Sunday, 31 October 2010


We are still waiting for confirmation, about whether Marion can come with me to London, I do hope so? I don't think I could cope wi the Underground, on my own. Whether she's coming or not she took me to Meadowhall or Meadowhell, as it's fondly known. I bought a black Maxi dress and yes I know, it IS infact very Maxi. And some wide fitting shoes to wear over my sexy support socks, how attractive x

I think I've caught nits as well, from the party no doulbt, and I won't be able to have my hair done unless I rid the children and I of them.

I have missed cycling during my childrens holiday, maybe now they're back at school, I will begin to enjoy the freedom of visiting my Mum, and meeting my mates in the park :) I do sound like a wicked mother.

I must phone my new Dr bike, and see if he could take a look at Ziggy whilst I'm in London. I think the corset needs tightening, ;) and maybe he can sort the gears at the back?

I must phone 'Home serve' I've sprung a leak!!

Sorry to be dull, hey I cant win prizes everyday!!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

I'VE WON!!!!

Well, the regions any how :) And because I was sooo 'big' (personality, as well as physical) on Wednesday nights edition of Calendar. I shrank away into the seat of my cycle:) When claiming the award, going all girly and shy. Everyone seemed to know about it apart from me, it later transpired.

Nigel, Miriam, from Healthy Champs and Hailey and John from Autism Plus, I'm not sure about the service users, but Nick from the Park Rangers, was there too. I've seen the footage and the guy who sneaked up from behind, and said I'd won!! Thing is I thought I was there to film me 'winning' even if I hadn't actually won!! And I was expecting someone to be claiming £250 on 'You've been framed' And I'd just presumed the Producer and Camera man? well it was their job to be ultra nice. So I didn't scream with excitement or owt!! So sorry if I appeared all deflated because I was screaming on the inside!!!!

I'm sooo nervous, of my bubble popping and ending up all sad and lonely.

I went back to the 'Lodge' after the cycling session, and it was all talk of Parties to celebrate....??

I'm thinking about it?? It would have to be for so many folk who have worked with me over the last 18 months.

Ahhhh bless him, Steve Marsden made me cry with pride, I sank so low, 5 years ago, I cried tears of sadness then, everyday for 16 months. I love the fact that I now make him Steve cry with pride. If that follows? and I really feel like all this publicity, I am gaining thanks to Miriam. Has got to be a massively positive thing for Inclusive Cycling, and The Health Champions.

Ooooooooooh I've been asked to go on Radio Sheffield again, only this time to talk about my SDS budget, and the positive things, it has enabled me to do.

Dave Holladays calling in on his way up North, so I'm just rushing round having to make the house look a little bit tidier. We had a pink Limousine and a lot of children round for a party last night. So there's lots of balloon skins scattered about. I was relegated to the settee last night whist my children, had upstairs!!

Ahhhh one of my neighbours, Shelley. Has just sent some flowers round. :)

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Secret Squirells shhhhh !

But if you email me privately, I'll let you in on it.

C xx

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

I think it did the trick

Well the main purpose of me doing the tv thing, was to publicize being a health champ, and the Inclusive Cycling, and I did that. So despite looking like a big fat Chameleon, it was ok.

I'm back infront of the cameras tomorrow at Hillsborough, and I've only got Miriam to support me, I think. I have to pretend I've got through to the next round!! It's a bit cruel, because we all have to do it, and then they just bin off the ones they don't want.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

It is done.

I gave instructions to my cleaner/handy man, to pump me tyres up (ooooh ar) after hed repaired my pc, put clothes away vaccuumed been to Julies and re connected her to the internet. Anyhow Nigel from Health Champs fame, came to collect me, to take me to a meeting he'd got with Autism Plus, (the guys I love on a Thursday) Nigel is soooo nice and extremely kind and supportive of my actions it's ace!! I love the way he really values my opinion, which is s'thing I've had to get used to again, and kind of earn it. Since I started to cycle and met a whole new bunch of folk.

Anyway I guess youyr wondering about poor Ziggy???? Well I aint ridden her yet but, Richard did manage to inflate her tyre for me. But telephoned me asking where the metal washer thing was .....Ooooops in my bag!! So I finished the job off when I got home, (hopefully) I love her so much, and I've missed not riding :( And I nearly got up in the night because it was raining heavily, and she was shackled to the fence and not under cover!!!

It scares me that I am dependant on an inanimate object, although she's possibly more predictable than any creature.

Thank you so much for everyones kindness, and I have to say I'm not out of the dark yet, although I think Kevins hit on a reassuring idea? And I thank Derek so very much, for looking out those numbers for me.

night x

Monday, 25 October 2010

Anyone want a job?

