Friday, 31 December 2010

I'm back :)

HELLO ;D I've missed you all.

I've gotta confess though, I did feel quite liberated. Like I could do exactly what I wanted, and wouldn't have to tell anyone:)

I didn't cycle for 2 whole weeks because of the weather, and then when I did? My body was so decrepit, I struggled like a Beetle trying to get up off it's back!! So I had to take a child with me where ever I went, (hardly stretching my Independence) After 10 days of trying to dry my bed out, and sleeping on the settee, the insurance company have just been and removed my bed, Finns bed, an Xbox360, a Playstation and loads of other gadgetry things.

Ahhhh this guy was so lovely today, I am genuinely touched (not physically) My router arrived complete with internet password. Because I aint very supple or savy!! I asked this guy to come and set it up for me and of course I would pay him cash. As apposed to sleeping with him, as had often been the case recently.(should I say that?) moby 07963501826 was today's wonderful guy, he didn't want a penny from me, or sex!! He said it was a late Xmas Pressie, ahhhhh how nice. I think he saw me and the kids, having the furniture removed from around us. I was however in a splendid mood, because I'd just been out for lunch to this really nice wine bar, with my bruvs family and my Mum, and it was the funniest time I've had in ages,

I have been cycling to the pub, and leading a very slovenly existence, I iaint cycled to my Mums, because I don't think that I would make it, plus it would mean cycling on the pavement (?) because of my 8 year old, who hasn't done his Cycling Proficiency thing yet. I know he's confident enough, perhaps a little over confident, and I'm not sure that his hearings good enough??? He is infact wiser than me at times, talking of which, it was last New Years Day, when I gashed my leg whilst trying to go up a BMX ramp, on a recumbent trike, eeeeeek, ouch!!

I keep meaning to pick up a strip of velcros to use as a hand brake, because the inner tubes I have keep spliting?? has anyone any ideas?

New Years Resolutions? Last/this year I made 12, and kept or achieved 9, so I'm pleased with what I achieved in 2010, Oooooooooh but what were they?? I write them down in the back of my diary, and look and beat myself up for not doing owt, which I know isn't good, but I just find it interesting to see where I've been and how low I have sunk:)


Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Chrimbo xxxxxxxx


I'm waiting for my Nut Roast, at my darling bruvs who is the Jamie Oliver of the family. I've just been to Mums with the kids and it was really sad :( to leave her there to be honest, because deep down I think she knew what was going on, despite been surrounded by wrapping paper and my children, and frivolities.

I will probably not get on here too often, because I need another Router, thing is it's got to be a Sky one!! and they reckoned it would be a couple of weeks. So i'm walking round looking very glum, at the moment. What with cycling and my independence as far down :( as the temperatures.

For those who don't know the reasons??? On Tuesday, I had the M----- F* of floods

gotta go

Monday, 20 December 2010


Apologies for being quiet, but I felt a bit of a fraud talking about cycling , when I haven't actually been on Ziggy this month!!! I have done a fair bit about talking about it, but like I say I feel shy :)

I am killing 100 birds with 1 stone tomorrow am. And maybe some kind person will grit my drive? I have used an abundence of table salt, but it must be very cold, because it's not made too much difference. I ended up on my arse (such a good job I had my cycling helmet on,!!!)on Saturday night, and that was my attempt at getting Ziggy out, for a ride, to the pub. I graciously accepted a lift instead. The woman I went drinking with, has a blind sister, and they both might be into Tandam cycling??? They are gonna come to Hillsborough' open day in March.

I've been invited to sit on the 'planning board' for the vacent shops. Although I have kept trying today, to speak to s'one, and it's only for the Social Services Services, urrrrrgh if you follow? But I'm sure I can weedle Cycling and Health Champs in there, or find out who can.

As soon as I get a date for Hillsborough, everyones invited, and I'm talking nibbles of FOOD :)

Thanks to folk who were concerned about me being very quiet. I miss life :(

I'm nipping to Zest tomorrow, among other things.

My little angels are home also, but they are going to their Dads for a bit.

Supermarkets won't deliver, I will miss Pat and my Tesco bus, but I have a plan :)

Friday, 17 December 2010

Sorry Sheff Cycle group :)

Ok, ok I am a drama queen! always have been. But at 2pm yesterday, the rate the snow was falling, I had to make a decision? Did my children, need to sleep an extra night, at their Dads, or not. I decided I would be responsible, and stay home :( Little did I know, that it wasn't gonna get bad?? I do think it got pretty tretcherous on the pavements though. And I could just hear in my head other 'grown ups' saying how foolish I'd been going out. This is as I lay there with a broken ankle!! I would have done it, if i'd got someone to see me home, but I couldn't have expected that.

