Wednesday, 29 August 2012

It's Raining, it's pouring!

Steve Marsden phoned early to give me a progress report....or not so.... as the case was. The Park where the one show were filming had been sevtioned off, it was like a lake in the middle of the grass field, with jets of water spurting into the air, because the underground drainage, well it just couldn't take any more!! I made the most of Dial a Ride, and playedf a suprise visit on my bruv and family. It must have been a shock, I don't think I've been unpromptu, for 24 years!! My plan was to cycle to the Park, and join Steve and Graham at 2??I set off back to the park, and got lost!!! and then my chain came off my derailer! but I didn;t actually know that. So I half sped and half waddled down to the park. When a gorgeously handsome man, said 'Ooooooh, can I fix the chain on your derailer, for you' I refrained from talking about lubricants, or bushes and just let him fiddle wi my behind (ziggys!!!)

I feel very reassured knowing that we have a ' Chaperone' to see us about the Olympic Park. Also Steve and I have to do a 'His' and 'My' version of events, for the CTC. It's as if they are expecting a calamity!! if.... :)

I stayed with Steve and Graham, for a while, in the rain. And came away before any filming, at about 4.

What will I talk about wi Mr Clegg? What will I talk about wi Steve for that long reaLLY.

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