Thursday, 12 April 2012

tooing and throwing!!

Today is Thursday, and Dave Santa, is away and Steve is away :( So willing I might be? but able I'm not, although I know I'm capable of making a cuppa, and unlocking the lock up, where the 2 wheelers are kept. So we might have to review the fact that Hillsborough closed because Nicks not there anymore:(

Mark Parker returned my call today, which was about all sorts really, but not about cycling. Other than he was quite impressed that Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust, were promoting me and Cycling at the All ability Cycling Conference in Cornwall.

A Journalist who is covering my Cycling Story, for 'Involve' SHSC magazine Sheffield Health and Social Care, kept sending me drafts of the piece she had written about my Olympic Torch thing, Non of which I was happy with, in fact I'm still not 100% but, hey I'm not that traumatised about being called a Service user (as in Health and Medical) of the Brain Injury Rehab Centre. In actual fact I haven't attended as a patient for 22years!! As long as it gets in about Hillsborough and Inclusive Cycling, thats cool.

Have I said? I cycled to the GPS yesterday, and 2hours I was in there!! having my medication reviewed and collecting my Script!

Today I was contacted by a Brain Injured woman, who like me sustained her injury 20+ years ago, and she is popping into Hillsborough for a cuppa. with her 1yr old child.

Hey do you know? I carry the Olympic Torch, on the Eve of my Silver Anniversary, of my Brain Injury....and I reckon I was comatose for 18 years. Until I got the wake up call of having to actually think for myself.


  1. Well Caroline, if you persist in saying how cycling as practically ended your need to regularly visit your GP, of this and that what do you expect for giving them the opportunity of making up for lost time. After all the NHS gets paid for treating their patients, and there you go getting the patients to treat themselves to doses of feel good and anti-depressant cycling. Naughty!

    Sometimes I love your eclectic style of Douglas-English (Douglish), and sometimes my brain screams at the butchery job, on poor harmless words.

    I like that last line, although I might still ask you to prove it!

    Speaking of spelling and meaning a beuty came from one set of instructions from just one small spelling error - Do noT tell the client has a very different meaning and impact to Do noW tell the client... oops.

  2. Spot the spelling slip A beauty!

  3. So in fact the Brain Injury Rehab Center didn't finish the job, just got you going enough to just about function then sent you out into the world half asleep?

    I hope they have learned a thing or two since then!

    Watch out for Journalists, their stories can get a life of their own.