Saturday, 25 August 2012

I want the same!! (soooo rude!!!)

It was my very dear friends 50th birthday today. I met her in town to give her, her prezzie with strict instructions, NOT to open it in public!!! (let me just tell you she has just split with her boyfriend!!) Anyway we had a little celebrationery tipple in town, and now I'm home. Got some clothes for Thursday :)

Me and bike locks don't get on????? Why do I live in the City with the highest number of Cycle thefts?????? I had to call for back ups again, comingh in the form of my little boy, who charged me a fiver!!!!!


  1. Cool - no incentive for you to learn if he does it for free!!!

  2. I can see an irony here - problem with bike theft but you use a lock that a kid can undo? Go for the key sort!

  3. Ah so you were thinking about someone buying you the present you gave your mate were you? Naughty C! Didn't you just check it to see that it worked before you wrapped it up?