Wednesday, 31 March 2010

skip, skip...trrrrrrrip!!

You all know the advert for ****plast plasters? the one in a little girl in a white frock skipping a long in the sunshine? Well metaphoricly speaking, thats me (honest!). But then she stumbles forward and trrrrrrips, and hopefully that won't be me. I just feel my life is so perfect at the moment, that s'things bound to happen to spoil that.

I really enjoy my Wednesdays, that I have been working, only it's not like hard work, I do come away a bit exhausted though. And today, we had to move to a quieter room because, I just couldnt concentrate, to answer the question, was that a symptom of brain damage? or just 'normal' too much noise. It did put me in mind of my ICDH class, so I'll have to be mindful, of it???

I had to laugh at the taxi driver, :D he said, in an extremely condescending but gruff voice, 'So have you been to a day centre then luv' So I replied in my poshest voice, 'No I teach Post Graduate Social Workers, the advantages of a government initiative, called Independant Budgeting.' It sounded good anyway, and indeed they do learn from me.

Thank goodness my little girls in London, for the day, and my wee boy had gone to football practice with next doors boys. So utter bliss, I staggered to the settee and crashed

Night, Night (skip, skip, skip, trrrrrip) It just makes me smile that :D xx

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Tesco :)

I'm so happy to be rigid!! Does that sound pervy or s'thing? I mean in my routine, but I had planned to go to town, to pick up my moby, so all you folks could have some photos (I reckon, Im doing well if theres 2 peeps. I love it when you comment btw) But I took advantage of the tesco bus, so I could fetch some easter eggs.

On my return journey, Pat pulled up at the end of my road, I said thank you and stepped off the bus leaving my shopper by my seat. He stepped out of his cabin, and heaved at what is usually a very heavy shopper. It swang lightly from the end of his arm :D I laughed anyway!!! But you had to be there, sorry.

Anyway, I decided my moby can wait until Saturday.

I cycled to my friends to gi her a b'day pressie, not far but a very steep hill. The gears feel a bit tighter, since yesterday :(

I have been boring today, soz folks. x

Monday, 29 March 2010

Thank you

Eeeeeeeeeek, it's one of my humble days. I woke up late this morning, because I hadn't accounted for the clocks going forward, on my cental heating boiler, which is what wakes me up. When I have no children. So I was mortified when Steve Marsden, knocked on my door!!

I fumbled with my keys in the lock, and wiping the sleep from my eyes, greeted the extrodinarily bright and cheerful Mr Marsden. Why are folk alway happy and energetic, when I'm decidely not!! He promised he'd show her a good time ;) As I passed him the keys to get Ziggy out, and take her away mountain triking.

I arrived at my ICDH course a little late, but all was well.

Today was to be another 'scanners' day, where my head filled with facts, and not the 'pink and fluffy' normal type of facts but the kind of 'furrowed brow' type. It was on Community Development and Health Promotion. Which I think I get, but now I've come to write about it, I'm not so sure. Now I am heavily involved with both types, or should I say, I do what I enjoy. And this may over lap into Community Development or Health Development, as I often find what's taken up by the community, as a good idea was often initiated by a Health Promotion. Like the Cycle Touring Club, investing money to buy bikes, and pay trainers and a lot of effort, into regular cycling meets. Which since then have turned into Cycle For Health, with the CTC having little to do with it anymore.

An example of me being totally empowered, by a Community Development, is the ingredients, that went into me achieving my goal. Which was to cycle to school with my children' firstly I used a sign posting organisation, called Pace setters. Who put me in toucxh with the CTC, (I know this is very boring to some of you readers, but I have to show, that I understand the process) I then got in touch with there recommendation, this showed, that I was willing to say what I wanted, and go out of my way, I then had to fight any embarrasment and meet the guy. Who was from the CTC, and of course you all know was Steve Marsden. When Steve suggested that I join, Cycle For Health, and Pedal Ready and he'd take a tricycle along for me to use, I was giddy with excitment. What would all my friends say if I couldn't do it? My mates and I usually meet for a drink on Friday, and kind talk about the week, what would everyone make of this? :D

I successfully did my first week, and infact another 11 after that. I think my most memorable week was cycling to Forge Dam, from Hunters Bar. Ok, ok, it aint very far but for me, who'd not really managed to walk further than 30 yards independantly, it was 100 times further, than I could have even dreamt of. That night I didn't sleep, wow this meant I could now ride with my children to school, urrrrr when I'd found a trike. And something that was close to my heart, I would be able to send my mobility scooter back to the supplier, and pocket the £120 a month!! All this was providing, I could borrow 'Gretal' the tricycle, to take home, Steve agreed, and I stored her in my shed, as apposed to the CTCs.

