Saturday, 6 March 2010

Everythings a huge issue :)

It's good I can now cycle to the best indian resturant to collect our food, instead of ordering from the one next door to it which delivers. The only hitch is I feel is that every little part of the task of collection, is a nightmare. Like tonight I ripped a massive hole in the back of my combat trousers, but It would have been too much to fetch my children back, who were half way to the shops by now. So off I sped wi my arse hanging out!!!

I parked up in my usual spot, which is own a tiny traffic island with a dropped curb and a lamp post, perfect for Jezz. Called in for the food, and it must have taken me 20 mins to pack the food into my panniers, and could I hell as like get my lock undone. I was very sad, but did it, all kinda dragged through a hedge looking hassled with my arse hanging out of my ripped trousers. And this young fresh looking man just dared to park over the dropped curb!!! Anyway I asked him if he'd not noticed me struggling? And did he think I'd want to use that dropped curb? He looked puzzled, I glared at him, until he got back in the car and moved it 3ft :) I thanked him and rode home.

Wey hey, I'm off the antio biotics, so Julie Andrews nipped in for some wine :)

Hey Ziggy is on her way from Holland!!!!

I'm full of those insecurities again, what if I can't ride her. I'll miss Jezz :(

I might lose all the friends who've helped me get this far. I don't know if I'm ready for this next stage of my life......:) But I can't go backwards, and I don't think it's an insecurity. But I do love it. when folk are happy with my progress, and I can just see myself being a good cycling teacher with young people. So maybe that's a goal for 2010?


  1. Don't worry about losing friends - when I've changed trikes in the past the usual observation is "Oh, you've repainted it". This after spending you-know-how-much.
    Even when I got the Quest (a fully enclosed trike) the comments at work were "Oh, you've put a cover on it".
    Change a car, identical model, from one colour to another and they notice. Completely change a trike from an unfaired to a faired one and they think you've just dressed it up. Strange folk...

    So no, my money is on only the conseurs noticing the change from Jezz to Ziggy. But they'll be all over eyeing up all the small details that will make Ziggy easier to live with!