Thursday, 2 August 2012

I LOVE Cycling and I soooo love People!!

It took me an hour and 15 to get to Hillsborough today, and with a right Jobs worth Driver. You know I think they could do with some right training, on how NOT to make folk with disabilities feel  shit!!! Anyway, I got stopped pedaling  up the drive by a young woman, 'Wow, please tell me that that's for bad backs' she said, I explained, that maybe it could be, but it wasn't. Then she faultered as she stepped to gather in her own 3 children. She was probably 30!!? and I don't know her medical condition. But she promised, she'd be back on the 6th of September!! to try the range of cycles.

I grabbed a quick cuppa, when Marj  and Baz appeared for their Cycles, which Dave and Paul had really kindly got out for me. And did a few circuits of the path that goes round the Ball courts and tennis courts. I noticed a group of youngish folk in suits who looked like a bunch of sales reps, and indeed they were.....The one older chap with silver hair and American twang, said Hi, when I was passing them for the 3rd time. I quickly asked him if he wanted a shot on 'Ziggy' and the 2 younger guys who were obviously some other nationality Czech? what is it now??? I'm very ignorent. To cut a long story short......they were selling God!!! so I advised them to book a Cycling day, because it would make them really happy, and Steve Marsden was the guy they needed to speak too :D

Marj and Baz offered me money to pay for my transport, which was soooo sweet of them. I am genuinely very touched.

Liz took me for lunch, I rushed back to say bye to Dave and folk. Oh yeah, Marj gave me a really nice 'Rocking Moses Basket???' I only know one person who's having a baby, anmdf that's Ash from Endcliffe,  who was soooo kind to me on my torch day. So Ann Kisby, who does CFH dropped it in on her way home. My network is so full of fab people.

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