In October of this year, I sought out Nigel West who ran a Health Promotion, who promised to fund my taking part in various Cycling initiatives throughout the city. Because I suppose in my experience, I have made some non disabled folk think, if Caroline can do it, and be a happy positive person. If I cycle I might be happy too. So I love the fact that I over lap these two establishments, and I am in a win win win situation.

I must mention, a couple of folk today, Firstly my ex FB ;) (say it like it is) who was gonna come from Leeds to take me there tomorow, but I aint going, it just eats up to much time. So thanks for that thought Paul, it's nice, to know you care. And the genuine concern a couple of classmates showed when I said I didnt feel well today. Rather quickly Debs and Julie came with me for a 'waz' :D with Val following. Why that happened I don't know, other than the noise again was a bit kind of 'frantic' at times. Lastly my darling H, who instead of leaving me standing getting wet, beconed me into her nice warm car, and brought me home.

And lastly Steve :) my lovely friend, who's just dropped Ziggy off.

I love you all.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Hi :)

There's a lot to be said for cyclings medicinal qualities. I psyched my wee boy up to come exploring with me, today because I knew that I wouldn't chicken out then. And I hate to admit it, but in comparison with me at times. He is Mr Sensible sitting on my left shoulder. My intention was to go a wee bit further than we got today, but the path was too muddy, for my tyres to grip too, and they just kept spining round. We did however find, on the 'public' footpath, a bridge crossing a fast flowing stream. Which was not passable to all the public, I must be freaky or something? because it was a single plank of wood with a hand rail on either I lifted the front 2 wheels high above the hand rail, and F pushed the single wheel along the plank. (yeah right public? I wouldn't have been able to use it, if I was in a wheelchair!! We did laugh though, I love getting muddy, and doing stuff wi my kids. I let my son drag Ziggy to the top of this rugged path, sit in her with his feet sticking out, hands over brakes, and bounce to the bottom.

Anyway the point of today, was to help me get back to my positive self :) 'Which despite the decorators been in' I am :)

Is anyone there?


Friday, 26 March 2010

strong, independent, solo, soft centred

It's 8pm, and I've just got back from the pub, I gave into kiddy pressure and took them for their tea. I promised 1 hour, and stopped for 3!!! I cycled to nursey this am, and expected the pursed lips treatment. But instead the nurse was very pleased with my progress, and had to reduce the size of the gauze she was using, again. So in 3 months it's gone from 15cm to 5cm. I know it's a while, but it's getting there.

Suprisingly, I was hurt a little bit by my wee boy been very excited about the extravegance my ex and new partner are going to for their wedding, and who was going. I think it was more the latter, to be honest, and I wasn't part of my children having a good time......i know, I have to move on, and I can definately say I have, thats why I was suprised.

But then WHAM, an unexpected blast from the past, got in touch to say bye :( Which did hurt more even though, I aint seen him for 2 years, it was the fact that I will never see him again or be able to get in touch ever!! (it's a long story)

I'm whinging aren't I?

I needed my spirits lifting, when Steve phoned :) and told me to get out on my trike, it would make me feel better, and indeed it did. Anyway, he wanted to borrow Ziggy, on Monday, to take her mountain triking. I said yes straight away, 1 because it was him, and I am in awe of him totally, in a nice respectful way, honestly. And 2 because Ziggys like a horse, or something, and I think she would enjoy it :) Yep i know it sounds bonkers!!

Tomorrow my wee boy's promised to come exploring a new route, on our bikes. I'm a rite wuss, I should go on my own really, and not give him all that responsibility. But he likes it, and it is quite sensible ....honest it is?

So why have I described myself as strong? because :) 'You may be able to snap a single stick (hey, thats novel, describing myself as a stick) but it's a lot harder to snap a bunch of sticks together!!) that's me, family and my mates that is!! I'm really waffling and I aint touched a drop.

Night, I love you all. xx

Thursday, 25 March 2010

:) sleepy but content.

I saw my fave man today, (Steve CTC) which was nice :) I got some pics of him on Ziggy, which will appear when he sends them me. I'm so proud of the fact that I own her, and she's so good, I mean, I had a go on a couple of KMX carts, which I honestly considered getting because they were cheaper. But do you know they were so difficult, I'd have failed, and hated myself forever! Anyway after cruising up and down this road looking for The Quadrant, we spotted a couple of likely lads on cycles, 'follow those bikes' I said, they were Steve and Gavin. We pulled up and the taxi driver turned to me and said '£19.00 !!! No way! I exclaimed, would you charge me that much extra, if I'd have been using a wheel chair!!!! Because its the same principle. I didn't want to be stranded out there, so I gave him £14, and told him it would have to do. I met some interesting folk, today. So thanks for the invite Louise. If you send me your email addy, I'll send Maggie a mail introducing you.

