Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Prescriptive Medcine

What do you think, (I've sent it now, so don't be harsh) I got in Kerry Fisted, for you Dave!!!

To Sir/Madam,

I hope you don't mind me writing, I am not a professional far from it really. 24 years ago I sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury, the residual effects were left side paralysis, controlled epilepsy, impaired vision, and the usual things related to any kind of brain damage like memory and concentration issues.

7 years ago I became a single parent of a 2 and 6 year old, I did the only thing I could and that was to get an electric mobility scooter. I think this did little for my physical and mental wellbeing. (Im trying to be brief honest) I sought out Steve Marsden of the CTC, and I now, Cycle daily, on a Recumbent Trike, and became a Cycle and Health Champion. For my work at Cycling For All at Hillsborough Park.

Cycling 4 All had a Seasonal launch day on March the 29th, where I enjoyed the company of a woman with Learning Difficulties on a favorite Side by Side Cycle (for 2). She explained that she was prescribed membership to a local gym, which was subsidized, by her GPs. Now in my 'Kerry Fisted Way' I just think the social inclusion, along with physical activity is far preferable?? But I haven't got a clue, where to start with these ideas??? Is it s'thing your surgery would consider. I'm 100% sure, Steve Marsden(CTC) and myself would show you the variety of cycles we have available at Hillsborough, when he gets back from leave on the 16/04.

I have copied him in on this, and I'm just grateful that he trusts me to do this as Cycling has changed my life, and it is my passion now to empower other folk with disabilities. He took me from the depressed 'Wallflower' to an Olympic Torch carrier.

Thanks for reading this,



  1. Brilliant - just cut out the slight grovelling of an apology at the start and send it toe the editor of the BMJ (British Medical Journal) as a letter to GP's and include a mention that Hillsborough is just one of a UK wide network of groups committed to delivering independence and mobility to a wide population who are otherwise dependent on the scarce resources of vehicles and drivers to get out and get on with living as a part of the community.

    And what is more you help to cut the bills to the NHS for many conditions that are mitigated by gentle exercise, and the dark cloud of depressive illnesses through the fortuitous delivery of self produced 'drugs' that provide a feel-good result, whenever you ride a bike.

  2. I believe you also once said that you had reduced your GP visits from weekly (?) to almost never.

    That is definitely worth mentioning in future letters.


    1. PS Kerry Fistet is probably a very appropriate condition and the Kerrs are closely related (a sept) of Clan Douglas and put their different ability to good use by having their castle staircases spiralling counter-clockwise and thus giving lefties the advantage in any sword fights.