Hello Karen:) a fellow Health Champ, who's got the total delight of working with the folk, at Autism Plus. She phoned to ask me if I'd go and give a little talk about my blog :D. Urrrrm, I don't know what I can tell them?? But I will give it a go :)

I may have to censor bits like remember the X box guy? well I was a right sucker there (litrally???) - should I take that bit out??? I mean remove it from my blog :D, and never mention J* name again??? Apparently all his workforce got hold of my blog/facebook page :D by typing in my mobile number. And well?....Serves him right because although he absolutely swears he's single, I think not. Ey it's been a right 'rude' post? sorry.

I aint been on Ziggy, I would have risked it, but s'one had come to help me wrap presents, and I couldn't really leave her and p* off, now could I???

I'm definately going out tomorrow evening, with a friend called Sally, I've not mentioned her before, my son used to play football with hers.

And I had a month of sowing some wild oats, I'm going back to being celebate now.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Sorry :(

I met Steve MarsdenCTC to collect my award today, I will put a photo up, when s'ones just reminded me how to do it!! It's the one Dan Joyce got for publishing the best Story ever written about cycling. Well in actual fact it says on it, that it's for writing it, which he correctly said that I did :) So that's nice. It's so cool, that I get recognition, for doing s'thing that I LOVE doing. I had actually thought we were meeting to suss out the 'Vacant Shop' that we'd been told we could publisize Hillsborough in. But no it was to buy me lunch and give me my award, ahhhh how honoured I felt, a whole 2.5 hours giving Steve Cauliflower Ear!! As we sat the snow got thicker, and thicker!! I made the decision, that I wouldn't go out later :( I thought I couldn't risk not getting home or slipping on ice and ending up, with a broken leg?? What will I do, if that happens??

We discussed many of my ambitious ideas :D and after speaking wi my mate at my Mums home, about some of the residents cycling in the lovely park. (you know Millhouses Park, the one I like :)) She thought it was good, and so did Steve. So didn't I do well ?

Anyway, it's soo bloody cold out.

I spoke to my SW this morning, who was so behind me challenging 'The Panel' about my SDS. And wanted me to go for it, I had worried that it may make her look bad.

Ooh Steve's mates lending Hillsborough a Trice, I'm not sure what model though.

We called at the 'Vacant Shop' which was all locked up :(

I had so much to do, but it took me 1.5 hours to get home!!!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

An email I sent today.

I am a brain damaged person, with a low IQ (it's been diagnosed) and even I can see the solution to my problems is a spare trike. Because I actually 'GET' the thought process behind SDS, maybe because of it's simplicity. Why don't these highly trained folk get it??? Maybe I can invite them to live my life for a day. And they would see how, such a simple answer, just does exactly what they seem to swear by,(it ticks all the boxes)

I don't know why I'm bothering though, because I can't have a more genuine case, I mean I think Jeanette and Mary knew me before I learnt to cycle. And I'm sure they can see the freedom my trike has given me.

I get the impression, that you want me to forget about this bit of my Support Plan, but this is the bit thats SO obvious.

If the Panel can't understand, I'm baffled as to what they've been hearing???

I really am upset by all this, because I see the simplicity of something so fantastic as SDS, and the benefits to ALL getting absolutely trashed by a load of intellectuals who don't fuckin get the picture!!

And YES Simon, I'd love to meet everyone on Thursday night. Thanks for asking.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Richards my star!! but not man.

I think I'm some sort of dullard, my brain thingy is worst than I think!! Because again with a new track pump, I couldn't figure out how to pump my tyre, without an awful lot of air out??????? So when Richard my cleaner/handyman arrived, I asked him to show me.....durrrrr you need to take this adapter off first Caroline!! (OOoops)

So having been to Tesco, seen Pat given him a pressie and card, to say thanks for helping me this year. (its the type of thing I could use my SDS on, if I got sufficient)I returned from Tesco, hopped on Ziggy and cycled to school. Near school, there is a little cul de sac, where some builders exclaimed Wow, look at that, I bet she's a dream to ride. (And no unfortunatley, I'm way past getting comments from builders)Of course they meant my trike. I chatted for a while and offered 'John' a go, I don't know what I was thimking, but I swore blind you didn't need to remove the wheel to get the tyre off and change it!! But he has an assortment of bikes, and we stood rubbing thighs, not together or each others I may add. He offered to swap my tyre whenever I needed it, and I told him in return he could take Ziggy for a shot occasionally. But despite me giving him my card, I don't know how to get hold of him, so if you're reading this. Get in touch please. It was great seeing everyone at school I haven't been there for a while. What with the snow, and big fat lunches.