The weathers picking up for the Robs, who will be off on their travels :)

I'm so glad I've only got nursey tomorrow, :) She'll not be happy because I aint been for about 10 days.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Fantastic Mood

Wey hey, just sit me on a roller coaster!!

Ok, I know I've not been on my trike today, I was working, and spreading a bit of positivity about cycling mostly. And I met Mike, who's cycling Derby - eeeeek, I can't remember oops, it's along way anyway.

Hi to everyone I met today :) I hope you got the jist of Individual Budgeting, and the huge impact it has made, because I was able to fund the most life changing, experience I've had in the past 20 years, (apart from having children). And that was learning to cycle, it has granted me such independence and made me so many different contacts. Once, I would have never had the confidence , to think I would ever be accepted as a friend by so many.

I'm in a super mood because hopefully I'm seeing my star of a man, Mr Marsden tomorrow. And an old friend has been in touch today :) x

Thanks to everyone for their concern yesterday.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


It's all gone black :(

Ok i'm sorry for being vague, my close encounter with a younger man ;) is fast becoming a distant memory. Have I got 'Gullable t*' written on my forhead?

And I'm ashamed to say, the least cycling I do the less I feel like doing it. I have to have an incentive or a motive, so the school runs about my limit and because I'm low, I don't feel like my health and happiness are a big enough drive, today. :(

Monday, 22 March 2010


Tomorrow has been changed now, I can be more useful, if I go to Leeds for The Health Champions in a weeks time. Which suits me.

Thinking of all you lovely supportive folk :)xx

Saturday, 20 March 2010


You know? I reckon there's a lot of truth in my brain being aged 21!! I shall not say anymore unless something becomes of my big bravado impulsive action. But, in my hour of sanity I think, Oh dear, I've done it again. It's because I'm single, and as my kids will tolerate sleeping at their Dads, (i think they love it, but don't let on) it comes in handy sometimes :)

I'm sorry for being boring today. And I'm really sorry Barry, if youre reading this but I aint coming on the bike tram tomorrow, which leaves Sheffield Cathederal at 9.45 am, and takes riders and their bikes to Rother Valley till 3 and then returns. I have got such a busy week, this week, I'm hibernating all weekend, and being a right miserable git.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Awww Dave :)

What a gorgeous day? So sunny :)

My f* borrowed phone, borrowed whilst my own phone is being repaired, has broken, how crap is that? Consequently I have been in limbo today. but actually suprisingly liberated. I find it difficult to get on with life when my computer breaks. But I'm happy to say, I can live without my moby.

I breathed a 'you can't win em all' type of happy sigh as my children opted for an easy lift with next door, as opposed to cycling to school.

I had loads of phone calls to make before I left for my monthly (not related to my cycle.....I'm sure there's another punn there, but as you may have noticed? I'm just not funny enough) It was my BIRRP meeting, Brain Injury Rehab Research Partnership, today. And we were all in fine voice, so it was good. I spoke a bit about my limited knowledge of 'Flourish', Becky one of the social workers knew a bit more, and Rod even attended sometimes. My brain feels already full to capacity, so I refused to take on any more tasks. I imagine you readers think I have a nice cushy life, which it is...most of the time :) but my brain can't cope with owt too much, I lead a simple, but intelligent life, Does it make sense? does it b*!! :)

Got home and Dave Bocking, the blogmaster, came round. He cycled, I just weezed on behind, but yes Rob, I think I get the gears now, I'm just having to stop and manually move the 'slumfph' gear, at the moment. He is such a fantastic cycle trainer, and my children adore him. He reckons I've done my level 2 in cycling which would mean I could do the assistant cycle trainer course.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

:)zzzzzzzzz sleeping.

My children were like little angels this morning, and kissed me with fresh minty toothpaste breath, before racing off to school, it's rare I know, even I had to blink again!!

Steve text me to say he couldn't join me this am, at the CIS launch. (Centre of Independance Sheffield) and I am so glad he didn't go, because he wouldn't have enjoyed it. Although I did quite a good job being his Pa and arranging stuff.

I met some interesting folk today, and I have some calls to make tomorrow, regarding cycling at Tissington. When I get home from the BIRRP meeting.

I had to go into town after, to sort my moby out because urrrrrgh the charger snapped off in the hole....ooooh er mrs this morning. (I'm tired please excuse my immature behaviour)

Ohhhh Louise phoned this a.m, and asked me if I'd appear in some Pedal Ready type road show? but it's next week which is already looking choca. Because on Tuesday....this is so brave, I'm cycling to Dore train station, and going to Leeds changing in Sheffield. I'm gonna leave Ziggy at Dore though, until my return at about 4. Because I'm sooo busy triking it next week, I got her insured, £36 a month. Which I understand to be a good deal.