Does anyone wanna be my Dr Bike? I need to find someone who will come to my house to fix my trike occasionally, but it must include puncture repairs. Because I've just spent 2 hrs trying to pump my tyre up!! I think Dave may have identified s'thing, but I'll have to try in the morning.

ITV have phoned and they want to come and film me at Hillsborough on Thursday. But I don't know how I can be all enthusiastic, and happy about cycling, when it's so difficult for me. And society isn't ready for disabled cyclists, it's too controversial.

I'm very fed up.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

My Letter to East Midlands

I will try to keep this brief and to the point, because to be honest, it hurts me so much inside to keep reliving the horrible experience. I was invited to attend the AGM of the 'Inclusive Cycling Forum' in my new role, as a Welfare Officer. Now because the meeting was in Birmingham, we all traveled by public transport from various parts of the UK, by public transport, to New Street. My journey plans had begun about a month previously I had phoned to book Travel Assistance, for myself and my mobility cycle. The operator, checked the dimensions of my cycle and assured me, that I could infect travel on the trains I was booked onto, without having to fold my trike. As I'm not terribly dexterous, due to disability, and my mental capacity would make it nearly impossible to reassemble, when I got off the train. I began my journey at Dore in Sheffield, and with minimal fuss, it was great!! The guard was helpful, and I had a friend at hand if needed. I will be recommending Northern Rail. Once at Midland Station, although I was approached by a couple of Platform Staff, and told not to cycle. They did indeed except the fact that it was 'my wheelchair'. And once I'd found my 'assistance', he led me through the station clearing my way.

I boarded my East Midlands Train to Birmingham, with very little fuss, as my cycle simple rolled into the Guards Van. This was fantastic, I thought, and for once, I felt at one with my fellow passengers. Not inferior, or singled out in anyway. I could look ahead instead of staring at my shoes.

I arrived at New Street and I was greeted by a fantastic guy called Leeson, who was so helpful, he had exactly the right attitude, not in the least bit patronizing, which is often a mistake, the helping services make. I told him I'd be back for the 17.30 train back to Sheffield.

My ICF meeting went well, where we discussed my forthcoming appearance on ITV and my journey to London etc.

On my return to the station, Leeson found me and realised I was in time to catch the train 30minutes earlier than the scheduled one. So I asked if he could telephone ahead to make my assistance in Sheffield aware that I was on the 1703 out of New Street. The cupboard space was not quite big enough for my cycle, and everyone was starting to flap including myself. Because the train was due to depart, with a shuv, my cycle jammed, much to my relief. I could continue my journey home. I bid my farewell to Leeson,. who I am not apportioning any blame too. When on the train, I repeated to a train guard that I would require assistance and could someone please check that they had been notfied at Sheffield, that I was in fact 30mins early.

As we pulled into Sheffield Midland Station, I pushed my way through Bradford City football supporters, who were to be my knights in shining armor . Expecting at least 1 member of staff to help me, no one did ? So once stationary I had to lean out of the train and SHOUT down the platform for some help. A member of platform staff, gave his own quick assesment of the jammed cycle, turned to me and said 'Tough, I'm not shifting that!!!, You'll have to leave it. The train needs to go' The young men who'd witnessed this, were indeed mortified. And very quickly kicked my cycle out of it's jammed position, because the train was about to leave for Edinburgh!!! with me and my cycle!!!

Once off, I asked the very reluctant platform staff if they were in fact going to take me to where I catch my Dore train please? All 3 of them turned and said 'Don't expect help from us love!!!' Crying I made my way to customer services. (with great difficulty I might add, as my cycle had been broken, in transit. The left brake, the steering, and the seating position, and a flat tyre.) all of which are repairable if you are physically capable but I'm not) At customer services, they were reluctant to help but did a little. This guy pointed me to the wrong platform to wait for my Dore train, whilst waiting I saw 'Chris' who had kept a watchful eye on me at the start of the day. I was SOOOO glad to see him. At the end of a very arduous day. It was such a shame, I have discovered that I can't be independent and spontaneous, and rely on the rail service to offer help.

Caroline Waugh

Friday, 22 October 2010

Didn't We do well ? :)

My beautiful daughter, had a Parent(s) evening last night, so I was still blissful knowing that she is top of the class (year) ? In English, with reading being her favourite past time nearly. But this morning, I woke at 3am and rather than waste lots of time tossing and turning? I had a shower, went back to bed, and that was me until ten to 9!!! The time when both my children have to be at school. So we had tears, and tantrums. But I phoned their father and asked him, if he could take her in the car, because it is actually quite a long way, also she daren't argue with him.

