Friday, 24 August 2012

Yesterday was exausting but great!!

I arrived in the Car park at Hillsborough to see, Greame looking good and in control. But around him in a Huddle were 10 teenagers with Special needs, being sooooo excited at the prospect of riding a super cool Cycle. There was also a trainer from Pedal Ready, who wasn't at all familiar with this type of Cycling bless him. He was good, and coped. (i could post a cruel pic, of him I took after the session, sleeping,  but I won't !!!hey are we boring???) I let the guys in the group use Ziggy, because we ran short of Cycles, and I lent a very sweaty lad my helmet!!! Eyyyy the things I do for love Ey?? The session was great!!! such laughter and frivolities!! And because I was having to use different muscles to stay upright and safe, my legs were aching like mad.

By the time the cycles were put away, and I sat down for Lunch it was 1pm.  Ahhhh, I'm not as mindful as my lovely absent friend Dave though, I'd forgotten fruit, and biscuits. And we all had to make our own tea. Pauline from the morning group, fetched Dave a card, and gathered signatures, because everyone loves and misses him. I spread the news about going to the Paralympics, with Steve 'My bezzy mate Nic Clegg' and I think folk were a little green as they lauighed and called us Turncoats!!!!

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