Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Tesco :)

I'm so happy to be rigid!! Does that sound pervy or s'thing? I mean in my routine, but I had planned to go to town, to pick up my moby, so all you folks could have some photos (I reckon, Im doing well if theres 2 peeps. I love it when you comment btw) But I took advantage of the tesco bus, so I could fetch some easter eggs.

On my return journey, Pat pulled up at the end of my road, I said thank you and stepped off the bus leaving my shopper by my seat. He stepped out of his cabin, and heaved at what is usually a very heavy shopper. It swang lightly from the end of his arm :D I laughed anyway!!! But you had to be there, sorry.

Anyway, I decided my moby can wait until Saturday.

I cycled to my friends to gi her a b'day pressie, not far but a very steep hill. The gears feel a bit tighter, since yesterday :(

I have been boring today, soz folks. x


  1. Sometimes a routine hum drum day is all you need. :)

  2. Thank you, it's good to know my ramblings, are understood.

    C x

  3. I recommend a listen to the 7 ages of woman - a musical indulgence by Donald and Michael - both sadly now passed on (LP -Tried by the Centre Court), and 7 songs for the female equivalent of Shakespeare's sans hair sans teeth sans everything piece - the relevant bit is the young mother - 'shopping basket' scherzo (pron skirts-oh) meaning a fast little piece.

    Describing the versatility of that little wicker basket with creaking wheels that carried everything for the car-free family in the 1950's from the coal to the laundry, as well as being a pram if nothing else was available, and has a great value as a subversive weapon of choice for the guerrilla pedestrian, securing their right to cross the road. Some may even imitate Bouedicea and fit dagger blades to the axle ends as if to say dinna mess wi ma basket chum. Even in basic form it can still ladder the heaviest weave of tights when someone gets in your way.