Monday, 29 March 2010

Thank you

Eeeeeeeeeek, it's one of my humble days. I woke up late this morning, because I hadn't accounted for the clocks going forward, on my cental heating boiler, which is what wakes me up. When I have no children. So I was mortified when Steve Marsden, knocked on my door!!

I fumbled with my keys in the lock, and wiping the sleep from my eyes, greeted the extrodinarily bright and cheerful Mr Marsden. Why are folk alway happy and energetic, when I'm decidely not!! He promised he'd show her a good time ;) As I passed him the keys to get Ziggy out, and take her away mountain triking.

I arrived at my ICDH course a little late, but all was well.

Today was to be another 'scanners' day, where my head filled with facts, and not the 'pink and fluffy' normal type of facts but the kind of 'furrowed brow' type. It was on Community Development and Health Promotion. Which I think I get, but now I've come to write about it, I'm not so sure. Now I am heavily involved with both types, or should I say, I do what I enjoy. And this may over lap into Community Development or Health Development, as I often find what's taken up by the community, as a good idea was often initiated by a Health Promotion. Like the Cycle Touring Club, investing money to buy bikes, and pay trainers and a lot of effort, into regular cycling meets. Which since then have turned into Cycle For Health, with the CTC having little to do with it anymore.

An example of me being totally empowered, by a Community Development, is the ingredients, that went into me achieving my goal. Which was to cycle to school with my children' firstly I used a sign posting organisation, called Pace setters. Who put me in toucxh with the CTC, (I know this is very boring to some of you readers, but I have to show, that I understand the process) I then got in touch with there recommendation, this showed, that I was willing to say what I wanted, and go out of my way, I then had to fight any embarrasment and meet the guy. Who was from the CTC, and of course you all know was Steve Marsden. When Steve suggested that I join, Cycle For Health, and Pedal Ready and he'd take a tricycle along for me to use, I was giddy with excitment. What would all my friends say if I couldn't do it? My mates and I usually meet for a drink on Friday, and kind talk about the week, what would everyone make of this? :D

I successfully did my first week, and infact another 11 after that. I think my most memorable week was cycling to Forge Dam, from Hunters Bar. Ok, ok, it aint very far but for me, who'd not really managed to walk further than 30 yards independantly, it was 100 times further, than I could have even dreamt of. That night I didn't sleep, wow this meant I could now ride with my children to school, urrrrr when I'd found a trike. And something that was close to my heart, I would be able to send my mobility scooter back to the supplier, and pocket the £120 a month!! All this was providing, I could borrow 'Gretal' the tricycle, to take home, Steve agreed, and I stored her in my shed, as apposed to the CTCs.

In October of this year, I sought out Nigel West who ran a Health Promotion, who promised to fund my taking part in various Cycling initiatives throughout the city. Because I suppose in my experience, I have made some non disabled folk think, if Caroline can do it, and be a happy positive person. If I cycle I might be happy too. So I love the fact that I over lap these two establishments, and I am in a win win win situation.

I must mention, a couple of folk today, Firstly my ex FB ;) (say it like it is) who was gonna come from Leeds to take me there tomorow, but I aint going, it just eats up to much time. So thanks for that thought Paul, it's nice, to know you care. And the genuine concern a couple of classmates showed when I said I didnt feel well today. Rather quickly Debs and Julie came with me for a 'waz' :D with Val following. Why that happened I don't know, other than the noise again was a bit kind of 'frantic' at times. Lastly my darling H, who instead of leaving me standing getting wet, beconed me into her nice warm car, and brought me home.

And lastly Steve :) my lovely friend, who's just dropped Ziggy off.

I love you all.