I cycled to meet my ex tutor, from my ICDH course, and her friend, at Millhouses Park Cafe, I nipped in to see my Mum first. And cycled on to the cafe, which is about my limit, in as far as distance. She loved Ziggy, and did several laps of the boating lake on her. :) I did take a photo, but alas I can't find it on the pc....durrrr? Hey I'm brain damaged!!

I've spoken to Chris, whose meeting me at The Bike Tree at about 10.30, because I've got to fetch some lights for on the way home. (maybe they will supply batteries which fit the last lot, but they're them watch battery type???)I've also spoken with Dave, (hi darling) Derek, Kevin and Bridgette, not that I'm just really nervous about taking Ziggy to Birmingham or owt :D I'm scared of f* up really, what with nominations flying about, and lil old me applying for an innovation fund, because I would like disabled folk to think seriously about cycling, for independence exercise and mobility. When they plan how to spend their SDS money. Talking of ?one of my needs was to be able to do more parent and kiddy things with my children, like swimming. Now the nearest swimming pool, is at Esporta, which is about 5 miles away, I reckon given time???? I could cycle there swim and cycle back!! Wow!! I may make that a goal, if I can pay for it out of my SDS. How exciting, what an accomplishment that would be!!

I returned from Millhouses Park, oooooh and I didn't have to stop for a rest either!! But saying that, I set off to meet my wee boy at school, and had to pull in twice!!! (that hill doesn't get easier!)

Guess what else I've done today???? Its a rite shocker!!! I'm booked onto a discussion group about obesity surgery. Trouble is? I really enjoy my food:( I don't want to stop enjoying it. But I have to think of my health I suppose?

I'm being a bit maudling, and grim tonight aren't I? Do you know? I can't stop frowqning, it's because I'm stressed about tomorrow I think???? I know everyone is helping, but I'm a worrier I suppose?

Sorry I will try harder to be funny tomorrow :Dxx

Thursday, 21 October 2010

I was a rite miserable git - sorry

I lay awake most of the night with thoughts of doom and gloom and everything going 'black' :(

Woke this morning, got the kids off 2 school, and I was so torn 'Should I stay or should I go' booming in my head. And at 9am, a little early, my cab arrived, he'd got a new car, and didn't know if Ziggy would fit in, with out a faff. Well I thought I'd let the taxi capacity be my decider? I have a simple value system, don't I? And I'm pleased to say, Oooooooooh she fitted snugly in the rear. (sooo rude)
So I arrived at Inclusive Cycling, the lovely Fred, Ed, Nick, and Dave Santa were there, all cheery and happy. How could I be a miserable b*???

I haven't got an asbestos mouth!! so I was last out, and Fred had already done a lap of the park, with our first group. Who I won't see again, which is sad because I will wonder occasionally what has become of individuals, I have cycled with.

Bugger!! I got a puncture!! and I am very happy to say Fred and Nick, were both keen (honest) to repair it, I was all girly, and made tea, and cut the lovely fruit cake I had provided.

Then we cycled to meet our next group Autism Plus, who always cheer me up. They were all happy to see me, One let me chase him round the court, him skipping and me cycling. :D I do love this game! Stephen honked me on Gretal, and Luke methodically peddled round the court. Whilst the others had low riders and a KMX cart.

I have had a couple of fab ideas, since I got back!! I tell you cycling is so good for getting me out of a rut. I'm too excited about them to keep quiet, so I'm going to bore you!

1) When I was at the Health Champs do on Tuesday, I noticed that Autism Plus, was on the list of associated partners. Last week the staff, had told me about a pro active health project they were doing. And I wondered today if Nigel West could help out with the promotion???? Anyway, whilst speaking with him today, he invited me to a meeting he'd got with the manager, of the group. And arranged to fetch me :)

2) Do you know I'm the forerunner and kind of good example, for Self Directed Support and how to spend it effectively? Well there's a new innovation fund for potentially business' who empower disabled folk. You can apply for anything between £1000 - £20000. Now, what with my counseling, personal experience, inclusive cycling, health champs and all important sense of humour. I think I'd be a rite good person to support 'buddy' someone writing their support plan. And maybe we could use cycling, first at Hillsbro, and then who knows??? As their physical activity. So as well as suggesting to Steve M that the CTC apply. I think I'm gonna apply, I only want £1000 pa, to cover expenses.

I noticed that no one commented last night, and it did amuse me. I'm meeting my ex college tutor for lunch tomorrow, in Millhouses cafe, so I'll get a ride out.

My gears on Ziggy are still not right, I can't wait until, I've got some extra money, from SDS to get her sorted by Recycle. Which insidently, isn't quite as much as I thought, because I received it in writing today. And it's actually £11056 pa and not 1156 a month as thought. But hey, I will be sure to use it correctly, because I love it. And want it to become the choice of all disabled folk.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Boo Hoo

The tomato/beetroot is here. ....