Hi Claire.....:)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


If you were lucky enough to get a pic today via moby, I'll say this 1 more time!! It is of my leg, not of my 'p***y although it is a little p***y!! :)

I kinda struggled a bit on Ziggy, on the school run, my legs seemed to be spinning round but I wasn't getting anywhere. And the other setting was just hard work. I chose the hard work option, as it seemed quicker.

I loved this morning, I zoomed off to chat to some Mums, who were standing at the end of my road, and of course I was stopped in the road gossiping. Suddenly this big black van pulls up, and a voice shouts 'Get Off The Road!!' My friends were mortified but I recognised the voice. It was my man of the moment Mr Steve Marsden, 'I want a go' he shouted.

I said 'Good Morning' to anyone else I saw, I was in a good mood, it was a nice day.

Steve tweeked Ziggy a bit, to make things easier for me. And then a guy from the council visited, and said who's is that bike, it's fab? A long chat followed, about creatures in my loft. But not mice rats or squirells, wood burners and bikes :)

His name was Mike, and he jumped at my offer and he was off down the road and he couldnt believe what a tight turn it had, I felt great, and so proud.

My mate Julie Andrews called in, and they both stopped all morning, which was nice. I arranged to to see Steve in the morning, at the relaunch of Sheffields Independant Living, because we are one of the success stories.

I cycled to school at pick up time, with ease, it was great.

I felt a bit foolish, but I gave Steve a tin of Fox's biscuits, as a pressie for him and his family. For getting me cycling.

I've only just dared to give out thank yous, because it's like saying it has been a success, and I haven't dared, up until now. I've kept thinking my bubble will burst.

Monday, 15 March 2010


I was still buzzin a bit from yesterday, you know, all the blue birds singing and stuff ;) Especially as my new friend, had said he'd hep me out with some techy stuff, I aint techy.

Today's lesson was on recognising the strengths within my community, whether it be paid or voluntary. The best example, of a service I personally struggle with (but love)and deliberately don't choose the easier option. Is my community Tesco bus, I could save time and effort, for the cost of £3.50. If I was to have it delivered, but instead I struggle with heavy bags. Just because I will get a very friendly reception. And because of my approach to 'the simple things' in life, I am permanently happy urmmm most of the time. Despite having a disability that some folk couldn't contemplate living with. I heard it on the news yesterday, that folk are born into a life of happiness or being perpetually miserable and poverty or health or status has little to do with it. It's a gene thing. Maybe so but it's taken me 3 years to realise I am a happy person, and no one can change ME.

Anyway, I'm off on one again!!

Tesco bus v's home delivery. (im not sure if this will work out?)
1)I call it my 'Party bus'
2)It's free
3)Time tables printed and distributed, without any consultation
4) Busses mantained, and drivers paid.
5)No community responsibility, no fear of taking risks.
6)Expertise of the qualified bus driver.
7)If folk don't like it they can vote with their feet, may be legnthy but is often effective.
8)Personally speaking the feeling of control, and choice, about recycling? dry cleaning, prescriptions, cash machines, is immense it makes me very happy.

1) No come back, if the drivers off sick.
2)No control, we are told when to do our shopping.
3)Lack of choice disempowering.
4)Pat the driver lives at the other side of Sheffield, and really has no allegience to Totley.
5)you might get 80 year olds ripping the bus seats, because they would have no ownership of the scheme :)
6)Not a business that can include, local skills.

I realise I've used an example that's not what you asked for Debs. I'll do it again if you want, I just wanted to use something I could relate to:)

Because I am cheefull and like people to feel happy to see me, and glad to help. I get involved in the community spirit, of the tesco bus. I love the independance it allows me, and I will strive to grant empowwerment to any fellow passengers. Whether it be fetching a prescription, or getting photos developed or dry cleaning.

Don't be too harsh on me Debs, I have tried to demonstrate that I understand, honest I have.

Steve (CTC) phoned today, and wants to come a test drive my new Greenspeed. :) I am not finding the gears terribley easy, it always seems too easy and slack? I occaisionallyt get it right but I never no how. :D

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Time will tell?

Have I slipped (being the operative word there!!) back in to my old ways? ;)Time will tell. I was saying, or meaning to say!!

Gorgeous morning, I listened to my children giggling about the card and pressies, they had bought me for Mothers day. They burst in at 7.30am, which was ok :) And they were lovely I have to say, the pressies were nice too :)

Their Dad has arranged for them to do 'sky diving' but not really, it's a massive fan that keeps them elevated or s'thing.

