Wednesday, 25 April 2012

How Wet?

I hate to be soo graphic, and give you this image, when your probably about to have your tea. But my knickers were wet to my 'king-cough' :D I'm not actually sure how to spell that word, if indeed it is a word?? My mum used to call womens bits downstairs, King-Coughs? Oooooh yeah, one of the reasons, I was wetter, than I should have been, is this unmarked van, was parked accross the only dropped curb, on the traffic island which I lock Ziggy too when I go to the shops. There is NOWHERE else I can safetly park, so I wasn't being arsey, when I asked the driver, if he could just move it a sec whilst I parked up? 'Oh we'll only be 5minutes!!' 10 minutes later, I ended up locking my trike accross the pavement, to a drainpipe!! As I was so wet and cold, but I so regretted doing it, because this man with a big Tripod (im not beinmg personal, it was awalking frame) really struggled to get round it. So I made sure the driver and 'helper' saw me taking pics of the number plates, just don't ask me what make the van was???

I cycled on, and my wing mirror got 'dropsy' I pulled in, and took 10minutes, over a simple job. Which should have taken seconds.  I sped through my nemesis, whic is Beauchief Traffic Lights for those who aren't in the know? It's a good job I was facing down the road, because my chain came off, when I was entering the 'Box'!!! I arrived and had 'Mmmmm' some nice food.

I've been home for4hrs, and I still aint warm!!  Despite Hot showers and hot choc :)

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