Wednesday, 25 April 2012

How Wet?

I hate to be soo graphic, and give you this image, when your probably about to have your tea. But my knickers were wet to my 'king-cough' :D I'm not actually sure how to spell that word, if indeed it is a word?? My mum used to call womens bits downstairs, King-Coughs? Oooooh yeah, one of the reasons, I was wetter, than I should have been, is this unmarked van, was parked accross the only dropped curb, on the traffic island which I lock Ziggy too when I go to the shops. There is NOWHERE else I can safetly park, so I wasn't being arsey, when I asked the driver, if he could just move it a sec whilst I parked up? 'Oh we'll only be 5minutes!!' 10 minutes later, I ended up locking my trike accross the pavement, to a drainpipe!! As I was so wet and cold, but I so regretted doing it, because this man with a big Tripod (im not beinmg personal, it was awalking frame) really struggled to get round it. So I made sure the driver and 'helper' saw me taking pics of the number plates, just don't ask me what make the van was???

I cycled on, and my wing mirror got 'dropsy' I pulled in, and took 10minutes, over a simple job. Which should have taken seconds.  I sped through my nemesis, whic is Beauchief Traffic Lights for those who aren't in the know? It's a good job I was facing down the road, because my chain came off, when I was entering the 'Box'!!! I arrived and had 'Mmmmm' some nice food.

I've been home for4hrs, and I still aint warm!!  Despite Hot showers and hot choc :)

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I have cried a bit today :(

I have felt crap, and helpless today! But I've felt like this before, and get over it. The day began gloomily and it was very dark outside on the park. I think it just made me feel gloomy. I was just too busy, to set off for Endcliffe by Cycle at 9,(thats my excuse anyway. I just HATE not being as good at Cycling as NORMAL non disabled folk. I'm using bad words deliberately, because that's how FREAKY I felt today. And everyone was being lovely about me holding the ride up, but it's just a reminder, that although Cycling does break down some differences for me, not all I'm afraid. I came home, and rang Steve M, to say I'd got some stuff he'd sent. We spoke about my presentation, and the coming Weekend, and Holly and how much we missed Dave Santa, (he's txt me today from Morroco!) Then I cried.....I know, it's because I can't do things on my own, like the Power Point, like ordering the right train tickets even!, (i mean, I've done it b4r!!!) I know, I'm happy ion my comfort zone. I think it's because I'm daring to go beyond. I will be fine and if I'm not, I can stop going to Endcliffe, and just do Hillsborough???? I'm going to Millhouses Park tomorrow, to meet Miriam, which usually cheers me up :)n

Monday the 23rd of April

I do enjoy, my relative lay in, on a Monday, 8.00 am as apposed to 645, it would probably be longer, if it wasn't for the dog. As my children are at their Dads. So I strolled round the Park, nervously planning in my head, the Power Point Presentation, I would be preparing later that morning. I have written the 'Script' storyline for interested folk to check me on, as I speak.

I knew I'd got a meeting with a Guy whose written and designed the RoI with me. I've never really witnessed his Autism before, because he does quite well, at concealing his disability.But I felt a bit like I was walking on egg shells? I couldn't b e my usual helpful suggestive (steady on) self. Because giving him a choice obviously created problems. We finished what we had to do, which wasn't a pleasure, I've got to say. I am very grateful, that a Strategy meeting, that myself and Hannah, had been asked to attend, had been cancelled at the last minute, leaving us both with 2hrs, for me to put my pics on PP and her to be around to assist when needed. All this to save my face at the All ability Cycling Conference in Truro, when 'LIl' old me , is giving a talk on how Cycling has changed my life.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

It's good to be back :)

For Lot's of reasons that I won't go into on my blog, it's even too taboo for me. I had only 2hrs sleep last night. I gave up on struggling, to sleep and decided to make myself a milky warm drink. And went bump-bump-bump-bump all the way to the bottom, on my arse and my left shoulder as my right hand cushioned the impact on my nod!! Ouch!!!alas no one woke at my whimpers, I contemplated making them more audible, but didn't see the point in us all not having any sleep. Of course I fell asleep, an hour before my kids had to be up for school!! I vaguely contemplated phoning and letting folk at Hillsborough down, because looking at the rain I didn't think anyone would show up. But I had promised my mate Lorraine, who was taking her client, to meet me (more for my benefit than hers) and to see what she made of the cycles. And there was a younger Brain Injury Survivor who I'd invited down, after Miriam, had suggested that we meet.

