Friday, 31 August 2012

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

It's Raining, it's pouring!

Steve Marsden phoned early to give me a progress report....or not so.... as the case was. The Park where the one show were filming had been sevtioned off, it was like a lake in the middle of the grass field, with jets of water spurting into the air, because the underground drainage, well it just couldn't take any more!! I made the most of Dial a Ride, and playedf a suprise visit on my bruv and family. It must have been a shock, I don't think I've been unpromptu, for 24 years!! My plan was to cycle to the Park, and join Steve and Graham at 2??I set off back to the park, and got lost!!! and then my chain came off my derailer! but I didn;t actually know that. So I half sped and half waddled down to the park. When a gorgeously handsome man, said 'Ooooooh, can I fix the chain on your derailer, for you' I refrained from talking about lubricants, or bushes and just let him fiddle wi my behind (ziggys!!!)

I feel very reassured knowing that we have a ' Chaperone' to see us about the Olympic Park. Also Steve and I have to do a 'His' and 'My' version of events, for the CTC. It's as if they are expecting a calamity!! if.... :)

I stayed with Steve and Graham, for a while, in the rain. And came away before any filming, at about 4.

What will I talk about wi Mr Clegg? What will I talk about wi Steve for that long reaLLY.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I'm fine, happy and well.

Last nights blog, ended rather suddenly. Well a bit of a crisis, that nearly ended in 999!!! But didn't, and yuk!! it's too tabboo even for me!

This morning, my children were up and about, and dog walking very early :)

I thought shall i, or shant I go with Nigel West, and Lisa Cox to meet Brendon Stone, or will my pain return. And I am so happy it did not. So I had a very thorough, intense meet today. I did feel totally 'wrung out' by the time I'd finished, which just reminded me, that I have brain damage, and that is why I could not work full time.

I had so many emails, calls and finally a visit from Nick Cleggs Secretary, and the Cabinet Office. That my brain felt a bit like paper  Mache.

I then went to the hairdressers, oooooh I'm soooo vain!! and treated my daughter, to a manicure with that gel naiol polish, which lasts about 3 weeks. Have all you die hard cyclistsswitched off?

This is because I.m going to Endcliffe tomorrow, because The One Show, are doing some filming and want to see a variety of cycles. Apparently they're are there till 7!!

Ahhhh, the lovely Dave has been told by his consultant that he will be ok, to go to Turkey on Sunday. Aftwer initially been told, there was no way he would recover in such a short period!!!

He doesn't return until the middle of September though :) I'm happy he's well.

Monday, 27 August 2012

And I am getting worse....rapidly :(

Ok, ok, I know it's not as dramatic as Shingles! But I am suffering so much, and have been confined t

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Dave's slowly getting better :)

I've just spoken to Mr Brenon, who sounded fab, amd much chirpier!! (if I was to wish/predict) I reckon we might see him at the filming of the 1 show on Wednesday????? We can but hope hey????

I  do remember having chicken Pox, when I was 32!!! and it wasn't pleasant !!!!!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

I want the same!! (soooo rude!!!)

It was my very dear friends 50th birthday today. I met her in town to give her, her prezzie with strict instructions, NOT to open it in public!!! (let me just tell you she has just split with her boyfriend!!) Anyway we had a little celebrationery tipple in town, and now I'm home. Got some clothes for Thursday :)

Me and bike locks don't get on????? Why do I live in the City with the highest number of Cycle thefts?????? I had to call for back ups again, comingh in the form of my little boy, who charged me a fiver!!!!!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Yesterday was exausting but great!!

I arrived in the Car park at Hillsborough to see, Greame looking good and in control. But around him in a Huddle were 10 teenagers with Special needs, being sooooo excited at the prospect of riding a super cool Cycle. There was also a trainer from Pedal Ready, who wasn't at all familiar with this type of Cycling bless him. He was good, and coped. (i could post a cruel pic, of him I took after the session, sleeping,  but I won't !!!hey are we boring???) I let the guys in the group use Ziggy, because we ran short of Cycles, and I lent a very sweaty lad my helmet!!! Eyyyy the things I do for love Ey?? The session was great!!! such laughter and frivolities!! And because I was having to use different muscles to stay upright and safe, my legs were aching like mad.