I've had a quiet weekend on the social front, I haven't really sought company. But nor has anyone sought me out. (apart from this afternoon;)Do I sound miserable? Because I'm not at all, I'm pleased really.It's a good feeling liking my own company. And my children are coming back tonight.

I took ziggy for a bit of exercise, but like a 'dolls ead' I've lost the Velcros hand brake already. So Rob and Carol, recommended a piece of inner tube. I seem to be a run with inner tubes at present, because the cycles keep getting flats.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

She' fab really super. I want to cry the way every things turned out. I mean last year at this time, it wasn't natural how I was getting my 'kicks' well it was. A little bit too natural ;)

I wish I'd not asked Rob to lengthen the boom? (is that right) because my wheels are catching on the steering, i might brave sorting it if I can find an allen key tomorrow.

I'd got all sorts planned for the arrival of Ziggy, and because my original plan, had fallen through, I'd deliberately played things down, because I hadn't wanted my bubble to burst. So I'm sorry if I seemed a bit dower, and disorganised. When really I'm cheering and shouting on the inside.

I hope everyone from the ICF will call in and see her, and well just drop me a line :)

Friday, 12 March 2010

Communication... :(

I have spent the last 5 days, unfairly thinking Steve was ignoring my excitement about Ziggy, and maybe my thoughts have filtered into my writing? If so I'm sorry and take it all back, he was away and his phone out of range, how frustrating for him!!

I had a nightmare of a day, with cycles. I set off early, because I was calling at 'My mate' Rony Robinsons' house to see if he was interested in interviewing a guy whos cycling Lands End to Johna groats, in aid of St Lukes Hospice. I'm sure he's far more interesting than I? Anyway, b* I got a totally flat ripped tyre. I'm really glad I'd got a spare from West Country Recumbents. But having never had to change one on my own before, I cried, (kind of) I managed to replace the inner tube and tyre :) But it wouldn't pump up. I was feeling like Popeye, but nowt was happening, meanwhile time was ticking on. And then my hero Richard the cleaner arrived, 'Richard darling, please, please can you help' Luckily he could.

So Ziggy? soon as you like please, everyone will just have to fit in if they can. If not, I did try very hard, also it is hard without a hand brake, :)

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Ouch........a bit :)

My very attractive, ever decreasing cut in my leg. Is hurting me today :( I'm not altogether sure why, and if it has owt to do with my new pair of trainers? Don't laugh at my home spun theories. It's just that on trying a new pair on in the shop, my humongous lymphodema, that I suffer from sometimes, in my left foot and lower limb. Had obviously abaited a bit, because I had shrunk a size. So I was forced to buy the 5's otherwise I felt like I'd got flippers on. But after a day trudging round town, my foots throbing and my leg, particulally my cut is hurting.

Spoke to West Country Recumbents, this a.m, and was really suprised to hear that my trike hasn't got pedals yet? But I gather this is fairly normal, but she's really kindly putting some on for me. But it has kinda made me have to go for 'clip in' mountain bike shoes. Oooooooooooooh that I was having nightmares about. But I have learnt from my little mistake, and how inconvenient it has been, let me tell you.

I will put the Cycle For Health dates up when I get them all, probably be later on today. And I am hoping to go to go to the Hilsborough, Endcliffe and I will try Darnal, depending on the day.

I havent actually got Ziggy yet, to be able to post any photos, but you can check her out by clicking on my West Country Recumbents link, she's a Greenspeed GT5. And then I must get the thingy wire that allows me to transfer photos from my phone to my pc. She doesn't look too different from the one I'm riding at the mo, but she's got quite a lot of additions, that is why it's taken a while:)

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

:) Welcome Ziggy

She's here!! My trike arrived in Derby today. I must say I am suprised, but as predicted by Rob and Carol!! Amazingly I'm not jumping for joy, because I feel silly jumping for joy on my tod!! and despite several attempts to get hold of Steve Marsden, so he can share in my excitment. He's on a course :( They could also deliver it too me on Friday, but Steve can't make it, and I wanted him to be there, because surely he'll be as giddy as me?

Awwwww I love Pat my tesco bus driver, those of you familiar, with my sad sheltered routine :) Will know that on a Tuesday, I catch my tesco bus to get my shopping. The driver who I know quite well now, is soooo incredibly helpful to everyone. He has a heart of gold, and is called Pat. Today was no exception, I text him 10 mins b4 the bus was due to leave, asking him to wait, as I was in the queue. Well he waited and waited. The cashier was called T r a c y, and as she put the guy in front of me's trolley through, she was comentating on every f* item, 'Oooh so you've got a new born then?' as she swipped the tiny nappies through. (ur no there for himself!!!!) I felt like screaming. I did my stuff, paid, and legged it, (in my dreams! as if I could?)