I had a number of things I needed Steve M for, so yes I phoned him b4 I forgot them all. He was extremely jovial which was really nice, and was going to speak to Kevin Maine about me when he saw him in that is a bit scary!!

Kevin? do you recall Becky Marston gave that great talk in Birmingham, about that Hospital she visited? Well I wanted to get Steve's opinion, on whether I could cycle with 2 of Mums friends who have Cerebal Palsy, if they bought their own trikes. In the lovely Millhouses Park, once or twice a week? Because there is a lovely bridge from the home into the park. I'm sure it would be really pleasant. I'm just not sure if I'd be liable or owt?? I will have a word with my mate Karen down there, now I've got the all clear.

Ey Richard fixed my daughters pc, and didn't ask anything ;0)x

Monday, 13 December 2010

X box's Pcs, SDS, and Look Again

Thanks Jonathan for fixing my boys Xbox, but my girls pc still isn't working :( After I'd paid in kind as well as giving you £50.00 ;0) Soooo rude!!

I went to a coproduction meeting on SDS, where I met up with all the extremely influentual folk, who advised me to ask the Panel, to 'Look Again' so I have done. I was only there about 1.5 hours, but I worked so hard, well for me, come on steady on!!

Am I boring, I'm going through an insecure moment, here? It's because I've dried up (tut tut) don't go there!!!!

Hey I'm thinking about becoming applying to sit on the Board of the CTC, what do folk think??? I think it might be good for the CTC, to have someone on the board, wqith a disability?? But I'm quite willing not to if anyone wants to do it instead. And I'm not sure if I'll have enough time now, because I think applications have to be in, by the end of the month.

Hi Dave, 'Bambi on Ice' springs to mind :)xx

Sunday, 12 December 2010


I really forced myself to go to town today, and I am sooooo glad I did, I knew I would be. I bought 8 pressies, for my family etc, some of those battery operated Xmas lights to put on Ziggy, diaries, Calenders etc. Ey I'm rite proud I am!!(and totally skint!!) And I've just remembered I need £50 pounds for the morning to pay for the kids pc fixing!! (ive already paid for the X box, and in hard cash not in kind)

I've been asked to go to the Co production thingy. I'm dying to know if owts been done about mt personal budget???

I loved cycling to the bus stop!! I do love my life.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Hi :\

:( 1st my wee boy's Xbox isn't repaired yet, which meant my Cauliflower eared guy, didn't visit, (he hasn't really got cauliflower ears btw)He's bringing it Monday, but I've got an SDS Co Production thingy (I Give em my pound of flesh, don't I?)at 1 though, so he'll need to be quick!! Installing it, the x box that is!! I am disappointed though I thought he was keener to return the X box!!!

Hey!! I went for a ride today for the first time in 16 days? And I know I should have pumped tyres etc, well tried, I have invested in a new track pump, for what it's worth. And wow, it felt a little weird, as if my handle bars steering were some how nearer. I expect thats them normal, and my seats been raised??? It was good to get out under my own steam, it did scare me a bit. But no suprises there!!!!!

After Xmas though ? Rob Carol, I'd pay you handsomely (well a bit?) if you could come up to recycle, and service Ziggy, and show em the ropes???? Because, although I cycled to the shops, on the flat today, the tension in the gears kept going slack???? So although she's ridable, she's not perfect. And before I've had her a year, but there is no hurry because I think I got her in March. Maybe I could ask Greenspeed for any 'exclusive' tools that she needs.

I think we may miss out on the opportunity of the shop window, to advertise Hillsborough in. Because I feel like i'm stalking Steve Marsden at the moment, sorry flower.

Becky Marstons presentation has given me a fab idea though, but I'll sit on it for a while.

Friday, 10 December 2010

I found it :)

Sent on the 14th of Oct, in my very ham/kerry fisted way.

I hesitate as I write this, because I'm not all together sure that I've got this right? But if I have could you please explain a little further to me?