By the time the cycles were put away, and I sat down for Lunch it was 1pm.  Ahhhh, I'm not as mindful as my lovely absent friend Dave though, I'd forgotten fruit, and biscuits. And we all had to make our own tea. Pauline from the morning group, fetched Dave a card, and gathered signatures, because everyone loves and misses him. I spread the news about going to the Paralympics, with Steve 'My bezzy mate Nic Clegg' and I think folk were a little green as they lauighed and called us Turncoats!!!!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I'm just sooooo Excited!!!

As if going to the Track Cycling in the Para olympics wasn't exciting enough!!! and catching a train to London, Oooooh!!!! with Steve Marsden, who is my captive listener.....:) But to meet Nick Clegg, (who I am told, has it scvripted to talk to me about Inclusive Cycling!!!) on the 30th of August. I did ask if I could have my rail fare reimbursed though :)xxx

Hillsborough tomorrow, and I know it will be difficuklt without Dave and Steve, but hopefully Graeme Gavin and myself will be ok.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Ooooh and the other Dave, :)

View Photo0269.jpg in slide showThis is Dave Holiday, on Sunday, holding my Torch and wearing his medal, which he'd just won in Oxford??? What place did you get again Dave :)xx

Home Spun Theories??

Doesn't everyone seem to have a home spun theory on Shingles??

I'm sorry I've been quiet, I think I've been wondering how to say this...... Poor Dave Brenon has Shingles. There I've said it!! I don't see the point in keeping it quiet. It's just a fact and I love Dave :(

This could leave us in a fix on Thursday, because Steves away, and we do have a few bookings. But I'm going, Grahams going,  Gavins going and another trainer from Pedal Ready. I've made the Mental Health Group aware. But I don't want Steve or Dave to stress. I just want the A team to be together again.

Because I was with Dave all Thursday of last week, when unbeknown to us, the rash on his face and eye was the start of s'thing sinister. I have scoured the Internet, because 'Selfishly' I was concerned because of my lack of immunity (no spleen). So many confusing contradictions!! So I chose to speak to a friend of mine, and according to her. Shingles isn't contagious, it's sthing that you have in your body if you've had chicken pox??? And if you become ill or weak through s'thing else??? It gets you when your down!!!! I'm sure folk will tell me different.

Saturday, 18 August 2012


Amazing Ice Cycle!!!
Hey I only just got the play on words!! just thought it pretty Cool :Dxxx


    Me and My Bush!!

    I would have been, the Lumber Jack today. But I asked Richard the cleaner, ever so nicely to get his Chopper out. That was just a bit too smutty, sorry. But he used his Circular saw on my Ash, type bush'.

    Spoke jibberish to Steve M, about my future, talked about the One Show, who are coming to Endcliffe on the 29th. Sorted a meeting with Nigel West, Steve and myself, in Nigels absence!!

    My kids are feeling happy with their new found Independance, and having a little bit of money off their Dad helps this.

    I'm feeling good. :)

    Thursday, 16 August 2012

    The Lovely Dave :)

       This is my friend Dave Brenon, in Cycling circles, he's known as Santa. Can anyone see the Pics, or is it only I????

    A very thought provoking morning, full of words of wisdom. And I feel at the moment like I might be about to make one of my classic U turns, with the job application!! I was telling the Wise Mr Brenon, about it. And he did make me feel incredibly needed as far as Inclusive Cycling in Sheffield goes. Which was a really nice feeling. Far better, than money in my pocket. And I think, my benefits like free school dinners (about £200) and help with my mortgage, £150.00.  Would go, and as I really feel I could only do about 15 hours, I don't know if I can afford to work.