So with hair frizzed, and really in need of straightening, not a lot of sleep. No make up, snug fitting clothes. Because the CTC must either be 'Fattest' or the opposite, because they never have extra large clothes left! I smiled sweetly at the driver from DAR who'd come to collect me, as I passed my keys explainiomg the 2 locks he'd need and which keys. Ey.....this was a good feeling, I'm not bossy? I was just trying to save time honestly.

Steve greeted me, and made me a drink, he was extremely understanding of some of my issues from the previous night, which I was really reassured by. And the rain poured down outside....

Graham arrived, and the rain poured down....

Paul arrived who is my friend Lorraine's man, whose now a Cycle Trainer, and we were all in 'communicado' with Lorraine and her client who was in a wheelchair, and had Learning Difficulties, and a bit contorted. So we sat her in the velor plus, and various folk took turns in riding her round next to me. I chatted away, asking her to point in the direction0n she wanted to go, it was a really nice feeling because I could tell she was really enjoying herself regardless of the weather. Back at the cabin, I was truly soaked. The phone rang, and it was a booking,for someones 80th b'day! the lady concerned had loved Cycling in her youth. And we spoke how we'd make things especially homely for her, with a cake :)

My other contact turned up, she was younger than I (not hard) and she seemed a really lovely person, who would benefit from the Friendship of Hillsborough. She became emotional I'm not too sure why. I hope it wasn't anything bad!!

Russel arrived, I am fond of Russell, but it's a good job, I aint offended, by language or sexual innuendos.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I've been busy!!

I had 2 Meetings today, regarding the Record of Involvement,, and getting feedback. The other a Co Production thing.

My daughter stormed out this morning, because I made her put proper tights on, instead of letting her go to school in mock suspenders and stockings, and a skirt hitched up, to be not much longer than a strip of black material round her hips. Anyway she aint home yet!!!!

I got home and I had a suggestion, that I might like to invite Nick Clegg to the Dinmner. so I have!!

Sent: 18 April 2012 15:43
To: Nick Clegg
Cc: steve marsden; Sue Cherry
Subject: Cycling Touring Club -12th of May

Dear Nick,

I would be really pleased, if you would attend a Centenary Dinner, held by The CTC at Victoria Quays. As a local constituent, living in Hallam I do in fact consider Myself to be very fortunate. But strive to encourage others to exercise and seek independence. And what better way to do this than to Cycle, regardless of their postal district or ability. Personally my efforts have been recognised and I am to be an Olympic Torch Bearer, because of my voluntary work, with people who have disabilities like myself. So we all know, I am 'converted' and the Dinner isn't about me. But what a brilliant opportunity, it would be for the Coalition, to Support a Green, Independent, economical and healthy event.

And I'd even let you try my Recumbent Trike out!!!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I loved today

This morning was grim and cold, unusually my wee girl, made me a coffee, and got Hollys breakfast, whilst I walked in the rain. I think I got the best deal, Although I don't think Holly thanked me!!

Dial a Ride turned up at 10, wow, I hadn't dare get Ziggy out and wait, because I hadn't wanted to tempt fate, and i hadn't actually been to Endcliffe Park, with them before, or in fact for nearly 3 years!!!!

It was really good to see Kate Rose again, who congratulated me, not only on the flame but on riding a 2 wheeler :) And Barry was there, Pam too, and Graham, who is the new Fred.....sort of!!

Anyway it attracted 9 folk today. And I explored the [possibility of me doing the CTC family ride after the AGM
I honestlyu took some pics of nature, becasuse as always, it became a Sunny day, which usually happens when I cycle. I took some fab pics but alas, my skills on the PC are lacking and I've lost them.

I've got a meeting with some Managerial staff, of Social Services tomorrow about how to influence the bigger Council, into Co Production?? or s'thing like that.