Ahhhh the boys/men in Guildford, are troopers. They've found 'my story' and have posted it :)

Spoke to Steve M, this am, I do love the guy, he has been such a positive person working with me always and not for me, everything has had to be my choice. But he reckons anyone could have made me succeed, because I was ripe, for the picking if you follow. But I disagree, it was his personality that was just right, from that initial phone call, when he totally gushed with enthusiasm, about my dream of cycling the school run. But I feel like I've been adopted by the CTC, because everyone has a similar attitude, it's like they all respect Steve's judgement so much, that his approval has been enough. And to be honest I think I was a bitter twisted woman, and maybe if he'd have known me, he wouldn't have taken me on?

I am so pleased to say I have become the Caroline that was. I am far happier than I was when I was a dependent wife, or lonely struggling single Mum. I admit my life isn't quite perfect, I do wonder why, if I'm as funny as folk say??? Am I on my own? Surely I can't blame my disability, in this day and age? My weight? is a BIG problem.....bum, bum!! But hey ho, I'm just feeling really sorry for myself, because after cycling to visit my Mum, doingthe school run twice, because of parents evening. (yeah notice how they don't call it PARENT evening) I'm in a rite self pitying mood arent I? The real reason, I think? ?? I spend my life telling my lil boy to pick his shoes up off the floor!! because I can't look down, this causes me to trip easily. He didn't, I Fell!!!!!!!!! Ouch!!!!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Well Mens Group :D

Today at SWFC, the health champions, new and enthused to old and 'experienced' :) Met up for a lunch. And a networking type event, where we could swap ideas, about our own projects, saying what worked and didn't etc.

I chose Active Travel, as the group I wanted to go in for the morning. And Personal Development, for my afternoon group, as I swapped chairs and tables, for the afternoon. Someone pointed me, in the direction of a table. I sat next to John Lewis. Now I've known John for about a year, but only through Health Champ meets. The group began, with this rather attractive guy, saying 'Let me Introduce myself, I've been asked to do the Well Mens Group, which will deal with problems to look out for in your own body' PARDON???? There must be some mistake!!! I looked and I was the only woman, out of a group of 10!! I screeched back my chair !!! Fortunately everyone saw the funny side!! I was the colour of the Beetroot, I'd enjoyed for lunch.

I purposely didn't say owt, because everyone there knew my story. Loads of folk said that they enjoyed this blog, which was nice to know.

Hi to Julie, who I'm very proud to say, is a total Star, and became a Health Champ, on my suggestion. She has totally bloomed in the role, and earned herself a job, with the wildlife trust. WELL DONE, it was great seeing you today xx

Hi to Jane :) You found Me!!!

Monday, 18 October 2010

Sooo rude!

I was the 'Elephant in the corner' again, yesterday. All I did was copy a quote!! ...... :D It made me smile this morning, to discover that the topic, had provided such interest. And I loved the fact that Chris had taken, my kind of 'sit on the fence' point of view seriously, check it out, in sevenleagueboots (my copy and paste isn't doin it right) soz xx

I'm going to a lunch do tomorrow, with Nigel, and Miriam, and 100s of other folk. I should see some familiar faces. So that's nice.

I cycled for my flu jab this morning, 'zzzzzzz' that wasn't terribly exciting was it? today this aunty Mable, didn't meet anyone very exciting. But when I went out for the second time, to meet my children at the local Deli after school. (they like it) it's a tad extravagant, so I don't think that will become a habit. I tethered Ziggy up like a horse, to one of the tables outside. Eeek!! this woman was mimicking ? and pointing with a mouth full of tea. Ziggy was rolling down the hill in the gust of wind complete with table!!! Fortunately my children are like whippets. and retrieved her.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

I can't possibly say ;0)

Women cyclists also had "significantly more" urological complaints than those who did not cycle. These included chronic pain in the saddle area, difficulty urinating and difficulty achieving orgasm.

I was looking for womens achievements related to cycling. And I found this little 'gem' penned by a frustrated female cyclist :)x

Friday, 15 October 2010

skipping :)

I'm very happy, I'm nearly organised for my trip to Birmingham, in a week. Measured Ziggy, and spoke to the very helpful guy, at Cross Country Trains, who advised me that I'd got 4 cm spare in the doorways of the trains. And we'd tackle the length once we were on, as long as she could be shortened if necessary. So tomorrow, I will phone again to find out which company owns the trains that run through Dore? Because ideally my taxi driver would take me to the station, but he's going away for the day. So I will need to get Ziggy on at the very Rural tumbleweed type station, near my House known as Dore.