    We cycled around the Park, because it's been a lovely day, just right. Not really hot :) And I passed Grandparents proudly teaching their grandson to cycle, on  a 2nd hand bike. Which was ideal, for a first one. 'Tom', the boy stopped to look at my Ziggy. Wow !!!' Look at this Gran!!' he yelled, I asked him if he wanted to try, and guaranteed, he wouldn't fall over. He loved it, and his grand parents chatted to me about how they had hoped that Cycling would give him more confidance, as he'd recently been diagnosed with Autism. Dave had taken over at this point and very skillfully got the boy teetering on the bike, more confidently.

    I cycled on a few Metres, and another couple came rushing over, ' Caroline, isn't it' I pulled in and they explained that they were members of the CTC, and loved to read about my antics/progress in Cycling Magazine.

    This is why, we are a good team, and we would work well where ever we were.

    Wednesday, 15 August 2012

    The Torch, I never tire!!

      This was yesterday, at BIRRP Alistair Atherton and I SHARING the Torch, - Honest :) (Perhaps, I should have ordered a bigger tracksuit though?)

    Ahhh, I had to go around the waiting room first, asking.....forcing people!!! to hold the torch. :)

    I'm going to Hillsborough, tomorrow :) Dave and I will open up for folk, but I'm not sure who'll be there. I'll gi the place a clean, if nowt else though.

    Monday, 13 August 2012

    Apologies !!

    Thanks Dave for telling me about Cycle Magic, it is such a shame for the folk of Leciester, but selfishly nice for me and a few other folk. Who may get the hands  on any stiock they are selling off.

    I am dressing in full torch bearing gear tomorrow. For a BIRRP meeting!! and they are giddy about it???

    I have nervously, but assertively set a date, for Cycling to Sharrow, with Steve Marsden, to see how difficult it is for me???? Because I have applied for a job at Sharrow as a paid 'trainee community organiser'. The jobs full time, but I'm only doing it, if I can job share. I want to work to broaden my network of folk, and hopefully gain a bit of respect. I don't need to work! That feels quite privaliged to say that. It's only because I'm not in the least bit greedy!!

    Tuesday, 7 August 2012

    I CAN'T DO IT!!!!!!

    I can Cycle safely, and I love it. But when it comes to cycle locks, or Padlocks, or tugging and pulling to manualy do things with Ziggy. I'm just shit!

    It was great, I cycled down, to Dore Station. With the wind at my heels. In exactly 6 minutes!!! I know, I couldn't quite believe it either. And it took me about 15 mins, to get my Cycle out/lock it up!! And worse still was the journey home. When my security lock (combination Padlock) had mysteriously ?????? changed combination???? If I hadn't returned from the dentist, feeling smug and good, because at the age of nearly 46 I was able to 'Nip' to the train station. Hop on a train, get my teeth repaired. Without the promise of a badge, or Certificate at the end of it. And cycle home. But I fell at the last hurdle. Having to stand in unusually large droplets of rain and call poor Richard the cleaner, to come and rescue me. He arrived, and found, my combination had changed from 162 to 805 (it's not really  b4 you try and steal, my trike) And how on earth Richard managed to crack the code, in 10 minutes! was alarming. It was like watching a Rubics Cube master in action!!

    Hey, really good Opportunities may be coming up for me to do some more writing, for this years 'Off the Shelf'

    Tomorrow, I'm cycling to the bank at Millhouses, and meeting Miriam in the Park wi my kids. Who for the past few days have had 'A chimney Sweep up their Ass' and been working for their Dad!! and their wages???? You'd think they were based in the 3rd World, not S17!! But they are enjoying it, and it does em good.

    Monday, 6 August 2012

    Ahhhh, I do love Steve and Nigel xx

    I do love the 2 Guys above, because one gave me a reason to smile again, and the other because he gave me the best day of my life!! Today, a very thoughtful Steve called early doors! He wouldn't say exactly, but I guessed it had s'thing to do with Hillsboroughs future????

    I hugged and squeezed him goodbye, a kind of reassuring hug? and said, I do love you Steve :D to which he laughed, and said I know you do, Caroline. Ever the diplomat is Steve!!!