In 1988 I had a disabling RTA, which did in fact leave me in a wheelchair for a number of years. I attended Rehabilitation Therapy for two and a half years, learning to walk, talk, generally function!! But after suffering such a traumatic brain injury, the residual effects, are life long, and permanent now. With this in mind, I've been given the DLA for life now. Using this money, I have in the past bought a regular 7 seater Zaphera, which my non disabled husband drove. But now he has left me, and in an effort to gain some health and independence so I can continue to take care of my 2 young children, I learnt to cycle a 3 wheeled recumbent trike.

I have become a bit of a local celebrity, being a Health Champion, a Cycle Champion with the CTC, and a member of the Inclusive Cycling Forum. I cycle the school run everyday, but yet I cannot walk more than 30yards?? And my cardio vascular has improved immensely. In fact I have not needed to see my GP for 15months.

So I'll get back to my initial query? Is it correct that I wasn't charged VAT for a car that my husband drove? But was in fact charged about £500, for trying to improve my life by cycling, a 3 wheeled recumbent trike??????

I don't mean to be confrontational, that's not my style. I am genuinely puzzled, as to why, I don't understand the logic, behind it??

Caroline, Totley.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

My long awaited reply from Mr Clegg :)

Hey, I'm sorry not to include tricycles, bicycles, and unicycles. I was being selfish, and just thinking about myself :) I just thought best to go for one thing at a time.

But I think now if everyone contacts their own MP so that when Nick Clegg looks into the matter, he doesn't think I'm alone in thinking this way.


Dear Ms Waugh

Thank you for your email of the 20th October concerning the VAT payable on recumbent trikes.

Firstly I must apologise for the delay in replying. Can I suggest that in future you use my contact details for my constituency office if you wish to write to me again as this is the most efficient route for constituents to use.

You are to be commended on your determination to remain fit and independent despite your disability. This is to say I have written to David Gauke MP, the Exchequer Secretary to ask for further information on this matter.

Yours sincerely


Nick Clegg MP

Sheffield Hallam
Office: 85 Nethergreen Road, Sheffield, S11 7EH
Tel: 0114 230 9002 Fax: 0114 230 9614

Does anyone remember me giving that guy Cauliflower ear,and he'd only come to mend my sons game console???? :D Well he came back today ;) and well we had lunch and he's very nice, well he must be to listen to me going on and on. And he's only 34!!!
Oooooooooooh and he fixed my plumbing!! No not that, I'd got a burst pipe not on my person I might add. Ooooooh he is good with his hands tho'!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, he had to take my childrens pc, and my sons game console. So watch this space :) (he's reading this!!!! Hello Jonathan)

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Ahhh, today was so lovely, I can't say too much, but let's just say I didn't have to. My presence was large enough (bum! bum!) Hey, some might even have said, I was the elephant in the corner of the room, at the SDS co production team.

And I have in the past worked closely with a woman called Hannah Boneham, who'd been offered the opportunity to use a shut down shop space, in the city centre, to 'advertise' Social Services kinda stuff. Immediately I asked if I could bring Ziggy my trike, to advertise, what other disability service were available at Hillsborough. She had guessed, I would say that, (am I so predictable?) and thought it was a super idea, how exciting!!!!

Do you remember, I went to Birmingham for an Inclusive Cycling Forum meeting in October??? and Becky Marston did a presentation on her work???? Well I kinda thought Steve Marsden CTC, could do the same about Hillsborough, well he could:) So I've suggested it to everyone, and Yes, fingers crossed everyone thought it would be good. I do keep him on his toes!! S'one once told him he was really lucky to have me :D (v funny)

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

SDS co production panel

I know it's laughable!!! I'm sitting on the board tomorrow, I will try and be subtle!! but I don't see how my plan/budget was co produced, because they binned all my very sensible siggestions.

