work with.

What else......

I am so impressed that buses, now take mobility scooters, I still don't think I will take Ziggy on, but maybe?

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


S'times I'm glad that I let my mouth engage before my brain (damaged though it is!!) Because my words yesterday at the PCT awards seem to have gone down well. I just hope more than owt that I didn't offend anyone with a Learning Difficulty, or Mental Illness. That really wasn't my intention. Anyway, Steph and I received a fair few comments of support, for our observations yesterday. Which was nice because, I have to be honest when I first raised my hand for the microphone, yesterday, I thought Shit....I might be hated, for rocking the apple cart here!!

I met Matt today to get a few copies of Head Lines, and have a coffee. Apparently I was supposed to meet Lawrence, who text me at 11, but he never replied to my proposal, so I'm not telepathic!!!

Anyway bad day!!! It wasn't my day!!! Dear Pat wasn't driving the bus, it was Marion? . To cut lots of long stories short, I fell off the bus, whilst getting all my bags on. And no one was hurt, well I did cut my hand a bit :(

Well I found out who really cares, and who doesn't?

Pete was round helping me with the tea, and I tripped over s'thing that I didn't see because I can't look down.

I am hopeless, and crap aren't I at times?

I just want to cry, even more all the time at the moment.

Tomorrow, should be interesting, I think it's my last ditch attempt at definitely securing funding (long term) for Hillsborough. I'm doing a reading for council and 3rd sector Projects and the Pct. It is a massive occasion, and a wee bit scary. :) Ni gels picking me up at 12. :)

Monday 26th of Sept.

Today I was invited to the Awards of Excellence by the regions Pct, where along with other Survivors of Brain Injury, we were nominated for an award for our work with BIRRP. Brain Injury Rehabilitation Research Partnership, (in case you're wondering!)

The day started off with a mix up, with the taxis!! - I was ok, and arrived on time to meet Mark Parker (Centre Manager) having left poor Steph, cursing everyone, and standing on the pavement in his PJs.

It was great there because, they had the usual 'Market Stall' type thing , with different exhibitions. And they were mostly to do with Mental Health Issues and Therapies. So I had met a few folk through my Cycling and the Well being factor that that gives.

Once seated Steph said, 'Oooh dont forget to act surprised when we win!!' To which I replied, I will be absolutely stunned and a bit embarrassed if we do. I didn't think we deserved to win for maybe 3hrs work a month!! I think the group were very surprised at this. But sorry folks!! I wasn't wrong a voluntary group which met weekly, and were looking at setting up a Help line won.

At the end the Executive Board was open for questions, so.......I took the bull by the horns, and asked why Brain Injury Survivors, weren't mentioned in the list of interested parties? Because I really didn't think I fitted into The Learning Difficulty box or the Mental Health box? but they obviously did!! So ?? And I was as nice as I always am! apologising for my feelings and all that usual stuff :) They stumbled with an answer, don't ask me what it was it was so kind of vague....Steph was obviously incensed by it, because he snatched the microphone. And continued words among a similar theme. So having made our presence known, I don't think anyone attending will get my brain injury mixed up with mental illness.

I'm just off to meet Matt, to collect some, more Head-lines books for tomorrow. And I know like an arse I can't turn the italics off. Ughhhh!!!

Sunday, 25 September 2011


You know my life, when I have a dog, goes all kind of complete. So much so that I stop yearning for outside influences. Which if you saw Morris? You would think a little odd? because he has got to be the most peculiar, unattractive canine I've seen. It's killing me and him, because he can't go off the lead!! So to make up for that he's going 6 times around the park on the lead!! And I must time it perfectly, because he hasn't 'soiled' the garden, every time I bring a pooh bag back, apart from the once!!! Have you ever tried collecting dyiarriagh (i can't even get close to the spelling?) in a pooh bag?

I called into see My Mum last Friday, because I knew I was busy and wouldn't get much chance. What else? Oh yeah, the 'Write Way' met to discuss our Launch night (17th of October, at 6pm) I think I might wear my dress that I wore for the Palace?? - perhaps not the Tiara, I would hate to divert the attention away from the book.

After the Launch, we are starting another group, so if you've got brain damage :) (It doesn't sound like the most attractive qualification, does it?) Have I ever mentioned that Peter my friend has brain damage, which he sustained when he was 23? Well I think that's why we get on because I think I'm 21 and he thinks he's 23!! Anyway, he's joining. And Lawrence? I'm meeting him for coffee next week;)

Tomorrow, I've been nominated for an Award, along with the other survivors of brain injury, for an award for the work we do with BIRRP. I don't honestly feel that I deserve anything for that, maybe the kind of community 'Outreach' involvement maybe? Because I like to think I've educated a few organisations, and individuals.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Overdramatic....but true....HONEST!!

