Monday, 16 April 2012

Today Monday the 16th of April How come s'times when I do a link it works???? But clearly this one hasn't!!

Dave H sent me a link today, about a job, clearly not for me, but as my network, of nice folk is quite big? I think he wanted me to publicize....;no where is it???? Here it is!

Yesterday I took Ziggy to the Farmers Market, at Totley Rise armed with a handful of Cycle For Health leaflets. Which Pedal Ready had posted me on Saturday :)At the market, through the crowd, I spotted a young Special Policeman, who was surrounded by folk, telling him 100 different stories, all of which were sooo important to them. But in the great scheme of things?? I did admire his ability to calm things. Anyway the woman from across Road, called me into the Huddle, 'Caroline' meet ...I interrupted...'Andrew' I said, and smiled. He was my second cousin!! We all laughed at the small world we lived in, and from then on Andrew and I exchanged news about the families, And we shared Light Bulb moments about The Police Force, and Cycling at Hillsborough. He is obviously extremely passionate and devoted to his Voluntary role.

This morning I cycled to Millhouses to meet Miar Cycle Chic, we spoke of many things, including the And how she needs to gather evidence of good and bad infrastructure, for a book she's helping compile.

I do miss my Mum when I go to the Park :(

On the way back there are some temporary traffic lights, to cut a long story short this stupid * accused me of causing the traffic jam!!and shouted at me as he [passed in the opposite direction, I bet he felt a right silly twat, as he went round the corner only to see the traffic lights!!!:D

Oh I've been asked to help Wendy Creed out, and deliver a 30minute presentation, in Truro. Mmmmm I've said I will, but ooooh I'm not sure how I can do it.....

I start Cycle for Health at Endcliffe tomorrow. :)Dial A Ride, are supposed to be picking m,e up about 9.30. But do you know, I'm gonna see if there's s'one, who will ride with me, before the end of the course. Because Endcliffe Parks, about 5-6 miles? and I think I could do that.


  1. Allowing for your cycling speed I'd reckon you'll need to leave a bit earlier than 09.30 - might be worth asking Rony or someone else to ask if there is a cycle commuter in the area with flexible hours (ie a 10.00 start or later) who could ride in with you one Tuesday. Or maybe one of the Heeley workshop trainees and you could pretend to have a toy boy.

    I think or some other group run a commuting bike budi scheme. Liftshare might even find you an alternative option for regular trips but that may mean you need to use a Hillsborough cycle.

    Who knows, one day you'll think nothing of cycling all the way there.

    I hope you can grab Mr R Henshaw (in the polite sense) when you are in Cornwall he should be there with Quest 88 and their rather nice range of cycles. Here's what they said when they expanded their range with the German Draisin company's products.

    I reckon if you are cheeky (as you often are) you might even get them to put a link to this blog from their blog. The rest is up to you.

    Surrey BTW is where Guildford and CTC are based - stockbroker country, and also home of the Croydon facelift (severely combed back & tied hair which gets the wrinkles out)

    Well all that should get me a few scowls of disapproval from the ladies of your set.

  2. Nice to hear from you Dave, and thanks for tip off wi Q8 I look forward to meeting them. I've heard a lot about them. x