Pat parked the bus up away from the bus stop and came running down shouting abuse at me. But I was very grateful, as I'd got to visit the nurse, before I went to help out at the Social Worker training, so quite a full day on really.

I still didn't go to the nurse, I phoned to apologise and they arranged for tomorrow. Which was far more sensible.

Hi Richard :) my friendly taxi driver.

I'm super excited because fortunately I took some contact cards, and got lots of promising ideas about how I might be useful to them or someone they know.

Also, how exciting!!! This guy called Dave, who kinda facilitates a group of brain injury survivors, wants me to talk to the group, and take Ziggy. And he's even suggested today, that we do a ride. So, lot's of possibilities there.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Mmm Totley :)

I was full of excitement today because I had been given a long slot with Rony Robinson on the local radio, it was my chance to make amends (I felt) for the last radio interview I did. And fair enough, I possibly came across as a bit of a dolls head today, but a happy one. I will come back to this later, because, why change the habit of a lifetime and suddenly start writing coherently?

At ICDH today, we were beginning a new unit, Recognising Strengths in the Community. Although I was the only one who lived in my area, I was ok with that. Because I am comfortable with who I am, and where I live. I am also happy spending time within a lot of different areas of Sheffield. Consequently I had to present to the class a map of local amenities within my area. I listed the usual stuff that can be found in every area, like churches, pubs, schools, the emergency services. Transport links with the city, and I have a local train station, that runs a regular service into the surrounding villages. I'm lucky enough to live next to a park for my children to play in, it's great in summer because myself and a few mums, take picnic blankets out, onto the park. We have food and wine it's great!!

Last summer saw me reliant on a lot of the community, for support whilst I learnt to ride a tricycle, because I had wanted to use one as for transport as apposed to my mobility scooter. In an attempt to get fitter, more independent, happier. Get more street cred, and respect. It has made me a bit of a local celebraty. The past 10months have seen me kind of touring the local parks playing a part in Cycle For Health. Anyway, during all this time, the other school Mums have cheered me along, theyve been there for me, should my trike break down. But amazingly 4 of them can't even cycle!! And as the local school, is very bike orientated, and Steve suggested that if I could get them all to agree to cycling lessons, on the school playground, and school would agree to it. He'd teach them himself!! So I have held him to his word, I've been to see the head misstress, and we agreed to send a blanket letter out to all parents, and wait to see what the take up is.

Also I have put many hours into befriending this guy with MS, who lives not too far away. I have spent time researching suitable tricycles for him. And put him in touch with some useful cycling folk. He has now bought a tricycle and starts C4H in April. So although Health Champions role is usually to do with district communities, I have found my role recently as looking out for and offering support to folk with disabilities, and non cyclists wanting to learn. In the hope that they will get as much pleasure and freedom, as I do.

Oh yeah, where was I? ......The radio, It went so well, apart from I got a bit giddy because Rony is a fab interviwer, he has the ability to put me at ease, and I really enjoyed it. For those of you folk who missed it, shame on you!! You can't get out of it, you can catch it online on Radio Sheffield.

Debs after spending 3hours patiently putting my course work into clear plastic pages in my new file. It snapped open spilling papers everywhere today. I have retreived them all, but haven't a prayer at putting them back in any kind of assemblance. Heeeeelp!!!!!

Sunday, 7 March 2010


I am feeling like a fat git now, as always actually so not too much change there!!

My old mate (as in I've known a while) she's known me even longer, my notoriety does make me smile, always. Was up visiting, and she whist me out for an Alacarte dinner, which was extremely pleasant. We can both talk the hind legs off a donkey!!! And although, wev'e both had our fair share of ailments remain positive folk.

When we arrived back at mine, she HAD to see Jezz, oooh and I was so proud. I loved it because she had seen me sink to the depths of despair, when my ex left me and the kids. And do you know that was 5 years ago this year!!! I've kinda lost 2 years somewhere???? I think I'd like to achieve a bit more in the future, as a cycling or community trainer maybe??? But I'm happy enough if I don't, I do love life and I love folk. xxxxx

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Everythings a huge issue :)

It's good I can now cycle to the best indian resturant to collect our food, instead of ordering from the one next door to it which delivers. The only hitch is I feel is that every little part of the task of collection, is a nightmare. Like tonight I ripped a massive hole in the back of my combat trousers, but It would have been too much to fetch my children back, who were half way to the shops by now. So off I sped wi my arse hanging out!!!