On Wednesday evening, I 'collapsed' in the pet shop. How embarrassing, grazing my left arm and leg, I was mortified, and had risen, even before the shop keeper could bring me a chair. He flapped about me pushing the shopping baskets in with the dog mixer, as apposed to jutting out in the Aisle like they had previously been. Are you sure you don't want a cup of tea? (tea the answer to everything!!) My plan had been to pick up some shopping, from little Tesco, but not anymore I felt 'drunk. Now I know I talk about my bodily functions, quite freely, not giving too much thought about YOU the poor reader. And I'm not too sure, I would have altered my actions, even if I had realised that my period was due!! But a quick add up of days, at least explained why I'd fallen. Awwww it was the new Cycle For Health at Hillsborough this week, but as thing looked last night, I was too much of a liability. So I sent my apologies early, and went to bed.

Thursday at 6.00 my little Morris,every time!!, at exactly 6, he does the loudest yawn, do you know the sort? which means, I've got 30mins, to get dressed, and take him out before he breaks into a crescendo of puppy yaps!! (presumably) Today his routine was a little different, because he was NIL by mouth, because the hot blooded boy (teenager) was going to have his bollocks snipped off. ....Ouch-i imagine!!! And I do feel wicked, don't rub in :) no pun, We've done them all about it being an 'a cute pain' because he's so little. Once I've heard the very loud yawn, I cannot rest....but do you know despite the previous night I felt fab!!#

Off we trotted (ok I fibbed, he was the only one who skipped on the dewy grass) Chasing these huge humongous wood pigeons, I am astounded that they managed to fly, like massive Zeppelins. He was so happy, what was I doing to the poor little mite? The children said their farewells, as if they would never see him again!! (just rubbing the salt in my cuts)

I had text folk to let them know I was going to Hillsborough, not that anyone alters plans of arrangement, or owt.

Morris DOES NOT like his waggon, I have to fib to him, and pretend hes getting a treat, shake the 'Tic Tac thing' from the zipped hole at the other
end, only I couldn't today :(

So Waggons the song goes, I mean he only weighs 8kg??? But it wouldn't roll up this curb, that the council had forgotten to drop. Ziggy was fine, but I was soon pulled back onto this quiet Road. So off I pedalled the long way round. Have I always been this ex centric??

I'm really, really glad I went to Hillsborough today. There was only 5 turned up for the new CFH, and 3 of them have been on previous courses. But I think I appeal, to folks humility, when they see me struggling to Put Cones out/Make tea/wash up/or cycle even, everyone wants to help, and so the group of all abilities, helps one another from time to time, by showing a big interest in each other, and caring.

I collected Morris in the taxi, on the way back, I didn't think it would do him much good being stressed. He's fine :)x

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

tear jerker

Wow the impact of me, quite spontaniously 'squeezing in' my little piece of writing at the Event about the Health Champions and the CTC, was astounding. I mumbled my way through it I thought, (rushing it because I had presumed folk were bored, because of the silence.) Because you could have heard a pin drop!!! it was eerie, the place had been packed with happy smiling faces, but no more.

I finished and tried to hide my blushes with the book, rubishing it, as I do!!! And Nigel West took over saying, 'Well how do you follow that!!' This young woman rushed over, eyes still dewy from tears? And then the woman next to me, said the same. Soon there was a bit of a crowd, I'd gone from being Billy no Mates, to the most 'Popular kid on the Block!!'

I got in the lift to go, and another woman, congratulated me, on my story, and confessed to weeping.
I must admit, when I read it out loud, it has a different effect, than when I read it to myself, in my head.

Morris has been for 8 walks today!! And Richard the cleaner let him have a little breather. OOooops and his tea twice!!!!- brain injury, forgot that my son had given him it!!!!
Hi if I met you today, please leave me a message. x

Monday, 19 September 2011

:) Happy Birthday, to me, Happy B'day to Me......etc

I woke this morning at 6.00. With bright lights, and those words ringing out!! (having not slept too much, - because of little Morris) Can we pleeeese let him upstairs, Go on then. So that was me on my 45!!!! b'day, My 2 children squabling about who was going to pass me the pressie, and little Morris, having to run and jump from the landing in order to get on the bed. It was great, I think the novelty will soon wear off. But my daughter gladly ran onto the park, with Morris.

I was kinda down when I got up because Miriam cancelled our lunch date :( in the park.

