Monday, 6 August 2012

Ahhhh, I do love Steve and Nigel xx

I do love the 2 Guys above, because one gave me a reason to smile again, and the other because he gave me the best day of my life!! Today, a very thoughtful Steve called early doors! He wouldn't say exactly, but I guessed it had s'thing to do with Hillsboroughs future????

I hugged and squeezed him goodbye, a kind of reassuring hug? and said, I do love you Steve :D to which he laughed, and said I know you do, Caroline. Ever the diplomat is Steve!!!

I rushed up to the Master Chef, now Mellows, to meet Nigel. Meeting my children, and my ex on the way, I dished out the orders, to the kids and told them where I'd be. That was ok, wasn't it??

Anyway Nigel explained that he'd like me to write up some Health Champions Stories, in my Candid style. For a new website maybe?? That is gonna be launched in September??? So I suggested, that he do it in October, at the 'Off The Shelf' week. Remember last year??? Fantastic!!!1 what a brilliant idea!! 'Can you arrange it? he asked. And that's what I have been trying to do.

Tomorrow, I'm at the dentist in Hathersage, so I'm cycling to Dore catching the train, and coming back  an hour later. Hope all goes to plan, I mean how old am I? I still get nervous/excited about catching a choo choo train!! :Dx

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