I'm so tired, catch you tomorrow, night. x

I volunteered to organise the tea coffee club, at Hillsborough, so that Steve wouldn't have to think about it.


Monday, 16 April 2012

Today Monday the 16th of April How come s'times when I do a link it works???? But clearly this one hasn't!!

Dave H sent me a link today, about a job, clearly not for me, but as my network, of nice folk is quite big? I think he wanted me to publicize....;no where is it???? Here it is!

Yesterday I took Ziggy to the Farmers Market, at Totley Rise armed with a handful of Cycle For Health leaflets. Which Pedal Ready had posted me on Saturday :)At the market, through the crowd, I spotted a young Special Policeman, who was surrounded by folk, telling him 100 different stories, all of which were sooo important to them. But in the great scheme of things?? I did admire his ability to calm things. Anyway the woman from across Road, called me into the Huddle, 'Caroline' meet ...I interrupted...'Andrew' I said, and smiled. He was my second cousin!! We all laughed at the small world we lived in, and from then on Andrew and I exchanged news about the families, And we shared Light Bulb moments about The Police Force, and Cycling at Hillsborough. He is obviously extremely passionate and devoted to his Voluntary role.

This morning I cycled to Millhouses to meet Miar Cycle Chic, we spoke of many things, including the And how she needs to gather evidence of good and bad infrastructure, for a book she's helping compile.

I do miss my Mum when I go to the Park :(

On the way back there are some temporary traffic lights, to cut a long story short this stupid * accused me of causing the traffic jam!!and shouted at me as he [passed in the opposite direction, I bet he felt a right silly twat, as he went round the corner only to see the traffic lights!!!:D

Oh I've been asked to help Wendy Creed out, and deliver a 30minute presentation, in Truro. Mmmmm I've said I will, but ooooh I'm not sure how I can do it.....

I start Cycle for Health at Endcliffe tomorrow. :)Dial A Ride, are supposed to be picking m,e up about 9.30. But do you know, I'm gonna see if there's s'one, who will ride with me, before the end of the course. Because Endcliffe Parks, about 5-6 miles? and I think I could do that.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

tooing and throwing!!

Today is Thursday, and Dave Santa, is away and Steve is away :( So willing I might be? but able I'm not, although I know I'm capable of making a cuppa, and unlocking the lock up, where the 2 wheelers are kept. So we might have to review the fact that Hillsborough closed because Nicks not there anymore:(

Mark Parker returned my call today, which was about all sorts really, but not about cycling. Other than he was quite impressed that Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust, were promoting me and Cycling at the All ability Cycling Conference in Cornwall.

A Journalist who is covering my Cycling Story, for 'Involve' SHSC magazine Sheffield Health and Social Care, kept sending me drafts of the piece she had written about my Olympic Torch thing, Non of which I was happy with, in fact I'm still not 100% but, hey I'm not that traumatised about being called a Service user (as in Health and Medical) of the Brain Injury Rehab Centre. In actual fact I haven't attended as a patient for 22years!! As long as it gets in about Hillsborough and Inclusive Cycling, thats cool.

Have I said? I cycled to the GPS yesterday, and 2hours I was in there!! having my medication reviewed and collecting my Script!

Today I was contacted by a Brain Injured woman, who like me sustained her injury 20+ years ago, and she is popping into Hillsborough for a cuppa. with her 1yr old child.

Hey do you know? I carry the Olympic Torch, on the Eve of my Silver Anniversary, of my Brain Injury....and I reckon I was comatose for 18 years. Until I got the wake up call of having to actually think for myself.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

continuing .......

As I got a later Tesco bus this morning, I returned on a later bus...and I was amused? shocked? at what the bus driver, had just interrupted in a steamed up Mini, which was tucked away. Embarrased the man pulled his hood up, and wheel spun out of the car park, and the woman?....She kept her head down, shall we say?

I'v just enquired about sitting on the panel for dishing out a share of 5million lottery money, on worthy Community Projects, I wish Steve wasn't away, other wise I'd see if Hillsborough could put a bid in. Because fair enough, I don't live geographicly in Hillsborough. But I share a similar condition, to the community that uses the Cycles. They sent me an email expressing an intrest.