Guess what? my personal budget has increased from £375 a month to £11oo per month,this is to help me keep Ziggy on the road and to pay for any transport I may need, touring with Ziggy, and also spreading the 'Feel Good' factor, by encouraging others, to cycle. I'm very happy.

Hey took Ziggy to the Bike Tree, and Ash was indeed puzzled? So I phoned Rob :) from West Country Recumbents, he was a trooper, and offered directions to Ash, as to what to look for. Luckily I'd met Nik the nurse, down there who whisked me off for coffee. It was s'thing to do with the 'Nexus' Hub? or s'thing.??? Ash loved zooming about the car park, taking the tight corners, all in the name of professionalism of course!!

I cycled to meet my wee boy at 3, and the sun was out, but not for long!!!! I was a sitting target and seemed to attract a steady stream of water, making my white t-shirt cling to my black bra!! Everyone made comment about it!! I was soooo glad to see my little boy, come skidding down the drive on his BMX :) very proud as well.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Tired, but happy

Folk are really caring for me, I'm not worthy:O)

Firstly, there's Ziggy? Rob has offered if I can get her to him, to take a look and I trust him more because he has 'feelings' for Ziggy :O) having owned her once. And then there's Dave, Kev, and Derek, who are bending over backwards to get me to Birmingham. And the words of support from Gillian, who I've offered encouragment, contacts too. It's like one big happy family.

I've written an email, and sent it to the Treasury, asking why, my mobility car that my non disabled husband used to drive was VAT exempt. But yet, when I try and better myself by becoming more independent, healthy, happier and confident, by buying a cycle. I am punished with a £500 VAT bill. Bla bla bla, I'm sure I'm preaching to the converted here.

I had a fantastic day today, it was such fun. So thank you to Autism Plus the 11 o'clock group. You really were great fun, even a young man, who didn't feel like cycling today. Instead he wanted to play tag, being chased round the ball court by trainers, and Carers, occasionally slapping hands with them 'doing 'Hi Five' He loved it and so did we, because back at 'Home' he leans against the wall looking sad :( Another, who when he first attended couldn't even rotate the pedals round, merrily hummed as he very slowly and steadily cycled.

We hugged Goodbye and then cycled back, for a lovely fruit cake, which I had brought for a treat.

My main fear about travelling to a strange (?) city is the traffic!! and apparently inorder to get to the Birmingham library, it is pedestrian/bike from the train station :) I'm excited now :)

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

'Kerry fisted'

I am aware that I am sometimes Ham fisted, 'Kerry fisted' and dammed right clumsy in most things that I eventually succeed in doing. I just want most of you to be aware, that I am aware. And I can live with who I am. With this in mind, I've started to type a letter to the transport minister, about charging VAT on trikes?????I'm not gonna preach to the converted, and I might not take on any ones suggestions, but hey, I'm all ears!!

I got the pics today from the 2nd of September at Hillsborough Inclusive Cycling, you know the day when my friends and colleagues from the Social Work Department came to have a shot on the trikes. I might show them, but I've been told not too?????? So until I know what that's about I best not. Not that I'd be able too :D

I cycled to my Mums, and it all was nice, it was a beautiful day. And I had decided before I ventured home, that I would call in the Bike Tree, and get Ziggy booked in because there really is s'thing wrong with the Slumfphf but I'm not sure what??? I think it mostly goes all slack and kind of free wheels when I'm in the mountain drive. But s'times, when its in a very low gear, and I'm pushing round very easily, it suddenly jams hard and jumps up to the highest gear, and forces me to a stand still. Anyway, at the same spot where the last ignorant young men shouted and swore last week, I indicated that I was turning left, and did so. To men shouting 'Look at you!! you silly Bitch!!' I smiled and waved :) but secretly seethed inside!!

Ash from the BT is a bit stumped as to what is wrong, and clearly didn't hold out much hope....but, until I have enough SDS money to cover the cost of taking Ziggy to Recycle, I will have to make do.

The school run was great, I love cycling in the sun, and the rain, and in life. :)

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Inclusive Cycling Forum.

I am 'officially' involved now as apposed to, a kind of add on, a nice novelty friendly gal. Oooooooh that's not rude BTW, I'm not ICF bit of fluff, bunny gal, or owt.

CRUMBS!!!!! I missed, a massive meeting today with the director of adult social services. Urghhh!!! I phoned yesterday, and due to sickness couldn't get hold of who I needed. Then this morning, I heard the phone, but the toilet was more of a priority. And then I 4got to check durrrrr!! Resulting in a couple of messages, on my land line. Why didn't anyone call my moby??? Oh well they survived, I hope not too well without my input.

