Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Am I just too sensible :)

I can't and won't say who and why, because I feel disloyal, but I am in comparison to my friends a very boring and sensible woman.  And I can't wait to go to Hillsborough tomorrow, to see my mate Dave. But I hope the weather clears up a bit. Gotta go my 11 year old wants me. Will he still ever grow out of it.


  1. Timerous maybe... but we all have our crazy side

  2. Had to look up 'timorous' :)

    I've just had a near miss, I'm not sure who's fault it was so I couldn't get arsey!! I suspect we both should have been going slower, considering all the parked cars, (some on her side one on mine) But i9 screeched to a halt, nearly squashed Holly dog It was my fault on reflection!!! She wound down the window hurting abuise at me and ziggy, and having a dog. Oh wekk, i'll be extra careful, honest!!