Monday, 6 December 2010


When you hear next Monday... Do you think this Monday, or a week on Monday? Either way, I got the shock of my life, when I happened to get an email off Steve Marsden(CTC) asking if I was ok for lunch in Endcliffe Park like we'd arranged, 'Urmm but that was for next Monday, wasn't it? I spurted excitedly, as I sat there in my PJs. Having not seen real sunlight for 8 days!!in the flesh anyway!!Anyway I slipped and skided down my path and stepped into my usual taxi, which struggled up the road my hair forming icicles because It was soaking.(i imagined it was)- humor me :D

Six of us ate massive food, some had had the pleasure of cycling and subconsciously sticking 2 fingers up at the grid locked traffic, no doubt. I miss my freedom, and I know I could not make it to my Mums, or even to the shops. Taxis weren't taking bookings so I had to get a bus into town, and one out. I set off on my return home at 2.30 and walked in the door at 4.00, fortunately my ex and Julie Andrews looked after D and F, who were delighted to see me when I walked in. But I couldn't collapse into a chair with pure relief at not ending up on my backside. I immediately had to become Foxy Lady, no not like that!!! I had to invent a Fox' costume for my lil boy, for tomorrow!! I won't bore you, but it's done!!!

I may look into doing Cycle For Health with Pam at Endcliffe, as soon as the weather allows it. Because I will miss folk.

Steve thanked us all, but shouldn't have been us thanking him?

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Postponed Xmas Lunch

I was supposed to be going to The CTCs Sheffield and North East Derbyshire's Xmas lunch today, but due to the weather, it's been postponed (is it one n or 2)I think it's 1.
So the new date is the 16th of January 2011, I much prefer celebration type things in the New Year, I know it's not the point!! But I go all maudling, at Xmas, and fret to much about everybody else, and whether their having a good time!! So lets hope for better weather by January.(I've tried 100 times to copy and paste your blog ad Barry:()

Friday, 3 December 2010

life line

It's a bit scary to admit, but cycling has become my life line? I was a bit shocked when I read it in Steves note to my SW, but he really was right!!

A woman phoned this evening and I can't for the life of me, remember her name? durrrrrrrr,but I had to email a copy of my eeeeek.....achievements like journeys to where? how far? how frequent?how it made me feel? And post them onto a guy named Paul McKenna (doesn't he bend spoons?)I think she was from Sustrans.

I feel pretty crap, I had huge battles to make my big girl go to school, 'You are the cruelist Mother!!!' she screamed, as I pushed her out the door this morning. I must admit, I wouldn'ty have gone out. But I remember :) when I were a lass (a very slim one too)we always had snow like it's been this time. And I had to walk about 3 miles uphill to Silverdale School. We never had days off!!!

My wee boys mate was round for tea, and his Mum was lovely and fetched some food and wine :)

Another friend called to see if I needed owt, which was nice because she aint been before, and she sounded keen to come to the Spit, with me and the kids :)

Do I sound desperate?

Thursday, 2 December 2010

I'm fed up, predictably

I aint really cycled properly for 6 days, and whilst I enjoyed the fact that I wasn't beating myself up about 'taking time out'. I've had enough now. I really hate the snow, It's a good job everything grinds to a halt, because I wouldn't be able to do owt because 'my little darlings' have been off all week. And they keep piling outside onto the park, playing 'Snow Angels' coming back in for Hot Chocolate, draping wet clothes on radiators around the house. Only to repeat the whole scenario an hour later. I musn't grumble, I did miss them in the peace and tranquility I experienced this afternoon.

An email Steve M sent today, lets hope it does the trick.

Hi Jenny.

I thought I would let you know why I support Caroline and should be offered every opportunity to continue cycling. Her trike is her lifeline if a break down occurs, by break down I mean it could be something as simple as a flat tyre. For a non disabled person, this takes a matter of minutes, for Caroline, I have known her persevere, at pumping a tyre for 2hrs and still not be successful. She has been on our basic maintenance course but I know the she finds it difficult to fix faults on her bike. Some of the faults could be much more complex where her trike might spend a few days in Recycle workshop, the knock on effect of Caroline not cycling, doesn't only affects her personal health and frame of mind, but affects her family too. I have spoken to her on many occasions when her trike is off the road and I know how much it affects her. After working hard to take steps forward in her independence, she is easily knocked back and looses some of her independence having to ask friends and family to meet her children from school, and give her lifts, to visit her sick Mum, instead of cycling to a bus stop, and using public transport, she has to use taxies.

I know cycling isn't the only useful community activity she does, her active 'Role Model' at The Wheels For All, cycling is crucial and very supportive, I know it inspires her as much as it does the people she comes into contact with. We as part of the CTC, went through the experience of Caroline spending 8 months choosing her present trike that the CTC helped her buy the trike, that we do know which ones 'work' for her, this is why I recommend and because of her inability to look downwards and balance issues a low riding recumbent is ideal. And the Greenspeed Anura is ideal.

I hope this helps Caroline and yourself in making the decision.