I'm visiting my Mum tomorrow, I might see if they can check Ziggy's Slumfph out at the Bike Tree. I'm not sure if I'd need that special tool? And is it like a small spanner, I can't recall? but I have got one of them in my bike box, that's why I ask? She's ok for normal drive, in fact she's really good. But when I put the mountain drive on, she goes all slack, and free wheels!!

I'm stuck if my bruv can't look after my children on Friday or Saturday. My ex can't or won't.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Earls Court

I did it......well Nick did!!! And yes I know it's not a very stunning pic of Earls Court, but it proves I was there. And that I still haven't got the hang of transferring pics to my blog!!

My train arrived in St Pancras, on late Saturday Afternoon, and the Station was just a little daunting. (do you think that I'm fibbing? .....) I was terrified. I found myself heading for a very fit looking guy in Lycra, who blanked me. Instead I found Roger who was also clad in Lycra, but it didn't have quite the same effect. But his welcoming smile, and cardboard sign with my name did!

I quickly dumped my bag, in the room, brushed teeth :D It was all an adventure for me (not the brushing teeth bit, I do do that frequently)

I had 30mins in the bar to kill before Kevin and Bridgette, arrived back from the Cycle Show. Can you believe I was really sensible :D and drank coffee? When they arrived we all decided we fancied a curry, So Roger, Kev, Bridgette, and myself. Went to Lille's Indian, just at the top of the road. Once there the waiter, looking at Roger, Kevin and Myself said Ohh the only seating we've got is down these steps!! I think he felt a little embarrassed saying it, to be honest. But Kev, stood there as bold as brass, on his one leg. And said yeah that's absolutely fine thank you :) Nice one I was starving.

Once seated the party of screaming screeching even? young women started to make a noise. They were there for a little baby, who was clearly oblivious to the celebration, as the pram got an intermittent shuggle.

We were all having to shout, to make ourselves heard. So we asked to be moved upstairs please. Fortunately there was now room :) Once seated I found myself really shouting at the level at which I was previously speaking, urmmmm we can hear you now, it's ok. Someone remarked.

The food was absolutely divine, how did I go until 3yrs ago not eating curry? Although I am quite wussy still? I might grow hairs on my tits and start eating vindaloos next? (shall I post a pic too proove I haven't?) We shared a couple of bottles of wine, plus the men had some lager, so by the time we returned to the hotel, we were all a tinsy bit p* . But I think I had passed the point of no return, because I had another at the hotel. But then I sensibly reverted to the drug caffeine instead, I ordered Roger a coffee.

I slept soooo soundly that night, morning arrived and here I was alone, without children, without anyone!! and in a strange city. It was quite a novel idea.

I forgot to get my lunch from the hotel, :( Ney mind, I had gone beyond caring what I spent, because I don't spoil myself too often.

I was introduced to everyone on the stand, who were all very lovely. Eeeeeek and there was a poster of Amanda and I from Cycle For Health last year at Hillsbro'

What a fantastic amount of interest there is, in disability cycling/inclusive cycling. I was, and still am buzzing from the whole experience.

I am definitely a bit knackered today, just with the stress of being responsible for myself, (i was honest)

Nik Nurse called, which was handy because after several goes he loaded the photo of Earls Court. And I'm not quite sure which method he used, I don't know if he knew either? So don't be too optimistic about my blog suddenly becoming decorative. :)

It's good to see my kids again :)

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Ahhh I'm back and it was wonderful x

I'm back from Earls Court, and it was great!! Phoar!! and my mystery date was VERY nice, it's a shame I am such a prude at times.

There was just too much went on for me to remember or even try and articulate. But I did enjoy it so much. :)

Roger was an absolute star, (who despite what he says ) got drunk on Saturday, and I am amazed he got home on his bike.

Janet, ran a tight ship, but was sooo lovely, it certainly didn't feel like a chore.

Kev and Brigette, made sure I was fine, and seem to know quite well now. :)

Andy Hawes and his ginger and gorgeous collegue, were fantastic!!

I'm very tired now and going to bed, night. xxxxxxx

Friday, 8 October 2010


How excited am I??? :D

To think a year ago, nearly. I wrote a story for the 'Cycle Mag' about How cycling was rediscovering my personality, type of thing. Because the knocks of life, had stolen it!! Ooooooh and I'm excited now, just like I used to feel, when I was 21 and all girly.