    I rushed up to the Master Chef, now Mellows, to meet Nigel. Meeting my children, and my ex on the way, I dished out the orders, to the kids and told them where I'd be. That was ok, wasn't it??

    Anyway Nigel explained that he'd like me to write up some Health Champions Stories, in my Candid style. For a new website maybe?? That is gonna be launched in September??? So I suggested, that he do it in October, at the 'Off The Shelf' week. Remember last year??? Fantastic!!!1 what a brilliant idea!! 'Can you arrange it? he asked. And that's what I have been trying to do.

    Tomorrow, I'm at the dentist in Hathersage, so I'm cycling to Dore catching the train, and coming back  an hour later. Hope all goes to plan, I mean how old am I? I still get nervous/excited about catching a choo choo train!! :Dx

    Sunday, 5 August 2012

    Peace :)

    Much as I grumble! I am like a Mother Hen with her Chicks that have come home to Roost! Life's perfect at the moment, my children are being good :) and very funny! My daughter, had posted on her Face book page : 'Her most embarrasing moment, was discovering, that I had ordered 50 Shades of Grey!! she didn't tell me either, someoe else did!!

    I've spent this evening, making notes to help Steve Marsden, claim between £1000 and £20000 for an Activity group which prevents Isolation, and Lonliness, in  Older People. He's calling in the morning. And then I'm off to meet Nigel West, as he's got plans for me????? apparently. Well I did tell him I was boredish.

    Thursday, 2 August 2012

    I LOVE Cycling and I soooo love People!!

    It took me an hour and 15 to get to Hillsborough today, and with a right Jobs worth Driver. You know I think they could do with some right training, on how NOT to make folk with disabilities feel  shit!!! Anyway, I got stopped pedaling  up the drive by a young woman, 'Wow, please tell me that that's for bad backs' she said, I explained, that maybe it could be, but it wasn't. Then she faultered as she stepped to gather in her own 3 children. She was probably 30!!? and I don't know her medical condition. But she promised, she'd be back on the 6th of September!! to try the range of cycles.

    I grabbed a quick cuppa, when Marj  and Baz appeared for their Cycles, which Dave and Paul had really kindly got out for me. And did a few circuits of the path that goes round the Ball courts and tennis courts. I noticed a group of youngish folk in suits who looked like a bunch of sales reps, and indeed they were.....The one older chap with silver hair and American twang, said Hi, when I was passing them for the 3rd time. I quickly asked him if he wanted a shot on 'Ziggy' and the 2 younger guys who were obviously some other nationality Czech? what is it now??? I'm very ignorent. To cut a long story short......they were selling God!!! so I advised them to book a Cycling day, because it would make them really happy, and Steve Marsden was the guy they needed to speak too :D

    Marj and Baz offered me money to pay for my transport, which was soooo sweet of them. I am genuinely very touched.

    Liz took me for lunch, I rushed back to say bye to Dave and folk. Oh yeah, Marj gave me a really nice 'Rocking Moses Basket???' I only know one person who's having a baby, anmdf that's Ash from Endcliffe,  who was soooo kind to me on my torch day. So Ann Kisby, who does CFH dropped it in on her way home. My network is so full of fab people.

    Wednesday, 1 August 2012

    Xmas Lunch :)

    Well Steve was true to his word, he paid for a gorgeous some what belated Xmas meal, in Endcliffe Park Cafe. For his ever adoring self employed staff plus Volunteers. So After I pinned him down, in my dreams!!! to meeting today, as that was just fab for everyone, we met and ate lovely food. And talked about.........knitt...Cycling of course. He shared his dreams, and hopes for disability Cycling, which actually do include me.

    And I've got the go ahead for a bit of promotion work for Hillsborough with s'thing that I am helping produce, with the Council, well not really I'm just the creative thinker, behind a bit of techy stuff, that I havent a clue about!!

    Marj phoned, and I'm meeting her at Hillsborough tomorrow.

    I'm also meeting Liz Salmon,who I used to work with on the SDS team, she's coming for some lunch.

    My beautiful children, will be home tomorrow :)