Thanks Rob, it was nice to hear from unexpected folk :)

Ahhh, then Miriam said if you can meet me in an hour 'lets meet' dare I take the Morris Waggon? on Abbeydale Rd South, nah..... later. So out for a quick walk we went, and I beat the bus, to Millhouses Park. Oh I forgot to say, John the taxi driver turned up this morning, with 2 bottles of Wine for me :) anyway, I met Miriam, who had yet more pink sparkly stuff!!! and flowers. I moved onto my Mums, who'd kindof bought me a new digital/waterproof/illuminated which is a lot more feminine than the monstor I had, that looked like a piece of armour plating.

On my return, I nipped Morris out again, in the hope of preparing him for a little outing in the ' Waggon'

(i forgot to post this yesterday) But I had a nice day. xxxx

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Life with Morris

How many walks? :) Atleast 5 running on the lead with my kids, and 2 with me off the lead and chasing around, with a border collie. And do you know he came back instantly 3 times :) with bribes!!

He's got a bit of a thing ;) about my daughters pink sweat pants!! I wonder if he'll still have these urges, poor thing. I know with Robbie, he got very excited!!!pretty constantly if you attempted to sit on the floor with him even!

I'm going to bed xxxx here's hoping :)

Saturday, 17 September 2011


Morris :)

I'm sorry I've been quiet, I almost feel like I'm jumping the gun now!! But in 4hours, 'lil' Morris, is joining our family. He's an 8 month old Patter-Jack, and I can hear the cogs going in your brain, whilst you work out the cross breed? His Mum? a Patterdale? (i'm not actually sure they are a recognised breed, in any case? )and his Dad, a Jack Russel, another high ranking Pedigree:D ? But I think perfect for us!!

He's fantastic with children, and loves other dogs,which is perfect because Robbies 'Dad' and I have agreed, to be holiday homes for each others dogs.

He aint been (cough, cough) done though, so sadly it's snip, snip time. I can't run the risk of him running off. :(

And I've been bursting to offer reports on my hunt for a doggy waggon for my trike. Well I've got one, off Amazon for £65, so I can take him everywhere. :( best not Hillsborough though, a number of the children, are scared of dogs. I have tried to fit it myself, and my kids have tried, but we are not strong enough to loosen the bolt? on the back wheel. I'm pleased to say, the connecting attachment isn't very big, so I can take it to Hillsborough, and ask a kind person :)


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Hey, reeeeelaax x

And that's all I did today, at Hillsborough. Miriam from Zest called my moby, and asked if she could pop in and visit Hillsborough. A guy walked in the cabin, and asked for me, and quickly followed that with, Newspaper, Cycles? Fred walked in and I introduced Fred, who asked him to come and choose a cycle. Whilst Miriam and I spoke of a hundred and 1, work issues. Steve pulled up, towing an old favourite the tandam trike, which had spent alonmg time away in Respite. It was getting warm in the sunshine, outside and I did feel as if I wasn't really earning my place.

A lot of things have happened recently that I aint been able to talk about on here and it's killing me!!

Awww bless this man, who I saw just looking at the cycles left around on the grass (hey we've got 16 different cycles) So there is a good chance we would be able to find one to suit. Anyway, I asked him if he cycled? always a good opener :) It transpired his wife, had had a brain injury in a car accident, 15 years ago. And how he wished there was s'thing like Hillsborough near Kendal? As although he lived in Sheffield he visited her home, often. I did feel like offering out a cuppa and a chat, because I think we could have, chatted a while. But do you know it was 1.oclock , and I hadn't even sat on a cycle.


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Ugly Betty - Oh no. not me, even 4 cycling

Even I have to draw the line, but I know it wasn't until everyone at the 'BIRRP' meeting was appalled that I was even thinking about it. It was the fact that the title was 'Undatable' made me thing they werent planning on showing my best features!! But without being too big headed, which I know I am s'times. I knew I was exactly what they were looking for!! when I spoke to the producer yesterday, she was in 'tucks' listening to my Internet dating stories!! And the fact that I woke up with a plan everyday, on how I could get disability viewed more positively.....well most days :)

I attended the BIRRP meeting and at the end I just squeezed in, did everyone think it was a good reflection of brain injury survivors??? Everyone asked the title.... Undateble, I replied, and well you can draw your on conclusion of the type of image they were going to portray. I emailed the producer, explained thaT i WANTED TOO WITHDRAW MY INTEREST, oops she asked why I explained my skin was too thin to go with the title. So ten minutes later she mailed me and asked if I'd reconsider if they changed the title!!!....I said no, and am quite happy with my decision.

