Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The 3 wise meeepeople.

Just a quickie from me, :) I really appreciated a visit from Dave H, this morning. It was kinda nice to know, I was worth a visit, so thanks Dave. In his opinion, it should be really straight forward to move the control  panel of the Pedal Assist to the steering post on the left hand side? where there was a left mirror. So with a few Allen Keys, and some metal ties? The wire should be long enough to divert down, the cross bar, and lead off to the left. Because I really am fumbling in the dark,  and just pressing blindly!

My neighbour called, worse for wear :) I had made some mulled wine and mince pies....well a bit of a fib, I bought them from the coop and heated them!!

Julie Andrews called last bearing Xmas gifts, a fab scarf :) It's really nice, just call me .........woman who got her scarf tangled in her bicycle???

There I told you it was a quickie, I bid thee goodnight, I'm going to bed, so that the morning comes quicker :) ....that's what my very excited Son said at about 7pm!!

Meffy Xmas!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. It's actually zip ties you need - cut the ones holding the cable to the handlebars and move the cable over to the crossbar. The steerer tube extends up from the bearings (headset) and is roughly the same diameter as the handlebars, so the control unit with fit directly.

    Lack of zipties (and the need to dig out my tools) meant I was reluctant to get stuck in on the job, which should actually be fairly quick to do.