Saturday, 27 March 2010

Hi :)

There's a lot to be said for cyclings medicinal qualities. I psyched my wee boy up to come exploring with me, today because I knew that I wouldn't chicken out then. And I hate to admit it, but in comparison with me at times. He is Mr Sensible sitting on my left shoulder. My intention was to go a wee bit further than we got today, but the path was too muddy, for my tyres to grip too, and they just kept spining round. We did however find, on the 'public' footpath, a bridge crossing a fast flowing stream. Which was not passable to all the public, I must be freaky or something? because it was a single plank of wood with a hand rail on either I lifted the front 2 wheels high above the hand rail, and F pushed the single wheel along the plank. (yeah right public? I wouldn't have been able to use it, if I was in a wheelchair!! We did laugh though, I love getting muddy, and doing stuff wi my kids. I let my son drag Ziggy to the top of this rugged path, sit in her with his feet sticking out, hands over brakes, and bounce to the bottom.

Anyway the point of today, was to help me get back to my positive self :) 'Which despite the decorators been in' I am :)

Is anyone there?



  1. La la la, I didn't hear that...
    I got to spend all day mechanicing to get my new bike ready for next week. Hopefully I get to have my first test ride tomorrow!

  2. Oooooooooooh how exciting for you!!

    Good luck wi the test ride.

  3. That reminds me I really have to fix my machine properly - more bits broke this weekend!

    Wish I could get my 2 motivated like your wee F - Saturday (8 hours every fortnight) and it took a long time to unprogramme them to behave like normal well adjusted kids. Not the best of days, and no surprise that some people go on a real roller coaster ride, and take some time to settle back down. Not surprised that some guys go around dressing up as superheroes, and you feel odd about that wedding. Why not celebrate your new phase of life the same day (discuss)

    Came back by train today - 50 standing for first 2 hours then around 100 more get on at Preston with no seats - and then numbers subside but some were standing for full 4 hours 40 min (Official standard is no passenger should have to stand for more than 20 minutes - ROTFL).

    Sounds like a great adventure pity no pictures of crossing that bridge and certainly not mobility scooter terrain.

    You seem to have lifted a bit since last post and yes we are here waiting to hear what the next crazy adventure is.

  4. Awwww, aren't you lovely making me feel missed, thanks for that.

    I think the only thing, I'm jealous makes me appear shallow though. Is all the money and extravigence, that everyone will enjoy. And I won't, plus I'll have no children to enjoy.

    As for celebrating in a different way? I've done plenty of that since he left, ;)

    I thought about the photos as I got Ziggy o'r the bridge, but my moby that takes photos, in for repairs. But I did get a lead, so when my 11 year old has shown me how to do it. You can have some more photos. :D

    Ziggy is going on a picnic tomorrow, without me. Steve's borrowing her for the day, and taking her mountain triking. He's very excited about it:)

    Meanwhile I've got college tomorrow (ICDH)

    You sound like you had a tough day? And not a pleasant journey, it's a good job your bikes so compact.

    C x