Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I loved today

This morning was grim and cold, unusually my wee girl, made me a coffee, and got Hollys breakfast, whilst I walked in the rain. I think I got the best deal, Although I don't think Holly thanked me!!

Dial a Ride turned up at 10, wow, I hadn't dare get Ziggy out and wait, because I hadn't wanted to tempt fate, and i hadn't actually been to Endcliffe Park, with them before, or in fact for nearly 3 years!!!!

It was really good to see Kate Rose again, who congratulated me, not only on the flame but on riding a 2 wheeler :) And Barry was there, Pam too, and Graham, who is the new Fred.....sort of!!

Anyway it attracted 9 folk today. And I explored the [possibility of me doing the CTC family ride after the AGM
I honestlyu took some pics of nature, becasuse as always, it became a Sunny day, which usually happens when I cycle. I took some fab pics but alas, my skills on the PC are lacking and I've lost them.

I've got a meeting with some Managerial staff, of Social Services tomorrow about how to influence the bigger Council, into Co Production?? or s'thing like that.

I'm so tired, catch you tomorrow, night. x

I volunteered to organise the tea coffee club, at Hillsborough, so that Steve wouldn't have to think about it.


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