Tuesday, 31 December 2013

It's all gone black.....

The things I do, for my wee boy :) but I do feel a bit bad for leaving my 15 year old on her own, whilst I go to the disco, at the Spit. But as she said... what 15 year old wants to spend New Years Eve, with their Mum. Well that's fine! because my 11 year old does! So I'm off to the pub at 9.00, wish me luck, it's dark out there.

I will be strutting my stuff, and embarrassing folk no doubt

I wish everyone out there a Happy New Year, and lets hope it's better than this year...because it has been a bit dier, it all started with the death of Nigel West at the beginning of Feb, and I just haven't got over that I don't think, because I keep thinking, how much better things could be if he were around..

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The 3 wise meeepeople.

Just a quickie from me, :) I really appreciated a visit from Dave H, this morning. It was kinda nice to know, I was worth a visit, so thanks Dave. In his opinion, it should be really straight forward to move the control  panel of the Pedal Assist to the steering post on the left hand side? where there was a left mirror. So with a few Allen Keys, and some metal ties? The wire should be long enough to divert down, the cross bar, and lead off to the left. Because I really am fumbling in the dark,  and just pressing blindly!

My neighbour called, worse for wear :) I had made some mulled wine and mince pies....well a bit of a fib, I bought them from the coop and heated them!!

Julie Andrews called last bearing Xmas gifts, a fab scarf :) It's really nice, just call me .........woman who got her scarf tangled in her bicycle???

There I told you it was a quickie, I bid thee goodnight, I'm going to bed, so that the morning comes quicker :) ....that's what my very excited Son said at about 7pm!!

Meffy Xmas!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 23 December 2013

Lucky Holly, Lucky Me :)

Today, it rained!! and it poured but horizontally The cupboards were bare, but there was no way, that either of my young fit children, were venturing to the shops.  And I knew I'd feel better, if I cycled with Holly dog, so I did and I do!!

Hi Kev? I fancy Peppercorn for food, it's at Dore Station? Your emails keep bouncing back.

In case I don't see you all b4 Xmas, have a good one, and love you all. x

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Winter Solstice

And thank goodness for that, as I'm having real problems wi my eye's in the dark/ judging distance/looking down!!!! It really makes me want to cry!! It's like I tackle one problem, and encounter another, obstacle.  I went up the road to a mates last night, for a Chinese......take away. And my chain kept coming off my sprocket, and then the derailler :(  And then both simultaneously :( And you know how it is? When you know every inch of your fave bike? Well I'm not familiar with my new boom sprocket, derailleur, so I was totally helpless on this steep hill!! I asked this guy if I could borrow a torch please, he stuck his head out the front door and replied 'sorry love, we don't have a torch', so I suggested they shone their mobile phone? I couldn't begin to put the chain back and hold the light.  He claimed they didn't have a mobile phone.  Then like Angels on a Holy night, daisy's friends appeared from nowhere and said, 'what's up Caroline, Can we help' And this girl who's better known for the problems she causes in the community, maybe because of her ADHD . Got her hands covered in oil and set about the derailleur first :) Bless her, she was an absolute star.

We ate laughed, and chatted and drank a tiny bit.  And I said how I needed a cycling buddy to show me a good way to Hillsborough Park, it was like an Important scene in a film, where a plan is hatched!!! Because we are going to make a day of it, the 3 of us!! And it won't cost me more than a round of drinks, I so hope it works out, and it will all be in the light, as I plan to get Community transport back.  Weather permitting, it will be when the kids go back to school.

That was yesterday, and this is today....;(, I went Zooming fast wi Holly whippet dog, keeping up as I sped down the dual carriageway. (without wing mirrors!!) I do need to sort that :( I also need to sort a spare 16'' inner tube....Rob please? I just crossed the pavement today, as I left the Tesco car park. A wee girl stepped in front of me, and I slammed my brakes on and foot on the pedal (FFS!!, what a mistake, that was.) It was like 4 years ago, the sprocket spun round, and totally spun into opposite places!!! Only this time, the teeth didn't stick in my shin causing me 16 stiches, I'm happy to say. Because the GT5 has a beautiful sexy guard on the sprocket. Hey 4 years ago I couldn't have begun to repair that.  But hey, I knew what the problem was, and fixed it in a jiffy. You see I can be practical and tough s'times ?

Friday, 20 December 2013


I've just had a near miss, I'm not sure who's fault it was so I couldn't get arsey!! I suspect we both should have been going slower, considering all the parked cars, (some on her side one on mine) But i9 screeched to a halt, nearly squashed Holly dog It was my fault on reflection!!! She wound down the window hurting abuise at me and ziggy, and having a dog. Oh wekk, i'll be extra careful, honest!!Reply

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Am I just too sensible :)

I can't and won't say who and why, because I feel disloyal, but I am in comparison to my friends a very boring and sensible woman.  And I can't wait to go to Hillsborough tomorrow, to see my mate Dave. But I hope the weather clears up a bit. Gotta go my 11 year old wants me. Will he still ever grow out of it.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

I know the cure! But just can't......it's a seasonal thing.

If I could only get out of these pyjamas!!! and cycle, I wouldn't feel like sleeping at all.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

I'm confused.

I love the new speed at which I can get places, on the new 'improved model of Ziggy' but I'm not sure that I love her anymore??? She doesn't stand still when I want her too:( knocking me nearly over, when I pause in front of her (steady on she's not so heavy that she actually could!!) I can hardly use the brake on my left, because of the controls for the pedal assist. But Steve Marsden, has a bit of a plan?? I suggested pipe lagging round the cables? It was good :D don't laugh!!I can't actually read the dial, because it involves me looking down, so it stays in what I initially set it at. Urrrrm I'm scared of going too far, incase I can't get home. But I am getting there honest!! And I hate to grumble to Rob and Carol, as they've been marvellous. It's me, not you type of thing :)

I am now part of the Social Care Institute of excellence, after going for an interview in London, and rolling Ziggy, on my way home on the dual carriageway. Long story, but it was rush hour I hadn't got fabrear lights, so I'd decided, to cycle on the pavement. Which was blocked off every 30metres, because they are changing the lampposts. At one such post, I was trying to go down, what I believed to be a dropped curb, which wasn't! Causing me to 'Spill' as half my seat stayed and thje other half dropped!! I cried, and a knight in a white BMW  pulled up and asked if I was ok? I started to cry!! So he went to fetch his pick up truck :)

I loved the fact that I made it to finns pantomime, in 4mins instead of 20 today.

I didn't go to Hillsborough to see Dave :( I had too much shoppuing to do, I'm such a Barrr Humbug you know!!

I went for a gorgeous meal with Pam last night, who treated me, she's soooo kind :)

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Don't panic :)

My post has gone, the one that instructed everyone, where I was leaving Ziggy, chained up for the day!!

I am still terrified of going it alone, for a long ride. I need some guidance on how to change the speed/assistance, because it seems to have only one at the moment, which was fantastic.

I'm helping out at disability Sheffield tomorrow, and then going straight onto a Brain Injury Research evaluation. All for LOVE :)