Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I've been busy!!

I had 2 Meetings today, regarding the Record of Involvement,, and getting feedback. The other a Co Production thing.

My daughter stormed out this morning, because I made her put proper tights on, instead of letting her go to school in mock suspenders and stockings, and a skirt hitched up, to be not much longer than a strip of black material round her hips. Anyway she aint home yet!!!!

I got home and I had a suggestion, that I might like to invite Nick Clegg to the Dinmner. so I have!!

Sent: 18 April 2012 15:43
To: Nick Clegg
Cc: steve marsden; Sue Cherry
Subject: Cycling Touring Club -12th of May

Dear Nick,

I would be really pleased, if you would attend a Centenary Dinner, held by The CTC at Victoria Quays. As a local constituent, living in Hallam I do in fact consider Myself to be very fortunate. But strive to encourage others to exercise and seek independence. And what better way to do this than to Cycle, regardless of their postal district or ability. Personally my efforts have been recognised and I am to be an Olympic Torch Bearer, because of my voluntary work, with people who have disabilities like myself. So we all know, I am 'converted' and the Dinner isn't about me. But what a brilliant opportunity, it would be for the Coalition, to Support a Green, Independent, economical and healthy event.

And I'd even let you try my Recumbent Trike out!!!

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