Saturday, 21 December 2013

Winter Solstice

And thank goodness for that, as I'm having real problems wi my eye's in the dark/ judging distance/looking down!!!! It really makes me want to cry!! It's like I tackle one problem, and encounter another, obstacle.  I went up the road to a mates last night, for a Chinese......take away. And my chain kept coming off my sprocket, and then the derailler :(  And then both simultaneously :( And you know how it is? When you know every inch of your fave bike? Well I'm not familiar with my new boom sprocket, derailleur, so I was totally helpless on this steep hill!! I asked this guy if I could borrow a torch please, he stuck his head out the front door and replied 'sorry love, we don't have a torch', so I suggested they shone their mobile phone? I couldn't begin to put the chain back and hold the light.  He claimed they didn't have a mobile phone.  Then like Angels on a Holy night, daisy's friends appeared from nowhere and said, 'what's up Caroline, Can we help' And this girl who's better known for the problems she causes in the community, maybe because of her ADHD . Got her hands covered in oil and set about the derailleur first :) Bless her, she was an absolute star.

We ate laughed, and chatted and drank a tiny bit.  And I said how I needed a cycling buddy to show me a good way to Hillsborough Park, it was like an Important scene in a film, where a plan is hatched!!! Because we are going to make a day of it, the 3 of us!! And it won't cost me more than a round of drinks, I so hope it works out, and it will all be in the light, as I plan to get Community transport back.  Weather permitting, it will be when the kids go back to school.

That was yesterday, and this is today....;(, I went Zooming fast wi Holly whippet dog, keeping up as I sped down the dual carriageway. (without wing mirrors!!) I do need to sort that :( I also need to sort a spare 16'' inner tube....Rob please? I just crossed the pavement today, as I left the Tesco car park. A wee girl stepped in front of me, and I slammed my brakes on and foot on the pedal (FFS!!, what a mistake, that was.) It was like 4 years ago, the sprocket spun round, and totally spun into opposite places!!! Only this time, the teeth didn't stick in my shin causing me 16 stiches, I'm happy to say. Because the GT5 has a beautiful sexy guard on the sprocket. Hey 4 years ago I couldn't have begun to repair that.  But hey, I knew what the problem was, and fixed it in a jiffy. You see I can be practical and tough s'times ?

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