Friday, 6 April 2012

Thursday 5th

Because I was extremely busy....and ill, last Thursday, I hadn't got round to booking DAR for this week. And they are VERY strict about the 7 day exactly booking, you can't do 8, or 6!! It has to be a 3hr window, 7 days before. Do they live in the real world!? So poor Dave Brennon, ended up on his tod at Hillsborough, with snow on the ground!! A bit different from the week before, when there was 88!!! and I got Sun stroke!!

I knew I had to cycle, to wake myself up 4 the evenings celebrations, where I was meeting Nicky and a lot of the other Social Workers, I work with as part of the SDS team.

I cycled to the bank at Millhouses, stopping first to meet Miriam in the Park. On my return, I could hear something being scraped and rubbed by the back wheel, I pulled into Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, and tipped Ziggy on one side, to assess the damage? Immediately it attracted attention!! I left a couple of older gentlemen to suss out what was making the noise, whilst I went to the shop to buy a drink. My Panniers had slipped. I continued home, I felt great, although I did miss the folk at Hillsborough.

'Involve' magazine, is a Health Service Magazine, who are running a feature on my service involvement. And of course they are running a large feature on Hillsborough Cycling :) Sheffield Telegraph are also running a feature on me evolving onto 2 wheels, and my Cycling Journey. But do you know, it's kinda stopped a bit, because I think I can be a better influence on 3 at the moment.


  1. Don't forget you'll need to include the trailer ... for your ego! ;)

    My friend Arellcat is rather seriously into 'bents and was delighted to be the alternative reviewer (& photo-shoot model) when Peter Eland came up to try out the latest ICE tadpole, apparently it is very well behaved, with a longer wheelbase. We've both lifted the inside front wheels on the sportier Windcheetahs and Greenspeeds, hammering into corners, but this one simply drifted rather than lifted.

    Now that might just about see me banned from taking Ziggy for a spin (if not a roll)

  2. What you saying about lil old me Dave? :)Hey if you can legnthen and shorten Ziggy, it's very easy for 'normal' folk, it's just I've never been ordinary!! Just let me know when. Infact I'm not here at the end of April, if you want to arrange to bring the girls here? My house backs off onto a park, nice pub close by, and Ill leave yuou the keys for Ziggy.x