Hey apparently I was on tv last night, on Look North, bbc1??? I must check it out on the iplayer. Vote for Altogether Better, because without them I wouldn't have done all the great things. I know some of you have already, and thanks. Hey we are in the final 3!!!

Monday, 12 September 2011

'Undatable?' C4

It's Kevins fault!!! and there's along way to go, if I do it....Sh*, I know if they offered me a place, I wouldn't be able to resist. I have to sieze opportunities, I can't let things pass me by?? And that's s'thing that's come through divorce, being single. It's because I have no one to stop me!! But I'm a little uncomfortable with the title? But just think of the kudos for Inclusive Cycling? I don't think it went down well that I was a local 'Celebrity'. I think it might take a bit of a Blind Date format? Who knows? I will wait and see, if they want me first.

Went to Millhouses Pk, met Miar and Marcel, do you know a...(you had to be there) It was sooo windy though, although I feel totally grounded in my trike. But Miar, and Marcel had had difficulty, on their 2 wheelers.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

9/11 or 11/9 (very confusing for children?)

I've realised, you've seen it before, I think :) durrrrr

Without going into too much detail, I have been deep in reflective thoughts, folk are wantimg me to be all happy and smiley, and me. But not trusting me to go it alone, and I think I'd be ok, but no ones prepared to let me try and be prepared for it not working.

Lawrence is back?? does anyone recall the chap who is a cyxclist, with a brain injury. And he is quite gorgeous? but so far the sparks aren't flying.

I've cheered up now, I've just had a quick txt blitz, and Cycle Chic, Marcel, maybe Miriam. Are all meeting in the Park tomorrow, so I'll get to see Mum:)

I've won the bid for a cycle trailer :) to put my doggy in to take it with me on my cycling adventures. My son said, you cant possibly do that supposing you have an accident!! (It doesn't matter about Mum, but heaven forbid, should a dog get hurt)

I still havent braved it to my Dads bench on my own, despite Daves helpful tips. Tesco took priority, when I realised the amount of bags I'd got. I could have left a Hansel and Gretel trail. And you know this dial a single number 4 times? Would the police actually know what I was talking about?

Friday, 9 September 2011

I am everyone's Puppet,

Except I don't feel much like dancing :(

I think I might try and visit my Dads bench in the woods tomorrow. Only I've never gone on my own before. But hopefully the Marathon Plus', will suffice. :)

Thursday, 8 September 2011

We live to have fun 4 another 6 weeks. :)

I stayed till 3pm today, and called at my Mums on the way home. I was overtaken by a recumbent bike. It must have been the weather, but there were so many Cyclists about.

I do love everyone today:)

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


My mouth feels a little bruised, but he is extremely gentle, when he's open!!My local one (boo hissss) is private....and the ultimate sin - his breathe stinks. I'm sorted now, even though my pain plays musical cavity's!! round my mouth, and it's impossible to 'nail down. Hopefully I won't need to go for some tim.

I'm sleepy, I've missed my trike today. Tomorrow surely?

I'm a bit nervous, I'm going to a funeral tomorrow. And I'm really touched (but mot in a sexy way!!) that Steve (different one!!!)is going, he's coming over from Stockport. Ahhhh and I think he's the only person I know.

It got me into planning my funeral, because I would hate to have to leave it to Daisy to fight my corner, in a very adults world of mourning for the bereaved. Did you know that I can have a white cardboard coffin, for £195 as apposed to a wooden one for £600-£1000. So I'm being cremated whilst in a cardboard coffin, and my daughter wants to have the music I want to ride my bicycle.

Aren't I a Morbid B* :)xxx

Monday, 5 September 2011

It's all good :)

I'm very happy, and only feel a tad guilty, because maybe my children being back at school, could be why. It's perhaps because things seem to 'Kick Off' and begin,with gusto, in September.

I have had a bit of a weep though this morning, which I had forgotten about. I sent off an email to a few influential folk about Hillsborough, which made me cry a bit. Especially when I started getting the replies.

Pete (party animal) called for a coffee this am, as he sat Miriam phoned and asked me to meet her in an hour at Millhouses, so off I sped :) And blubbered, to her, I mean cried, btw. Don't ask, I don't really understand???- I just have so many acquaintances, contacts, but I don't expect I'll get a b'day card, unless I told folk to do it, and this is the first year, that I ain't arranged, to do anything so :( And no, I've kinda spoilt/made it now, or made it, because Miriams now coming to the Spit for tea. But that was just a blip, I filled in a couple of forms that she brought, one of, if I get short listed, I have to do a presentation :) which I think will sell it, because I'd take Ziggy.