I parked up in my usual spot, which is own a tiny traffic island with a dropped curb and a lamp post, perfect for Jezz. Called in for the food, and it must have taken me 20 mins to pack the food into my panniers, and could I hell as like get my lock undone. I was very sad, but did it, all kinda dragged through a hedge looking hassled with my arse hanging out of my ripped trousers. And this young fresh looking man just dared to park over the dropped curb!!! Anyway I asked him if he'd not noticed me struggling? And did he think I'd want to use that dropped curb? He looked puzzled, I glared at him, until he got back in the car and moved it 3ft :) I thanked him and rode home.

Wey hey, I'm off the antio biotics, so Julie Andrews nipped in for some wine :)

Hey Ziggy is on her way from Holland!!!!

I'm full of those insecurities again, what if I can't ride her. I'll miss Jezz :(

I might lose all the friends who've helped me get this far. I don't know if I'm ready for this next stage of my life......:) But I can't go backwards, and I don't think it's an insecurity. But I do love it. when folk are happy with my progress, and I can just see myself being a good cycling teacher with young people. So maybe that's a goal for 2010?

Friday, 5 March 2010


I do feel like it should be Mothers Day....NOW. You know when you hear all the adverts saying 'Doesn't your Mum deserve the best?' Well I shout back (on the inside YES!! I do) Because after keeping me up all night with ear aches and sore throats. I cycled to the drs this am, with them both. I may as well get a bed there, I'm there that often at the mo.

Anyway, I was not in a fab mood because my pc, had broken been fixed and blown up, as soon as the guy had gone :( And what with my kids off school, the chances of me using theirs were very seldom.

Also I'm very keen to complete the Wheels For All again, and it just happens to be on the same day as my ICDH course, presentation. Which basically if I don't do, I won't pass :(

My mate Anj called in for a coffee, which was nice we always laugh till we cry, just at life situations really :D

Before I go off on a tangent, the bike tram which is on the Sunday 21st of March, from the Cathederal in Sheffield, and returning back at 3pm.

Back to this evening, the phone rang and it was a PR for Rony Robinsons, and did I fancy going on his show on Monday afternoon. Now I realise hey ho I obviously wasn't the first choice. But I don't care I get the chance to publisize inclusive cycling, and if people see hear the very positive effect it's had on me. They might just want to try cycling for themselves. Maybe they too could fit it into their own routine.

Anyway, if I don't thank you all publicly for your fantastic influence, I'm thanking you on the inside :)

Thursday, 4 March 2010

My physio :)

I'm all insecure without my blue wedge !!! I get symptoms, of withdrawal, and I'm not all together sure, I needed too really. Last Septemberish, I attended my local gorgeous physio, Andy Okwera. (there's no wonder I get a discount now is there?) back then he sold me a blue wedge to fit in my shoe, that actually made 1 leg feel a good 5' shorter than the other. It felt like I'd got 'special' built up shoes. Anyway I lost it yesterday, (don't ask, I can't make it sound funny, ha ha) and I knew I had because my Achilles was hurting again. I am getting shit at walking though, and better at cycling.

Talk about embarrassing though :D I just cycled to this steep junction, that leads onto the dual carriageway. And this drunk guy, who I know by site and he knows me. Said hang on, ran onto the road in front of a bus, stuck his arm out to hold up the traffic for me to cross the carriageway. Believe me it was easier to just thank him and cross, so that's what I did:D

My kids have been a bit poorly today, and as I was mercenary yesterday morning, making them cycle to school, in the rain. I felt a tinsy bit to blame.

There's a cycle tram, going from Sheffield Cathedral to Rother Valley on the 21st of March. Taking cyclists and their bikes. At 9.45am I'm not sure what time it is returning.

I think I now need a cycling 'buddy' because all the ones I know, are a bit too good for me. Mmmm, I'll have a think.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Fantastic Morning :)

I have contemplated applying for an Assistant Cycle Trainer course. But I suppose I just needed someone to display real faith in me. I personally know, I would be unique, as in the only disabled trainer, who uses a trike in Sheffield. Therefore really raising awareness, I think I'd be very inspirational to all young people who were wanting to learn basic road safety. I made the effort to go into school today for 'Bike it' breakfast, when if you cycled to school, you got fresh fruit and chocolate croissant, 'mmmmmm', both my kids did so that was nice :) I'm glad their school is so bike orientated. Anyway, my main purpose for going into school, was to meet Ruth from bikability, (Hi Ruth) Both my children love her, and they are a pretty good judge of character.'Hi I gasped at Ruth,' who's obviously much fitter and younger than I, and possibly never sweats through cycling, I actually felt and probably looked like a cross between a fat lass and a tomato. I gave her a contact card, just because I could!!! :) And rushed home, I say rush, because I'd sent a couple of emails off about the assistant trainer training, and anticipated a reply.