I tried to sell My Story, to a Journalism agency today, :( I thought they'd be into hearing about the torch. Buggers!!! they said I just wasn't interesting enough!!!! :)

Monday, 9 April 2012

Saturday, 7 April 2012

But I LOVE cycling to the shops :)

Debs, my neighbour stresses, that poor 'crippled' me has to go to the shops on my trike. She doesn't know me very well yet, obviously. First I called in at the pet shop, which reminds me of the luxury of Parents Evening,, or even a Cycle club when i have a captive interested person who wants to talk to about s'thing dear to my heart. I gathered pace to Tesco, where I met a gorgeous X Staffy and American Bull dog, ahhhh it was lovely and soooo gentle with these 2 children aged about 8? I wish I'd taken a pic.

I'm happy. x

You know Simple things and all. xxx

Friday, 6 April 2012

I forgot

To Pete and Dave, sorry I didn't reply, I hadn't realised I'd got a couple of comments. Ummmmm, it would appear it's not so straight forward, The place offering the exercise has to be assesed, and trained to not offer exercise where it could be harmful?? I do feel as if I'm swimming against the tide, kinda thing!! But thanks you 2.

Oh I tried to write to BM and you have to pay!! but yeah I'd forgotten to mention, how I'd not seen a dr. For 2 years.

Thursday 5th

Because I was extremely busy....and ill, last Thursday, I hadn't got round to booking DAR for this week. And they are VERY strict about the 7 day exactly booking, you can't do 8, or 6!! It has to be a 3hr window, 7 days before. Do they live in the real world!? So poor Dave Brennon, ended up on his tod at Hillsborough, with snow on the ground!! A bit different from the week before, when there was 88!!! and I got Sun stroke!!

I knew I had to cycle, to wake myself up 4 the evenings celebrations, where I was meeting Nicky and a lot of the other Social Workers, I work with as part of the SDS team.

I cycled to the bank at Millhouses, stopping first to meet Miriam in the Park. On my return, I could hear something being scraped and rubbed by the back wheel, I pulled into Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, and tipped Ziggy on one side, to assess the damage? Immediately it attracted attention!! I left a couple of older gentlemen to suss out what was making the noise, whilst I went to the shop to buy a drink. My Panniers had slipped. I continued home, I felt great, although I did miss the folk at Hillsborough.

'Involve' magazine, is a Health Service Magazine, who are running a feature on my service involvement. And of course they are running a large feature on Hillsborough Cycling :) Sheffield Telegraph are also running a feature on me evolving onto 2 wheels, and my Cycling Journey. But do you know, it's kinda stopped a bit, because I think I can be a better influence on 3 at the moment.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Prescriptive Medcine

What do you think, (I've sent it now, so don't be harsh) I got in Kerry Fisted, for you Dave!!!

To Sir/Madam,

I hope you don't mind me writing, I am not a professional far from it really. 24 years ago I sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury, the residual effects were left side paralysis, controlled epilepsy, impaired vision, and the usual things related to any kind of brain damage like memory and concentration issues.

7 years ago I became a single parent of a 2 and 6 year old, I did the only thing I could and that was to get an electric mobility scooter. I think this did little for my physical and mental wellbeing. (Im trying to be brief honest) I sought out Steve Marsden of the CTC, and I now, Cycle daily, on a Recumbent Trike, and became a Cycle and Health Champion. For my work at Cycling For All at Hillsborough Park.

Cycling 4 All had a Seasonal launch day on March the 29th, where I enjoyed the company of a woman with Learning Difficulties on a favorite Side by Side Cycle (for 2). She explained that she was prescribed membership to a local gym, which was subsidized, by her GPs. Now in my 'Kerry Fisted Way' I just think the social inclusion, along with physical activity is far preferable?? But I haven't got a clue, where to start with these ideas??? Is it s'thing your surgery would consider. I'm 100% sure, Steve Marsden(CTC) and myself would show you the variety of cycles we have available at Hillsborough, when he gets back from leave on the 16/04.

I have copied him in on this, and I'm just grateful that he trusts me to do this as Cycling has changed my life, and it is my passion now to empower other folk with disabilities. He took me from the depressed 'Wallflower' to an Olympic Torch carrier.

Thanks for reading this,