Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Lovely Dave :)

   This is my friend Dave Brenon, in Cycling circles, he's known as Santa. Can anyone see the Pics, or is it only I????

A very thought provoking morning, full of words of wisdom. And I feel at the moment like I might be about to make one of my classic U turns, with the job application!! I was telling the Wise Mr Brenon, about it. And he did make me feel incredibly needed as far as Inclusive Cycling in Sheffield goes. Which was a really nice feeling. Far better, than money in my pocket. And I think, my benefits like free school dinners (about £200) and help with my mortgage, £150.00.  Would go, and as I really feel I could only do about 15 hours, I don't know if I can afford to work.

We cycled around the Park, because it's been a lovely day, just right. Not really hot :) And I passed Grandparents proudly teaching their grandson to cycle, on  a 2nd hand bike. Which was ideal, for a first one. 'Tom', the boy stopped to look at my Ziggy. Wow !!!' Look at this Gran!!' he yelled, I asked him if he wanted to try, and guaranteed, he wouldn't fall over. He loved it, and his grand parents chatted to me about how they had hoped that Cycling would give him more confidance, as he'd recently been diagnosed with Autism. Dave had taken over at this point and very skillfully got the boy teetering on the bike, more confidently.

I cycled on a few Metres, and another couple came rushing over, ' Caroline, isn't it' I pulled in and they explained that they were members of the CTC, and loved to read about my antics/progress in Cycling Magazine.

This is why, we are a good team, and we would work well where ever we were.

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