Friday, 12 March 2010

Communication... :(

I have spent the last 5 days, unfairly thinking Steve was ignoring my excitement about Ziggy, and maybe my thoughts have filtered into my writing? If so I'm sorry and take it all back, he was away and his phone out of range, how frustrating for him!!

I had a nightmare of a day, with cycles. I set off early, because I was calling at 'My mate' Rony Robinsons' house to see if he was interested in interviewing a guy whos cycling Lands End to Johna groats, in aid of St Lukes Hospice. I'm sure he's far more interesting than I? Anyway, b* I got a totally flat ripped tyre. I'm really glad I'd got a spare from West Country Recumbents. But having never had to change one on my own before, I cried, (kind of) I managed to replace the inner tube and tyre :) But it wouldn't pump up. I was feeling like Popeye, but nowt was happening, meanwhile time was ticking on. And then my hero Richard the cleaner arrived, 'Richard darling, please, please can you help' Luckily he could.

So Ziggy? soon as you like please, everyone will just have to fit in if they can. If not, I did try very hard, also it is hard without a hand brake, :)


  1. That GT5 looks fantastic! I want one.

  2. It is I've got it now!! I've just done the school run on her, she moved so a knife through butter. Or s'thing like that. If you want a shot just say, and your wish is granted. I'm soo proud of her. :)