Today, Dan the editor of 'Cycle Mag' won an award for publishing a story I wrote. I know, it's strange, but I knew nowt about it until I read it in 'Cycle clips'. But I am so thrilled about it. And not forgetting Steve Marsden, who spotted my ability to go deep and bring my emotions to the fore. So Well Done Steve! ;0)xx

Tomorrow I'm off to London to the cycle show, to help out on the Wheels For Well being stand. I'll be wearing a t-shirt with my name on, so please say 'hello'. And I am a wee bit scared, about the whole thing, to think, of what's happened in a year.

3 years ago I was awarded a very small sum of money each month, which I wisely used bla.....blaa. I know you've heard it, all before. But instead of being penalised for saving money, I've been well rewarded. In my review, so I'm very happy :) lets just say Centre Parks is beckoning.

Might see you tomorrow. :)xxxx

Thursday, 7 October 2010

:o) or :o(

I rang the deli, who made me a banquet fit for kings/queens, and collected that once I'd seen my nippers off to school.

I arrived at Hillsbro' to see Fred, Wren, and Nick all swarming round helping the group that didn't want filming last week. Eeeeeeeek I felt a little awkward, because you could see they were uncomfortable with the idea, that the cameras were back. We didn't appear to have enough 2 wheelers, so I asked Wren if he wanted to borrow Ziggy, and I'd sit and wait for the Camera guy. Of course he jumped at the chance :) Reporting that he too had found the Slumfph slipping at times. I really must take her to be looked at, I don't mind if it's only £15

At 11 Autism Plus arrived, and as I had hoped they were still so enthused by the idea of being on tv. They all grabbed their usual trikes, and we had a leisurely cycle to the ball courts. There was Steven, an older guy (known as the Master of Catchphrases, that are always slightly wrong. 'A stitch in time, never blows!! and others) he rode my old Gretal, complete with pink hooter, that I had put on her. He did get so much pleasure out of honking the horn!! And Luke, who's been coming now for about 6 weeks, and to think it took us 2 weeks to even get him to sit on a low rider (without it even moving) A further 2 weeks to get him to successfully rotate the pedals. And today, he totally surpassed and must have done 20 laps of the ball court :) I get on very well with the staff, who all seem so positive, about making Autism more understood, by all.

The camera man seemed to be happy with the plenty of banter he was capturing. After we all took our trikes back, and I received hugs from them all which weren't for the camera, because I'm not sure when he left. (i didn't enjoy my usual, 'edgy' (dereks word) chit chat with him.)

I did phone Mark, to ask whether he'd seen the footage, and that was before I'd even left. He said he had, and all I could do was wait. Ahhhhh he wasn't giving owt away.

Fred, and I returned to the lodge where Steve M, and lots of other Cycle for Health folk were. I met a guy who had learnt to cycle, for the first time and I don't want to guess, but he was maybe in his 50s. (I'm so sorry if that's wrong) And he was/is so bowled over by the experience, it was great listening to him. This is why Steve does it, I thought because I too felt a bit emotional. This is why He spent 4 and a half hours in the rain, trying to help me turn right at a busy junction.

I think he is wise though now, he knows if I want to do s'thing I will do it. It's not because I'm lazy that I don't do thing's. Perhaps my insecurities have s'thing to do with the top of my brain searing off, in 1988. Just maybe that's why 'I don't do traffic'

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Tim, at The Bike Tree, is my shining star at the moment. He was so incredibly helpful. My lights on Ziggy, seem to fall off so often, (possibly because she's lifted in and out of taxis, a fair bit) I thought I'd better be prepared, in London. So I enquired about some easy to fit, because I'm so 'ham fist ed' lights? Anyway Tim said, I've got just the thing, and found a front and back light, to be secured by a strip of Velcros, perfect. They were only lights that would make me visible to other drivers, but as I don't do any off road normally, I think they will be fab.

I had a really funny request, from Victoria Bradford, (the business manager, who came to assess Inclusive Cycling) asking me to list the first 5 people, I would ask about cycling in Sheffield, and number them 1-5. :D I said that's easy for me to answer, and just listed Steve Marsden 5 times!!! I'm such a creep

I'm back to not cycling in London, I can't borrow one as planned, :( But it takes any pressure off.

Oooooooooooh just spoken to ITV, to see if there was any news and make my case for winning :D Anyway, he phoned me back 20mins later, and asked if they could come and do some more filming tomorrow!!! Eeeeeek, I've not even been to the hairdressers!!! and no one will be there to hold my hand :D I'll live, might not win but...... It's very exciting!!!!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Ooooooooh 4days and counting

I'm becoming a bit obsessed now, I must be very tiresome to talk with???