Spoke to Steve, who fully endorsed me doing the training, if the logistics could be sorted, and volunteered to look into it.....he'll get pissed off, because I won't 'let it lie', so to speak. I phoned Nigel of Health Champs fame, said that they would cover the cost of the course, my travel, and even accommodation, should I have to take the course France!! ....did I say France? A wee joke there, I meant another region.

My children, are competing with each other, as to who can be illist (is that a word) Needless to say, I doubt if they'll be going to school tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

I'm on the up!!

Today has been good, but a bit disappointed that I didn't manage to cycle anywhere apart from the end of my road. To wave at the tesco bus, and show them the fab trike, that had taken me from them. It was great, Pat the driver used his big horn :). I caught the one an hour later, and Julie Andrews, met me on the bus, with another Mum, so we could all shop together, on the party bus. (You can tell I don't get out much, :D)

Zoomed off, to do a bit of work for Social Services, which I really enjoy, because Mary, Liz and Nikki, are very funny folk who laugh at all my jokes. Even though they hear the same ones week in week out. Hey 'Bike it' breakfast in the morning at school, and then, I'm being reassessed by Social Services!! (I bet I know the question sheet better than them!)

I don't blame you folk for your silence, I aint been inspirational of late. But I must say the spring weather is inspirational, instead, it's fab!!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Roller coaster

I began the day feeling really positive, because I hadn't got the hard work involved with getting my children to eat their breakfast, brush teeth. But yet I'd got the pleasure of seeing them off on their bikes (supposedly, I was gonna be going with them)until both children called me weird!!! Which hurt me so much. It was like I'd gained acceptance into the elite cycling 'club' but was been rejected by my very own children into the ' my own family club' :( so at that point I felt powerless. I let them think that I was ok with their decision, as long as Mum could cycle with them on Wednesday. When if you cycled to school you got, croissants and fresh fruit. But despite my attempts at been more 'normal' and striving to be an active community spirited Mum, Propaganda had had more power. The image of slim fit Mum's who lived in a house with shagpile cream coloured carpets. And persian cats that just don't ever moult or bring birds into the house! The image which is created by all forms of media tools.

I've got to be honest today, and say I didn't enjoy the work as much. It just seemed as if everybody wanted to shout!!! above each other, and yes that's good because it had obviously stirred emotions. But does it make a point of view more valid, just because it's heard, or should I say louder? I think the more valid point is the succinct carefully thought out one. For example, when so many folk discussed loudly the rights and wrongs of an anti cyber bullying campaign. Now all the points that were made, were all equally correct, because it was how the poster had made them feel. And no one could ever deny that. But no one seemed to realise just how effective the 'scary!!' photo of the girl had been. I mean I reckon that advert was discussed in a heated fashion, for a good 15 minutes. I think it's an image, that no one involved in that will forget too easily, so extremely powerful and effective.

Ooooh sorry if I sound like an old grumpy fart!!!

Briefly, another example of the power of media, my wee girl, has just gone out to tidy the garden, in preperation for sunny weather!! Now, I have a battle with her most days after school, to get changed if she's playing out. But she spyed this 'chic' looking model, in 'bliss' mag, or s'thing like that. Under the heading 'Fun In The Garden' and she went out in an outfit she'd put together using a mix from her wadrobe, to emulate the one in the magazine. The power, of suggestion??? I reckon there are the odd exceptions to the rule, like a certain X Factor contestant, who unfortunately grew fame for not been terribley attractive!! (I feel like I will be struck down, by some God, for condeming s'one without knowing them?)On the whole in order to succeed at anything, in this world a person is at an advantage if they are attractive - physically. And the media knows this, so fills it's glossy mags with young and vibrant images. Tobacco advertisers, don't show you the hard facts behind tobacco, like cancer, funerals, deformed babies etc. In other countries they go to the opposite extreme, (im suprised they don't have David Beckham, running to the touch line at half time to get a light!!) And why do you think Tony Blair was such a successful PM? If I had to 'av' him or William Hague? I know who I'd have chosen :D

I (came back, and had some fairly urgent emails to deal with about some work I do on a Tuesday, for Social Services. Cycled to see the nurse, and just so I wouldn't get into a tangle again, because I'd forgotten to take the lock off my trike. Or something equally as dumb. I shackled it to a tree, which I know theoreticly is a no no. Because someone might just saw the tree. But I kinda figured if someone did that??? They just might be noticed. Anyway, the good news is, I aint got a moist healing dressing on it, I've got a dry dressing on, and Ive got fresh dressings to change it myself, in a couple of days. And get this........ I aint got to go back for EIGHT days, WOW, so it's not quite time for the tin of biscuits, for all the nurses, at the surgery. But ...???