Thursday, 12 December 2013

I'm confused.

I love the new speed at which I can get places, on the new 'improved model of Ziggy' but I'm not sure that I love her anymore??? She doesn't stand still when I want her too:( knocking me nearly over, when I pause in front of her (steady on she's not so heavy that she actually could!!) I can hardly use the brake on my left, because of the controls for the pedal assist. But Steve Marsden, has a bit of a plan?? I suggested pipe lagging round the cables? It was good :D don't laugh!!I can't actually read the dial, because it involves me looking down, so it stays in what I initially set it at. Urrrrm I'm scared of going too far, incase I can't get home. But I am getting there honest!! And I hate to grumble to Rob and Carol, as they've been marvellous. It's me, not you type of thing :)

I am now part of the Social Care Institute of excellence, after going for an interview in London, and rolling Ziggy, on my way home on the dual carriageway. Long story, but it was rush hour I hadn't got fabrear lights, so I'd decided, to cycle on the pavement. Which was blocked off every 30metres, because they are changing the lampposts. At one such post, I was trying to go down, what I believed to be a dropped curb, which wasn't! Causing me to 'Spill' as half my seat stayed and thje other half dropped!! I cried, and a knight in a white BMW  pulled up and asked if I was ok? I started to cry!! So he went to fetch his pick up truck :)

I loved the fact that I made it to finns pantomime, in 4mins instead of 20 today.

I didn't go to Hillsborough to see Dave :( I had too much shoppuing to do, I'm such a Barrr Humbug you know!!

I went for a gorgeous meal with Pam last night, who treated me, she's soooo kind :)


  1. caroline are your brake levers interdependent or both front brakes on one lever i converted my trike so both front brakes are on my right hand left hand is on the rear wheel as a drag brake

  2. oooh mot sure, it's a tadpole.... as I presume it's one for each side. But such a good idea!! Thank you.

  3. Ask Steve if he can move the controller - I guess it just straps onto the handlebar....
    Worst case you might need to pop the brake lever off the handlebar, slide the assist controller below the brake lever then put the brake lever back on.
    Should be straight forward to juggle....
    Bah, this is why I wanted it done here, but we didn't want to leave you without transport for any longer than necessary.