I rang my mate Rog today, to discuss the possibility of me taking Ziggy, (secretly I wanted him to say, I could cycle on the pavement) he did promise me a guided ride through Hyde Park, but we wouldn't be able to avoid the Rds but he did say there were Cycle Lanes. So with my heart beating loudly in my chest, and I swear it was banging into my ribs!! I phoned East Midlands trains, and the woman I spoke to was delightful, she was so helpful!!! but the answer was still no, because the only trains that ran out of Sheffield were Merians???? and there wouldn't be enough room to turn Ziggy. I asked if I brought her down, tried and failed. Was there somewhere secure I could leave Ziggy for the night??? Apparently not......? So we hit on the idea of me borrowing a cycle whilst I was down there, to get about on.

Urmmmm I kind of arranged to see this guy, whilst there, we were going to go for a cycle ride. But I don't know him, don't know the area, so he's cycling to the hotel on his recumbent and joining me and the rest of The Cycle Show Folk, so we can all be geeky together.

:D I caught my party bus today to Tesco today, and was so laden with shopping bags, well i had 4 plus a trolley. So I asked Pat, if I could collect half on his next run back from the store? I emptied a couple of strong bags secured them to Ziggy and returned to the bus stop, when Pat text to say he was on his way. How nice is that? He does it all for a cream bun, and a bottle of whiskey once a year!! (Im sure he really does it for a smile)

Hey felt really resourceful today, It's good being the middle man sometimes :)

Monday, 4 October 2010

metaphorically speaking of course

I am a dog!! who needs the constant 'pats' and 'rewards'. And to be told I'm a good girl, whose so clever. (not mentioning tummy tickles!! ;)

It is a long way back up there, because it did feel good on Thursday. I just want to climb up there gradually, and not be thrust into the limelight with no safety net. There is a temptation for me to put on rocket shoes so I'm propelled to the top quickly. And get a quick fix, because I will be travelling to Earls Court this weekend, for the Cycle Show (8-10th) Eeeek and this rather nice guy, has asked me to go for a cycle ride, along the River Thames. It's all off road once you get to it, but Steve M laughed rather loudly, when I enquired about cycling on the pavement in London?

Thank you to Kev and Dave for your calls. And thank f* you've got a sense of humour Kev :D

Ooooooooh Nick Cleggs secretary finally replied to say, unfortunately he was too busy to meet, but good luck with my cycling and to keep spreading the word. Well atleast, disability, cycling might have stuck in his brain. And the SDS publicity got in touch to say did I mind if she ran the story in her Emag, about The Feel Good Award?

Saturday, 2 October 2010

It's along way back up there :0(

As I'm sure many of you will have predicted my fall? Because I was so eurphoric on Thursday? I feel the exact opposite today, I am as far down as I was high a couple of days ago. I feel alone, skint, unattractive, and a failure, and sorry for myself.

Not even the medicinal ride to the shops, cheered me up. Made me worst infact because at the Deli, they brought out a crate of baguettes and onion Bhajis, that I had ordered for Thursday, and they didnt pack.

Friday, 1 October 2010


I'm still cold, although I must say I do love cycling in the rain, I know it's strange I think it's because folk can't tell how much I am sweating :D

I had a bit of a major - drama, on the way to visit Mum. Picking up speed, I pushed down on my pedals to secure my SPDs and my foot slipped, and somehow, my leg got trapped and something was forcing my shin to 'bend' urrrrrm no. Thankfully I managed to pull in and scream (on the inside) but vowed to get my SPDs and cleats changed to 'flatties' So 'limping' metaphorically speaking on, to my Mums, still a little shaken, I kinda thought 'life' was more important to me than the ease of cycling.

I left an imprint of my big arse on Mums clean bed sheets, where the dye had run out of my new black jeans :)

And I have a feeling the new flat pedals that were fitted in haste, because of the torrential rain. Have f* up my kick plates a bit? I did say to 'Dan' don't you need a tool for that (which incidently, I had just returned) He claimed not, and showed me the relative ease, he was swapping them with??? and I think Ziggy, was ok??? but perhaps again she's not as good as when I first got her done, but Fred yesterday thought the right kick plate wasn't as effective as it had been, so I may have her checked over again? if you follow??? Do I sound geeky??? He also had to take the SPDs out of my trainers, very kindly. Although I did offer if he lent me a screw driver, but then I had the indignity of getting him to tie my shoe laces for me, because there isn't anywhere for folk like me to sit down :) Atleast I felt relatively safe and sure footed, both on and off the trike.

I'm not too sure about my forth coming role at the 'Cycle Show' as it just seems the more I am told, the more options I have, and the more muddled I become. Can you tell, I'm getting anxious.

I do hope you're feeling a bit less sore Dave? It all pieces together about the Inclusive Cycling being put out to tender???? Because the woman who came to Hillsborough yesterday with Steve, was a business manager. Who he met at the train station on the tandam trike!! I just hope they don't change things too much.