Called into see my Mum, she was ok, although she's kinda permanently bed ridden now

I got called a F* er by some passenger. But, I kinda felt sorry for them, what a little mind? being driven about and his brain not having much capacity - obviously!

Apparently the gorgeous Graeme, is coming to Sheffield for my story launch, because he's looking to get his Journals published of his mammoth ride, that he has just completed. And I envisaged him as a jig saw piece, and our book launch as the puzzle with the missing piece.

What else..Oh I can't tell you my boring day!! But I have enjoyed the rest of the day.

Tesco and the Dentist tomorrow.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

It's difficult to 'Big' myself up, anymore?

But I am ever so excited about the 17th of October now. Now Kev and Bridgette?? are suggesting they are coming :) And I've just asked Jock, if he minds collecting our children, after the Launch (I've just realised I am babbling on.....) Anyway, all it is (in fact I will copy, the back of the booklet)
'Headlines' is the first anthology of work from writers who have all experienced coma or brain injury, sometimes both. The collection exposes a vast array of experiences; from the cognitive confusion of post coma awakening, to the empowering nature of cycling as rehabilitation; from fell-walking in the Peak-District, to poetic observations of the world around us.

This is a powerful, touching and uplifting collection of stories that will stay with you long after the last page is read.


And on the night I will be reading my effort, which I've got to warn you is quite airy fairy compared to some of the other very profound pieces :D In fact every other piece.

There will be a number of Brain Injury Clinicians, Consultants, Steve Marsden, maybe some Social Work Staff? I'm hoping some cycling folk, and Nigel West, Miriam from Zest,, maybe some friends and I might invite Autism Plus or somebody who can vouch for my genuinitivity???? (is that a word?) it's not.... but maybe it should be!!

I set off today, after lunch to the lil Tesco, which is just over the railway bridge, if you know my area. And it was great, as I sped down the dual carriageway, my Daughter and her mates screamed and waved with excitement, from a bus shelter. I got some perishables, and set off back, Hey good on yer Mum, I heard from the shelter, I felt proud that my kids are proud! Then I bumped into my Sons mates, who said 'Love the bike it's soooo cool'

If you want to order a Cap book, the cost is £3.00 +P&P, let me know on

And wow, Steve Mc Williams my Occupational Therapist of 22years ago, phoned me this morning, to see if I was going to Jon Froggarts funeral on Wednesday. And maybe I shouldn't have felt good about hearing from him, but I did. I do love everybody at the moment, and it is just because folk are nice to me aren't they?

Friday, 2 September 2011

Me posing at beloved Hillsborough. (As always like a tart, instead of ruffs, when there's a camera)

This morning seems so long ago!!??? I can't even really remember what I did, or who I spoke too. Ahhhh yeah, not too exciting.

And my children are back, peace over :) but I am very happy.

Oh and well done Dave, if you had anything to do with FIRST letting bicycles on buses in Scotland. :)

Thursday, 1 September 2011

For the good of Cycling!!! Kevin

And for absolutely no other reason, I've got in touch with Saskia@Betty!! I'm not sure that I want to disclose to the nation, just how desperate I can be, on tv (i know i do frequently on here) but thats kinda different there's only you and me!!! :D Because I look soooo squinty eyed and so fat, I'm not proud of me. But I want to help destitute and lonely folk, see that it's not always the answer to rely on another to make you happy. Isn't it better to be happy with yourself? I know I'm a hypocrit because I would love to meet s'one, but hey ho, if it happens it happens?

I missed Hillsborough today.

Robbies fatter, oooops it's all them Pigs ears then:) I was told today.

Lots of folk are looking into funding Hillsborough till November. I'm pretty confident, I will get£135, too many Organisations are involved now. It's not very much :( is it? I was invited to a huge event today bla bla, anyway I can't go because I can't get to Leeds for 930am. So I've had to write a bit to be read out ????? I think I'm an example of a Fat B* whose still an FB, but I am happy and healthy.

Went to see Mum today, it was a doddle :) I spoke to so many folk on the way back and gave out my contact card, so Hi.

As I struggled to lock my trike away, my ex Physiotherapist and so much more phoned, I am sooo fond of her. She was sooo upset as she told me, about this man who used to attend the Head Injury Rehab Centre when we were both there. And how he had died, I'm only really telling you because the cause of his original Head Injury, a double decker bus had knocked him off his cycle and it was before cycle helmets had ever been a twinkle in someones eye. And whatever your choice? I choose to wear one, and John Froggart (RIP) is my reason. There that was long.

My children are home tomorrow :)